Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses
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Spaldin Sleep System mattresses are a product of Industries Tobia. It is a mattress manufacturer from La Rioja, Spain. Spaldin Sleep Systems, Inc., also known as Spaldin Natural Sleep, is its North American subsidiary and operating in USA since 2008. It is a manufacturer as well as a supplier of specialty sleep products such as non-spring memory foam mattresses, pillows, beds and more. This article reviews the Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses. Have a look at the content details below

  • Spaldin Sleep – Introduction
  • Technology – Spaldin Sleep
  • Spaldin Sleep – Products
  • Where To Buy Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses?
  • Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses – Customer Reviews
  • Conclusion

Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses Review

Spaldin Sleep – Introduction

Spaldin is popular as a maker of “green and ecologically safe ” sleep products. Spaldin Natural Sleep is the first developer of the use of plant-polyols in manufacturing polyurethane foam and its derivatives – memory foam. Some of its products also use natural materials, such as cotton and latex. In 2012, Spaldin Sleep Systems was the first company to receive the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certification for all branded finished mattresses and pillows marketed in the US.

Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses are for people looking for luxuriously comfortable sleep experience. Their remarkable line of healthy, non-toxic mattresses is better and features highly developed European design. Their superior design and cutting edge clean materials technologies makes these next-generation mattresses better for sleepers and environment.

Spaldin Sleep – Technology

Spaldin sleep mattresses use the latest and most advanced European technologies. Some of the most prestigious international organizations, such as Oeko-Tex 100 and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), certify their products. These certifications ensure you are sleeping worry-free with no harmful chemicals in the Spaldin mattresses. Their European design Luxury, Nature inspired open-cell structure eliminates heat and moisture with enhance air circulation. Their robust plant-based foam mattresses adapt and support your body contours comfortably to reduce movements while sleeping. They use reticulated foam to keep mattresses both dry and cool.

Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Matresses– Products

Currently, Spaldin Sleep offers mattresses under the brand names Tobia and Gemma. Spaldin also manufactures Eco-superior pillows. Spaldin B100 S mattresses are also available with superior features and comfort.

Their Five models sold in the U.S. through various online retailers are

  • Tobia Innovation Eco-Superior Firm Foam Tight-top Mattress
  • Memory Foam Mattress Tobia Memory Plus Eco-Superior
  • Tobia SClimatic Cool Evolution Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • Tobia Tubes 7-zone Foam Mattress
  • Gemma Thermal Comfort Firm or Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Spaldin mattresses are entirely human and ecologically safe as its foams, fabric and natural fire barrier are Oeko TexStandard 100 Class I certified. Moreover, they meet all flammability standards. These mattresses does not require turning but definitely try to rotate it every few months. They work well with your existing frame, plat form beds, box spring or slatted frames. The heights of Spaldin models range from 8 to 11 inches. Below you will find some of their bestseller product details

Tobia Innovation Eco-Superior Firm Tight-top 8-inch King Foam Mattress

Product Description – This firm and innovative king-size 8 inch premium natural polyol foam mattress will give you ultimate sleep. It comes with an organic cotton cover and open cell foam technology to wick away moisture and create an antimicrobial allergen free sleep environment.

This Spaldin mattress uses eco-friendly natural polyol foam, organic cotton cover and visil fire barrier. This tight top and firm construction is perfect for people who like firm support. Its sleep surface contains Hypersoft Sunflower and Soy based foam with 1.4 pounds density. The dimensions of this mattress are 8 inches high x 76 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Tobia Memory Plus Eco-Superior 11-inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description – Spaldin Tobia memory plus queen-size 11 inch mattress contains foam which naturally conforms to your contours and relieves pressure points while you sleep. It comes with visco, natural, plant-based foam and also unique open-cell foam along with quilted organic cotton cover.

Features – Tobia Memory Plus Eco-Superior uses 3.75 density 3-inch visco, natural, plant-based foam, 14 ILD over 2.5 density 7-inch HR natural plant-based foam and 19ILD unique open-cell foam to absorb moisture and provide clean sleeping surface. Its open cell foam structure maintains neutral sleep temperature by dissipating heat and moisture. In addition, it disperses your weight evenly and improves circulation while minimizing pressure points. It comes with 1.4 density foam zipper quilted cover made of GOTS-certified Organic cotton and 0.8-inch Hypersoft natural polyol. Its natural fire barrier made of Visil. All natural plant-based memory foam is dust mites resistant and is naturally antimicrobial. This mattress measurement is 11 inches high x 60 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Tobia SClimatic Cool Evolution 11-inch Queen Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description – The Spaldin sleep Tobia SClimatic 11-inch Queen-size mattress has ergonomic design and thermally adaptable. Its Visco cooling system betters the thermal regulation of your body. Its multi-layer construction and spine-shape design containing different layers of resilience and shapes allows perfect body alignment with maximum comfort. It uses all eco-friendly, premium, plant-based foams.

Features – The Tobia SClimatic special top surface offers you plush feeling. Their eco friendly foam contains Over 5 Pound density. Its temperature-smart gel memory foam responds to body heat and movement. Additionally, it reshapes to distribute body weight and relieve pressure points to improve circulation. This mattress is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites. This is a queen size mattress dimensions are 10.6 inches high x 60 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Spaldin Tubes 84 10-inches Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description – Spaldin Tubes 84 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress contains patented 7 zones 8-inch tubes core. Its surface layer is Hypersoft plant-based foam wrapped in organic cotton fabric that work with the Tubes core to wick away moisture to create a fresh, temperature-controlled, allergens free sleep environment. The Spaldin Tubes 84- Advanced Tubes mattress technology offers the support of an inner-spring pocketed coil mattress, but with additional benefits of adaptability, pressure relief and superior breath ability.

Features – The Spaldin Tubes is the only mattress certified to promote back health by AGR Cutting-Edge Green Materials. It uses the latest and best clean mattress materials such as the highest concentration of plant oils in foam formulations of any mattress (40-60% of polyols), GOTS certified organic cotton covers (with a recycled PES backing to maximize durability), a viscose-silica-based fire barrier. The Tubes maximizes air circulation all through the mattress, eliminating any heating issues and any possibility to sleep hot. It features lightly reinforced edges to make getting in and out of the bed easy. This mattress is available in multiple Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King. Their dimensions are Twin 38 x 75, Twin XL 38 x 80, Full 54 x 75, Queen 60 x 80 and King 76 x 80.

Gemma Thermal Comfort Plush 10-inch Cal King size Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description – Spaldin Gemma Thermal uses a revolutionary technology in combination with fully ecologically safe materials maximising  thermal comfort and ergonomics. The constant air movement comes from the second layer where each of the cells that make up the foam re-structures into a gem-like shape. This multilayer mattress comes with different foams plus an easy to remove cover.

Features – Gemma Plush Mattress features a gem-like (pentagon-dodecahedron) multilayer foam construction of different resilience and memory foams characteristics to create perfect body alignment, offer maximum comfort and relieve pressure points. It also allow for constant airflow inside the mattress while maximizing Thermal Comfort. It creates cool, allergen free and regulated sleep environment. Its density are Plush top layer 2 pounds, Visco layer 3.2 pounds and support layer 2 pounds. The foam is covered with a viscose material which should be cleaned using warm water. This mattress eliminates motion transfer and uncomfortable pressure points. Moreover, this mattress is third party certified as Excellent in Thermal Sleep Comfort test – with at least a 35-percent better performance than other memory foam mattresses. This California King dimension is 10 inches high x 72 inches wide x 84 inches long.

Where To Buy Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses?

Spaldin Sleep mattresses are only available online from well known retailers. Some of the online retailers of Spaldin Sleep Systems mattresses are Wayfair, Overstock, Nest Bedding and Olejo Stores. For more details you can visit Spaldin Natural Sleep website

Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses – Customer Reviews

People love Spaldin mattresses because one there is no chemical smell or VOCs like other memory foam mattress, two no heating issues as it maintains neutral temperature and third they are luxuriously comfortable. Let’s see what people have to say about them

Menton is using his tube king mattress for several years now. This is the most comfortable bed he ever slept on but complains about the availability of mattress replacement cover.

Scifimama3 already have 2 Memory Plus queen mattresses and want to buy a Tube mattress because of its cooling property. She says her Memory Plus mattress does not retains heat plus hurts her back. Additionally, they are more firm, and do not really feel like a memory foam mattress.

Michela2001 says her Innovation Eco-Superior Firm king size mattress has perfect firm. Moreover, it is hard to find a certified healthy green mattress which is also firm. The Spaldin Innovation is exactly what the couple was looking for – certified green with no harmful chemicals or VOC’s as her husband is allergic.


When you purchase a Healthy, Non-Toxic, Eco-Superior and 100% organic cotton cover Spaldin Memory Foam Mattresses, you receive a perfect combination of comfort plus high-tech eco-friendly materials which safeguards your health as well as the environment health. Spaldin sleep system luxurious mattress collection – Tubes, Innovation, Memory Plus, thermal and SClimatic are truly remarkable which come with a 20 year warranty – 10 years non-prorated and 10 years pro-rated. Spaldin memory foam mattresses with its unique eco friendly feature are worth a try.

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