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Spa Sensations Mattress is from the popular Zinus mattress. The mattresses are all memory foam with varying thicknesses between 5-12 inches. The Spa Sensations Mattresses are cheaper mattresses for the guest bedroom or having an extra bed for the emergency usage.

Spa Sensations 8″ Memory Foam Mattress, Size: Queen

As to the question of where to buy Spa Sensations Mattresses online for the best price, the answer is Amazon. You can also get it from WalMart stores where you can see, check and checkout. The mattresses are the lowest profile with not much of durability or warranty as like the leading mattresses. This makes it ideal for the less frequently used guest mattresses.

Spa Sensations Mattresses User Reviews & Ratings

The Spa Sensations Mattress reviews show mixed responses. The mattress may be comfortable for use but the foam is likely to have mold formation if there is no mattress protection provision. The main reviews reveal that it is most suitable as a temporary mattress than the regular mattress choice.

The pros of the mattress are that it is economical, comfortable and ideal for firm mattress lovers. The lower durability and vulnerability to sagging raises concern. As long as the mattress stays as temporary bedding and there is not much weight on the mattress, the Spa Sensations Mattresses are satisfactory.

The Spa Sensations Mattresses get a rating of 3.5 out of 5 from Amazon customers and 4.4 out of 5 from WalMart customers.
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Best Mattress Models from Spa Sensations Mattresses

  • Spa Sensation 12” Theratouch memory foam mattress Queen: This is the thickest mattress from Spa Sensations. The mattress uses 3 different layers of memory foam. The top layer is 3 inches of Theratouch premium memory foam, the second layer is 3” of ventilated air-cool foam plus and 6 inches of Support HD foam. These mattress layers are conveniently inside a designer and removable mattress cover. The mattress has a firmer comfort feel to it and is quite suitable for heavier people. The most popular size of this Spa Sensations mattress model is Queen Size. The other sizes are also available.
  • Spa Sensations- 8” memory foam mattress- Queen: This model of the Spa Sensations Mattress is the next popular model. This mattress is 8 inches thick with 3 layers inside. This is a non-flippable mattress. The top layer is the 2 inches thick Biofoam specialized foam. The second layer is the super soft foam layer which is again 2 inches in thickness. This is the softer foam that makes the mattress feel softer on the first impression. The base layer is high-density polyurethane foam in 4 inches thickness. The mattress has a medium to firm feel but that varies with individuals.
  • Spa Sensations 10” memory foam mattress is another of the high profile mattress model from Spa Sensations Mattresses. The mattress uses 3 different layers. The top layer is 2 inches of Biofoam, the second layer makes the 2 inches of super soft foam and then comes the 6 inches of high-density polyurethane foam. These layers have an outer wrapping of
  • Spa Sensations 6” memory foam mattress is a simple 2 layer mattress with a top biofoam and a lower high-density base fam. The top layer is 1.5 inches thick and the lower layer is 4.5 inches in thickness. The mattress has a zippered mattress cover as well.
  • Spa Sensations 5” twin memory foam youth mattress is a thin mattress for the youth. The mattress flaunts 2 layers- the top layer is biofoam with natural Green eta infusion. The lower layer is the high-density base layer. The layers are inside a removable mattress cover. The mattress is medium to soft to feel. The mattress fits fine for a twin bed, day bed, bunk bed etc.

The Spa Sensations Mattresses are available in the sizes- twin, Twin XL, full, queen, King and California king. The sizes follow standard dimensions for the mattresses. The Spa Sensations Mattresses are relatively less heavy than other brands.

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Spa Sensations Mattresses Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Spa Sensations mattress has the 10-year limited warranty offered by the parent company Zinus. The Spa Sensations mattresses have the WalMart limited warranty for the mattress is automatically applicable when buying from the store. More Details »

Discount Prices On Spa Sensations Mattresses

The Spa Sensations Mattress price starts from $88 to as high as $349. The mattresses are low priced and within budget. There are not many discounts or coupon codes available for this brand but that does not affect much with this price range. More Details »


Spa Sensations mattresses are simple, economical and low profile mattresses. They are not likely to suit for the regular usage as per the customer reviews. They do make a good option for the guest bedrooms and temporary beds. For these purposes, the Spa Sensations mattresses serve much better than other leading brands. With this mattress brand, you really do get what you pay for and would be feeling better as well.

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