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Each of the WinkBeds mattresses is hand-crafted in USA. They are eco-friendly, being CertiPur certified and also free from latex and other allergens. So it is a healthy mattress to sleep on.

This article is all about why sleeping on floor is better than sleeping on a mattress.
In prehistoric era and even somewhere down the historic time, people used to sleep on the floor without the benefit of a comfortable mattress. Sheepskin was the most popular bedding for them. It kept them cool and made a comfortable surface to sleep on against the hard floor. Mattress came only as a luxury and was not a real part of the necessity, as it is today. It is still recommended to sleep on the floor than on the mattress for many reasons than one.

I, myself am not a big fan of sleeping on the floor and prefer the comfort of the mattress anytime. I did try it a few times and I swear it is nothing sweet. But, to be fair, sleeping on floor was good and comfortable in its own way, when you really get used to it. It would hit you in the initial days and is easy to get used to, provided you are not an oldie. Yes, being young is a must to try the hard floor as sleep surface for the first time in the life. You will definitely wake up with sore muscles and pain initially. Then where would be the real benefits of sleeping on floor and how is it any better than the mattress? Let’s find out.


Let’s start with the advantages of sleeping on floor

  • The first remedy anyone might suggest for a bad back is to sleep on hard surface. The hard surface helps align the spine and reduce the stress and pressure that cause back pain. This is the main reason for the sleep-on-the-floor-recommendation. Reduction and prevention of neck and back pain is the highlight of sleeping on the floor.
  • Relief from scoliosis is another benefit of making the floor as your sleep surface. Another reason why sleeping on a mattress (a wrong mattress) can be bad for your spine.
  • Sleeping on the floor helps improve the blood circulation and makes the body healthier. It is also an excellent solution for sleep problems as the body need not adjust itself to the sleep surface and can relax faster.
  • Sleep posture will be improved gradually. The gravity provides the natural support and makes a feel good sensation.
  • Floor makes the ideal bed for the hotter season. There will be no more heated beds. Another best part is you could even get out to the terrace or balcony and still your bed, uh, floor, is with you.
  • The best advantage of getting used to sleeping on floor is that the next time you play guest, you don’t have to worry about a mattress or use up their brand new couch. Instead, spread the blanket on the floor and you are ready to sleep.

Disadvantages of floor-sleeping

The disadvantage is that it is not comfortable, for majority. The pre-historic days, people are unaware of the luxury of a comfortable mattress. But we know what a mattress feels like. The discomfort could distract us more often.

Winter could be a problem. The floor gets cold easily and could cause health issues as well. This problem has its solutions, like sheep skin. Sheepskin rug or comforter is available in the market. Make use of them to make a cold proof surface.

Sleeping on the sides could be a problem. It uneasy, uncomfortable and is recommended against it. Sleeping on the back is the preferred position. People who are side sleepers may find painful hips after sleeping on the floor. It seems floor is not for everyone.

Sleeping on floor culture still prevails

The floor as sleep surface is still being followed in many places around the world. There still are places where people are yet to come out of the olden days. For them that’s the only option available and if they can sleep on the floor, then why not us? If the floor could give you the needed support, why spend thousands on bed and mattress that would also cause air pollution in many ways. People who have back problems spend huge amount of the firm mattress, why, when they could easily use their floor to relieve the pain.

Sleeping on floor does not mean it in the literal sense. You are not supposed to sleep ON the floor directly, use a blanket, comforter, mat etc. to make a bed. The idea is to make the earth give you the support. The blankets and the likes will save you from the cold surface. A futon mattress would also do well. Futon is still used in Japan as primary bedding. It is hard and also thin to make the feel of sleeping on the floor.

Tips for a comfortable sleep on the floor

  • Expect discomfort initially. It would go as you get used to the floor surface.
  • Do not give up after the first few days. If you give up, you will go through the same when you try it next time.
  • Go on sleeping on the floor for at least 2 weeks minimum. Once you get used to the floor, switch the mattress and floor several times in a month before you give up the bed completely.
  • The best surface is yoga mat to use on the floor.
  • It is hard to sleep without a pillow and sleeping on the floor does not have a pillow mentioned with it. So get the pillow initially, gradually reduce its thickness and later switch to small cushions and then ultimately to no pillow or cushion status.
  • Concrete, ceramic floors are not fit to sleep on. The best floor is the wooden floors for comfortable sleep.

My experience with floor surface

I tried sleeping on floor recently. It is rather, I was forced to try, guests and all you know! We have carpet spread on the floor. We made a bed over it with some blankets. It was hell for the first day, okay for the second day and its-not-bad by the third. Just because I happened to came across these benefits of floor on sleep, we continued on the floor for over a week. I must say, except for the first two days, floor felt good under me.

I am a disturbed sleeper and had no disturbances for the duration I spent on the floor. It was not difficult to get sleep, but was not easy either. I would not recommend it to all, as it is not comfortable but I would recommend you all to try it once a while. It will make you feel closer to the nature and will also take you down the memory lane through your experiences. Sleep on floor will definitely make you realize the value of life and all its luxuries.

Detensor Floor Mats

Detensor Floor mats is a spinal traction device and back therapy system It provides support to the back through traction or decompression. It also provides cervical support and also support for the lower legs. This mat can be spread on any hard surface like the floor and the person lies down on the mat for a specified period of time.

The Detensor floor mat has no side effects. It provides gentle traction and relieves lower back pain. it has been used in tried and tested in Europe and USA for many years.

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