Saatva Mattress

Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

Saatva Mattress Features

It is a non-negotiable fact that mattresses play a very important role in providing a good and sound sleep. With a not-so-good mattress, the chances of you waking up in a not-so-good mood and with body pain are very high. So with no doubt, for a good night sleep, it is very important to have a right type, the right size and healthy mattress that provides comfort and ease to the body! Keeping all these things in mind Saatva develops its mattresses!

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Saatva mattress are constructed using coil-on-coil design instead of the ‘all foam’ one. The advantage? The benefit of this type of design is that the space between the springs allow the air to flow freely and when there is proper ventilation inside the mattress it helps in evaporating the water that gets collected inside the mattress due to nightly perspiration and keeps the mattress clean. A clean mattress deters germs and pests. The constant air flow also helps in keeping the mattress cool which gives you a cool and cozy sleep. The extra amount of visco-elastic foam that is added to the lumbar region of the mattress provides extra lumbar support. The visco-elastic memory foam molds according to your body’s shape and improves the weight distribution which lessens the pressure points. This gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation especially to the people who are suffering from body pain. The coils provide firm support to the spine and the Foam provides the perfect softness and contouring.

Saatva mattress’s “Spinal Zone” sleep technology provides body support and relief from body pain. When your body is at comfort automatically the quality of your sleep increases. Health bridge clinic has chosen Saatva mattress as the official mattress for their clinic. This clinical affiliate organization helps people to deal with their sleep issues. Dr. David who is the director and founder of Health bridge stated that saatva mattress has been very helpful in improving the quality of their patient’s sleep and he himself has opted for saatva mattress as it is a healthy, comfortable and luxurious mattress!

Saatva looks after the overall well being of the customer and provides the best quality product at a cheaper cost.

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