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Established in 2001, Sinomax is continuously exploring and adopting the finest technology in its innovative products. Sinomax has 4 major product lines, including memory foam bedding series, ergonomic designed furniture, massage series and smart living products. Memory foam is a highly permeable particle, which can get fully compressed under pressure. The company carries out materials procurement, research and development, design, production as well as quality control to accelerate memory foam bedding products innovation and ensure quality. This article is all about the Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses, models, top 3 products, reviews and more.

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Sinomax Mattress Reviews

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses – Introduction

Sinomax offers a variety of memory foam mattresses. The company uses a unique kind of sleep technology solely created by Sinomax. Its memory foam known as Ergocheck is an advanced pressure analyzing system, invented by Germany. These thermal-sensitive memory foam particles mold to the body shapes with the changes in body temperature and weight. Additionally, this material works best to relieve body pressure and support the spine to remain in its natural S shape contour and prevents the soreness caused by compression of muscles and nerves. It is also effective in relieving pressure points and helps you have a fully relaxing deep sleep. Read on to know about the various available Sinomax models and its top three products.

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses Models – Reviews

Octaspring 360゜Mattress Reviews

 Sinomax Octaspring three dimensional foam springs developed by patented Octaspring technology is the key to the comfort, support and ventilation offered by this bed. It employs the second generation X-FOAM memory foam. This Mattress Height is 10″. It comes with 10 Years Warranty Period.

Vitiation i-Mattress Review

Vitiation i-Mattress is 8″ high bed which uses Sinomax X-Foam memory foam with Air-Dot design. It provides pressure-relieving and spinal support for the body plus increases breathability. Its FoamShield feature offers edge-to-edge comfort across the entire mattress. It helps the mattress retains its shape and provide long lasting comfort. It comes with 10 Years Warranty Period.

SC xMattress Review

It comes with Sinomax memory foam as the top layer and high-density foam as the base layer to fully protect your spine. This relatively hard foam texture is specially design for people requiring extra firmness during sleep. This mattress is 6.5 inch high and comes with 10 years Warranty.

Sliver lon X Mattress Review

This bed comes with air-channel plus quality supportive wavy cut foam to improve breathability. Its AG+ mattress cover fabric integrates with the latest silver ions cool-down technology to enhance antibacterial and revitalizing properties.

CEO X-IV Review

This Deluxe Smart mattress is 12″ High and offers you the supreme CEO sleeping experience with its cutting edge and AirTech high ventilation technology. Moreover, it has air-channel and air-tube design based on scientific calculation of foam density. In addition, its curvy carving system is design to outline your body contour.

CEO X-III Review

This 12″ mattress contains AirTech high ventilation technology and Full Support zero-pressure foam. It’s innovative AirTech high ventilation technology provides supreme ventilation during sleep plus scientific carving technique which contours with body shape for perfect support and pressure relief. Its zero-pressure fully supportive foam gives a gravity-free sleeping.

CEO X-II Review

This 9″ mattress contains two types of Sinomax memory foam with separate texture and high ventilated air-channel design. These memory foams in combination with full support pillar foam are best for people who like a firmer support and a tender touch both together.

CEO X-I Review

The CEO X-I 9″ bed has Sinomax memory foam with high ventilated air-channel design together with superior pressure-relieving wavy shape foam which provides an effective temperature adjustment during sleep.

Sinomax xMagic Mattress Review

xMAGIC mattress caters to different sleeping needs by using two superior spinal supporting modules for ergonomic support. It uses innovative X-foam technology which offers added firmness and more support. xMagic is offered in 2 pressure-relieving Models to choose your tailor-made firmness – xMAGIC M and xMAGIC H

Sinomax President Smart and President Air Mattresses

These both Sinomax models contains airtech memory foam, memory foam with air-channel design, pressure-relieving foam and high density foam in wavy design.

Nano Silver Mattresses

The Nano Silver Mattress contains Nanotechnology on its fabric to suppress the bacterial growth. This is a three layers bed with its top and middle layer being memory foam. Its base layer contains high density fully supportive and comfortable foam. This bed contains 10 years warranty.

S-3Plus Relieving Mattress

This Double-faced mattress is best for people looking for different firmness preference. It contains the latest eco-friendly memory foam with organic elements on its top for the natural and pressure relieving comfort. Its middle layer contains durable reborn foam to eliminate muscles compression. The base is made of high-density foam for extra firmness. It comes with 5 years warranty.

S-3 Comfort Mattress

It comes with 1.5 inch top memory foam to offset body pressure and 1.5 inch high-density base foam to give firm support. This compact design mattress is perfect for double-deck bed use. It comes with 5 years warranty. Its multiple sizes include WxL – 30×72, 36×72, 48×72 and 54×72.

Organic Health Mattress

Its top and base layer contains separate densities Bio-Balance Memory Foam by Sinomax. It is a two sided mattress with both hard and soft textures for you to choose from. Its middle layer composes of quality foam layer for more stable support. Moreover, it has an Organicotton cover on top and comes with warranty Period of 10 years.

Magic Unit Relieving Mattress

This 8 inches high bed includes 1.5 inch memory foam at the top and 7 inch base layers to relieve body pressure and avoid muscle compression. It comes with an Ultra-Fresh anti dust- cover which has clear BS-7177 fire resistant standard. It comes with 7 years warranty.

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses – Features And Technology

Octaspring 360゜Mattress Reviews

Its S-tech multi-layer design guides the perfect air circulation. It features octaspring 360゜ technology which is 8 times more Breathable. It provides constant air flow through body movements, pushing warm humid air out while drawing fresh air back in. Its 360 Degree Support features individual foam springs which moves three dimensionally to cradle and contour your body to give comfort and reduce pressure points.

CEO X- I to IV series Mattresses Review

These mattresses employ the second generation X-foam memory foam which is 400% more breathable. It features advanced firmness control and improved support. Also, new contains organic formula for a more refreshing sleep. Its S-tech multi-layer design directs the air movements. In addition, the open cell technology feature releases the body heat and offers extra body support. This product comes with tender-touch mattress cover with anti-bacterial properties in inner cover. CEO X-I and CEO X-II includes all these above features except for open cell technology.

xMagic Mattress Reviews

xMagic’s X-foam technology is 400% more breathable. Its X-organic formula features organic soybeans for a more green and refreshing sleep. Its special features include coolmax cover which helps removing the surface moisture while allowing air flow to enter and maintaining the surface cool and dry. Moreover, its high density foam provides superior quality, durability and comfort.

President Smart and President Air Mattresses

Their AirTech memory foam has 60% more ventilation ability than the traditional foams. Moreover, its memory foam with air-channel design offers better support to the natural body contour and enhances ventilation. It has more durable and supportive edges. President Smart features Pressure-Relieving Extra firm spinal support bed whereas the President Air features moderate firm mattress which maintains your body’s natural contour. In addition, the high density wavy design foam prevents muscles compression and Improves ventilation. Both these beds give better airy sleeping comfort.

Nano Silver Mattress

It’s upper and middle memory foam layer is with different densities. Also, its V-shape dual air flow system Quality foam layer at the base provides the best support and pressure-relieving comforts. Lastly, the net fabric along the mattress edge gives you a cool sleeping sensation. It is available in various sizes such as WxL – 36×72, 48×72, 54×72, 60×72 and 72×75″. This mattress can be customize as per your prefer size.

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses – Top 3 Products

Sinomax 8” Recreational Vehicle Memory Foam Mattress, Queen short

  • Product Description – The 8-inch Recreational Vehicle Memory Foam Mattress by Sinomax combines the latest temperature regulating gel technology with optimal pressure point relief foam. This bed is efficient enough to suit for your RV’s. It includes 3-inch of gel-infused 3-pound memory foam which channels the heat away so that the sleep surface cradles your body. Its base layer is 5 inches of support foam for a balanced foundation. An elegant floral cover with breathable characteristics protects the mattress foams.
  • Features – Sinomax Recreational Vehicle Memory Foam Queen short size Mattress measures 8 inches thick and contains 3 pounds density Premium gel-infused memory foam. It reduces pressure points that cause tossing and turning which ultimately disrupts your sleep. Its temperature sensitive foam adapts to your body temperature so that you remain warm. Additionally, this bed eliminates motion transfer and uncomfortable pressure points. Moreover, its memory foam is resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial.

This bed comes with a durable non-skid cover. Its breathable, floral pattern 100% polyester cover is machine washable. It is design in such a way that no needs to turn it occasionally. It efficiently disperses your weight evenly all through the mattress surface. This imported mattress meets all flammability standards and is price at just $350. The Dimensions of Queen short are 8 inches high x 60 inches wide x 75 inches long.

Sinomax Luxury 8-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Product Description – Sinomax Luxury 8-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress contains the highest quality gel infuse memory foam. Its construction is 3 Inch of the premium 3 pounds gel infused memory foam and 5 Inch of high quality 2 pounds highly resistant base foam. This mattress has a polar 2 cover and a non skid PVC bottom.
  • Features – This gel two layers mattress has top with 3 Inch of gel infused memory foam and base 5 Inch of high density support foam to relieve pressure point and offer optimum support. Its polar 2 cover has non sliding PVC bottom. Moreover, it also has a CFR1633 flame retardant inner cover to meet and exceed all standards required by law. It comes in twin, full, queen and king sizes. Their dimensions are Twin 75 x 39 x 8 inches, Full 75 x 54 x 8 inches, Queen 80 x 60 x 8 inches and King 80 x 76 x 8 inches.

Sinomax Deluxe Luxury 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Product Description – The Deluxe Luxury 12 Inch gel memory foam mattress contains three layers. Its top includes high quality 3 inches of gel infused 3.75 pounds memory foam, middle is 3 inches of 2 pounds convoluted foam that creates air channel and last is 6 inches of high quality 2 pounds high resistance base foam.
  • Features – This three layers mattress features gel infused memory foam, convoluted foam and high resistant base foam. It contains a Glacier Cover with non skid PVC bottom. This cover also has a CFR1633 flame retardant inner cover to meet and exceed all standards needed by law. It comes in multiple sizes – twin, full, queen and king. The Dimensions are Twin 75 x 39 x 12 inches, Full 75 x 54 x 12 inches, Queen 80 x 60 x 12 inches and King 80 x 76 x 12 inches.

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses Customer Reviews

You will not find many customer reviews about the Sinomax memory foam mattresses. But other products from Sinomax have received very nice customer feedbacks. Its massage series and smart living products line meets the different needs of every customer.

Sinomax memory foam mattresses are manufactured in China and people feel hesitant to buy them online without trying, considering its quality and few customer reviews. However, known retail affiliates like, Amazon sells these mattresses, so you can try them if available during sale or heavy discounts.

Sinomax Memory Foam Topper Reviews

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattress Toppers have a density of 4 pounds . They are available in various sizes including the King size, Queen size etc. These toppers are naturally resistant to bacteria and dust. It reduces pressure on the body and hence help reduce back pain. Memory form toppers are temperature resistant and help prevent motion transfer. Sinomax memory foam toppers are anti-inflamamtory. Fitted with a cotton cover, these toppers are extremely comfortable.

Octaspring Topper Reviews

Sinomax Octaspring mamory foam toppers also use the Octaspring technology. These toppers, like the mattresses are more breathable by providing constant air flow. These toppers reduce pressure points and give comfort while sleeping.


The Top 3 Sinomax memory foam Products and models uses latest sleep technologies to provide you comfortable sleep all through the night. They are worth a try if you get them at hefty discounts, sales or under special offers.

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