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Shifman mattresses offer comfort and support to help you improve your sleeping posture, relieve pressure and improve circulation. What else do you want from a mattress? A mattress is said to be the best when it can offer a great night’s sleep. Step into the world of dreams and luxury with the Shifman luxury series. Experience the Shifman’s difference!
About Shifman Mattresses Company

Shifman and Bro. Mattress company was found in the year 1893 by 2 brothers – Abraham and Samuel Shifman. The company was established with a view to deliver superior quality mattresses to the bedding industry. At Shifman company, you come to see world-class artisans who combine their unparalleled hand craftsmanship with the highest quality of all natural materials to provide you with a superior two-sided mattress and boxspring set.

Shifman carefully builds its two-sided mattresses with flawless artistry and unmatched attention to detail and complete dedication to create the finest hand-made mattresses available. Boxsprings are made by combining the features built with Canadian Spruce wood and hourglass-shaped steel upholsery-grade coils. The coils are interlaced using Shifman’s 8-way hand-tying system.

Shifman have been manufacturing the finest handmade two-sided mattresses and boxsprings for more than 120 years. They use only premium components like Belgian damask, matelesse fabrics along with natural materials like cotton, cashmere, wool and pashmina.

Shifman mattresses should ideally be placed on a matching boxspring. Boxsprings add to the comfort and reduce the wear and tear on the mattress. Shifman warranties are also applicable only when the mattress is accompanied by a matching boxspring. Shifman mattresses offer many types of boxsprings like Jade boxspring, Crystal boxspring, Soft cloud boxspring, Davinci boxspring, Diamond boxspring,  Sapphire Boxspring etc. to suit the different models of the Shifman mattress.

Reasons to buy Shifman luxury mattresses – Shifman Mattress Review

When there are hundreds of luxury mattress manufacturers available, why would anyone choose Shifman luxury mattresses? Well, the answer to this question lies in the coming paragraph. Integrity, dedication to perfection and true craftsmanship are some of the reasons why Shifman luxury mattresses stand on top of all mattresses in the industry. Shifman luxury mattresses are also known for their Shifman quality, comfort and durability. Lets see some of the reasons why you would love to choose Shifman luxury mattresses for your bedroom:

  • A mattress is said to be rich in quality when it is hand-made. Yes, Shifman difference can be seen in their quality of its hand-made bedding. More than 50 highly skilled craftsmen work together to make each mattress and boxspring the best in the industry. They also ensure quality, comfort and durability. Shifman mattresses are hand-made and it takes up to 12 and a half hours to produce one Shifman mattress set.
  • Shifman’s Sanotuft features an unparalleled button less tuft eliminating shifting and bunching by interlocking all layers of the mattress securely in place. Their hand-tied boxsprings are another example of dedicated true craftsmanship. The Shifman’s boxspring’s hourglass shaped upholsery coils are tied by hand using the 8-ways Italian twine. Using this technique, Shifman mattress provides durability and greatly reduces the wear and tear on the mattress.
  • Shifman luxury mattresses continue to be one of the only mattress manufacturers that has maintained their dedication in making two-sided mattresses, where most mattress manufacturers have turned to one-side mattress to save on costs. By offering two-side mattresses, Shifman continues to ensure the same level of comfort and durability on both sides of the mattress. The benefit of using two-side mattress is that they can be flipped over time and as a result lasts for a long time than one-side mattress.
  • Shifman luxury mattress uses the most luxurious materials available to make each of their mattress look elegant. Their high-end Belgian damask and matelasse fabrics as well as natiral materials including latex, cotton, pashmina and cashmere are combined and used in many Shifman designs.
  • The Shifman mattresses are manufactured in America. Shifman maintains its heritage and continues to handcraft their luxury mattress at its facility in Newark, New Jersey.

Shifman mattresses collection

Shifman mattress Masters collection

Shifman’s masters collection features unmatched beauty and true craftsmanship with a full range of firmness and comfort. The Shifman mattress Masters collection features two-sided mattress made of superior innerspring mattress. The mattress comes with a solid brass corner guards.

Shifman Mattress Vintage collection

The Vintage mattress collection from Shifman mattress offers superior quality and deluxe surface comfort featuring premium quality innerspring with foam and steel edge support in the corners. The Shifman Vintage collection weighs up to 83 lbs made of natural cotton upholsery.

Shifman Mattress Quilted collection

Shifman’ mattress Quilted collection provides their customers with quality mattresses at a rate that everyone could buy. They feature two-sided mattresses made of natural cotton upholsery. They have used quality innerspring with heavy steel Bonnel unit and foam edge support.

Shifman Mattress Pure Comfort collection -Shifman Latex mattresses

For those who want comfort, comfort and comfort, here comes Shifman’s Pure Comfort collection made of latex line. These luxury mattresses are made of latex foam and sustainable forest lumber. The all-coil boxspring with independent coil action maximises comfort and durability.

Avocado Mattress

Latex Mattress with the best reviews. Works great for health issues including Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Shifman Mattress – Reviews

Shifman is not just a mattress brand that simply manufactures quality mattresses. They also have equal responsibility to meet the needs of their diversified customers to find the most suitable mattress for them. Lets see what the customers have to say about Shifman mattresses:


Rachel D who bought Shifman Monaco queen mattress was satisfied with the comfort it gave. She said that even after using the mattress for years, Shifman luxury mattresses were providing the same comfort and restful sleep to her husband and her.

Carolyn M, said that the Shifman mattress has transformed their sleeping experience. The low gauge high coil count construction and the supportive cushioning and top grade fabrics offered restful sleep.

Elizabeth C, loved the mattress very much. Even after using it for 6 months, she said that the mattress had not lost its cushioning and support. Its still the same and she added that she can wake up early in the morning with a refreshing mind. She thanks the Shifman company for offering such a traditional bed.

Lawrence who had been using Shifman mattress for more than 35 years still has not changed the mattress. He and his wife regularly rotate the mattress once or twice a year. He noticed that it did not had any lumps of padding, no sagging and the mattress is as firm as when they purchased it.


Certified by Doctors. Relax Faster. Best mattresses for a Good nights sleep


Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone give me info about Shifman mattress warranty?

Shifman mattresses and box spring sets are warranted against defective workmanship and materials for the number of years specified on your label after the date of purchase from an authorized dealer. This warranty is liable only for the original customer/ purchaser. If you come to see any defects or wear and tear, report directly to the store from where it is purchased.

Are there any Shifman mattress reviews available online?

Yes, the official website of Shifman shows some customer reviews about the mattress. All the reviews shown there on the website clearly implies that the mattress is long-lasting and offers comfort and support even after using it for many years.

From where can one buy Shifman mattresses?

Shifman mattresses are available in Amazon, you can buy them from Amazon.

What are the Shifman mattress prices?

Shifman mattresses are priced according to the models available and taking into consideration the comfort and quality offered, these handmade mattresses are very reasonably priced.

Are there any Shifman mattresses complaints registered?

Shifman, being one of the mattress leaders in the industry, manufactures top quality mattresses that offer comfort and support to all customers. As such, there are no complaints registered so far.