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Sleep innovations is a renowned brand that sells quality products along with quality service to its customers. It has established its foothold in the industry by keeping track of customer preferences and relentlessly updating its product line. Here is a comprehensive article that probes into every nook and corner of this mattress in detail. So stay tuned to find your pick if you have a plan to bring home a new mattress. Who knows you might end up liking Shea memory foam mattress.

Shea Memory Foam Mattress

Manufacturer is none other than sleep innovations and they have given this mattress a profile of 10 inches. This one is the best and excellent pick in their product line and that is why I choose to review this mattress in detail.

First, we will start with a questionnaire mode.

There we go…

What is the basic design of Shea memory foam mattress?

Made of two layers

Sleep innovations patented SureTemp memory foam sits as the top layer. This first layer is 3 inch thick and has a density of 3 lbs. The density offered is awesome and it supports the body perfectly without any sagging.

The next layer or the base layer is 7 inches thick with support plus foam. Again, this layer is also made of high-density support foam that adds to the durability factor. The construction is simple and consists only two layers with premium quality fabrics.

How do I feel sleeping on this mattress?

It gives a firm feel and majority of the customers who purchased this mattress approves this. It is certainly not plush or soft but it is not too firm that you would not like sleeping on it. So in short, it has medium firmness level and you will feel like a cradling effect along with the right support.

Is it an ideal choice for combination sleepers?

Shea mattress is a great pick for both side sleepers and back sleepers. This is due to its perfect firmness level. It aligns the spine, relaxes the shoulders, and offers restorative sleep to your body. If you are a stomach sleeper then you should look for other options or probably top this mattress with a push mattress pad. For those suffering from chronic back pain and body aches can definitely go for this mattress. A great pick for athletes too.

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Who should buy this mattress?

  • Those who like to sleep on firm mattresses without compromising on comfort
  • Back sleepers tired of waking up with aching body
  • Looking for a luxury mattress within a low budget specially within three figures

How about mattress delivery and unpacking it?

Shea mattress is a USA made product. Shea mattress ships in vacuum-sealed box with a dimension of 4x3x3 ft. The box weighs heavy so getting some help during unpacking might be useful. Try to unpack the mattress in a ventilated area to air it out prior to using it. This will help to get rid of initial odors. Airing it out is important because memory foam mattresses have some odors that fade away with time.

Where to buy Shea memory foam mattress?

You can buy Shea 10- inch memory foam mattress from the selected retailers and outlets collaborated with sleep innovations. Amazon is another place where you can buy sleep innovation products online. Subscribe to their email to get more details and discounted prices.

Is this mattress safe to use and does it contain toxins?

Majority of the mattresses out there contain harmful chemicals and toxins that are not good for health. Sleep innovations does not use any sort of chemicals, PBDE’s and flame-retardants. They have low VOC emission and do not contribute towards indoor air pollution.

Sleep Innovations Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress has CertiPUR-US certification and that simply means they follow all safety standards.

Does it have an odor issue that is common with all memory foam mattresses?

Every newly purchased mattress whether a memory foam or any sort of mattress will emit some kind of smell. The only way to tackle it is by airing out the mattress. Now talking about Shea mattress, it does not have any odor issues in particular. You will find some smell initially while unpacking and it will fade away within few days. This is why I mentioned before to air out this mattress in a ventilated area. Within a week, you will notice that all the smell fading away. Since it is devoid of chemicals and toxins, you can expect the mattress to be odor free.

Do I need to rotate or flip my Shea mattress?

There is no need to rotate the mattress as it is one sided. You can flip it occasionally as per your convenience for increasing the durability of the mattress.

Warranty and trial period of Shea memory foam mattress

Shea mattress has a 20 year limited warranty. If you find any defect with a product under the warranty period then you can claim for a replacement. You can contact at Sleep Innovations® at 1-888-999-0499 or e-mail at for more details.

Steal a look at all the features in a glance

  • You get two memory foam pillows as a bonus gift along with your mattress
  • Gives a Medium firmness feel effect
  • Great pick for side and back sleepers.
  • Body size does not matter anymore. Whether heavy or slim this mattress will surely accommodate you with comfort.
  • Improved body support and pressure point relief
  • Duocomfort design with Suretemp and support plus foam layers
  • Made in USA
  • 20 year warranty and vacuum packet bed-in-a-box style
  • Soft poly-cotton Mattress cover included

What do customers feel about this mattress?

To start with, it has four stars ratings out of five at the Amazon portal. Around 85% of the customers who purchased this mattress are madly in love with this one. They say that they have never had such better sleep before with any other mattress. They are full of praises about this mattress while talking about comfort and body support. I could see a few negative reviews where people said that it does not give a soft feel. Yes, it does not give a soft feel as it is a firm kind of mattress and plush lovers will certainly not like it.

Customers say that it is durable, does not emit odor (other than the initial smell), rightly priced, and above all offers great comfort. Unfortunately, I din like this brand for one reason, as they do not offer any trial period. If you buy online from Amazon or other websites, you can get a replacement according to their terms and conditions. Overall, this mattress is worth buying and there are great customer reviews with positive feedbacks. The reviews tempt one to buy and after reading them, you will definitely make up your mind to buy this mattress.
Below I have taken one of the best reviews:

“5.0 out of 5 starsComfort extrodinaire

“By Amazon Customer May 31, 2016

This is a fantastically comfortable mattress. I received this to use in my guest bedroom and after assembling a bedframe and setting up the mattress. It was an amazing experience sleeping on this mattress is. It’s a completely different experience than a regular mattress. It is supportive and very comfortable. I have a sleep number bed in my bedroom that is an adjustable air bed and I have slept on it for a number of years and thought it was the best there is. But decided to sleep in my guest bedroom to check out this new mattress as I have never slept on memory foam and guess what ? I am ordering a king size mattress for my bedroom and replacing my sleep number air bed. There is no comparison…”


This is one of the best memory foam mattresses and I personally feel this is a grand pick. You will find irresistible to the firm feel and the warmth offered by Shea mattress.

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