Avocado Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress is a very highly recommended product. Made by a reputed company and perfect for users who are serious about using only natural materials. Further, check how Avocado Mattress can prevent your back muscles from aching.

Advanced technology and high in quality Serta motion custom adjustable beds are perfect comfort providers with various interesting features. Your Serta motion custom adjustable bed will turn out to be the best resting place to chill out, to take rest for you and a space wherein you can perform any activity with ease and comfort.

The various features of Serta motion custom adjustable bed are,

  • The adjustable lumbar support of the mattress prevents the user from back aches and pain. The lumbar region is one of the most tender regions of a body and needs a lot of care as it is also the supporting pillar of the body. The Serta motion custom adjustable bed is designed in a way that the person lying on it gets the proper support and comfortable base.
  • A massage revives the energy in the body and increases the blood flow to all parts of the body. The Serta motion adjustable bed consists of six different massage levels at the top head section and the bottom foot section.
  • With the different levels of massage, a Massage timer is also embedded in the bed.
  • Independent head tilt support (90 degrees).
  • The adjustable bed also comes with a Wireless remote (motion sensitive backlit). The wireless remote consists of 4 factory pre-set positions.
  • A magnetic remote resting place is included at the base of the adjustable bed to which the remote gets magnetically stuck.
  • You can control the base of the Serta motion custom adjustable bed using our smartphone or tablet with the help of blue-tooth connectivity feature present in the bed.
  • A Wireless speaker system of excellent quality is attached to the bed with Bluetooth connectivity which includes a 6-inch subwoofer and two satellite speakers of 3 inch.


Order Avocado Mattress constructed using the eco-friendly materials for overall functionality and high performance. With this, you can sleep cool as it offers good value for the paid amount. Check everything here to know on the firmness levels…

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Power ports for USB

  • You will find convenience lighting at the base of the adjustable bed.
  • The Wall saver design of the bed keeps your wall from getting damaged.
  • The feature of battery backup saves you when the power lets you down. So, even during the power cuts, you don’t have to worry as the backup battery will help you in adjusting the bed.
  • The exclusive ZipFit attachment system present in the base has a Zero Clearance Design.
  • Has a weight holding capacity of 400 lbs for twin size bed, 500 lbs for the queen sized bed and 400 lbs for California king and King split.
  • The Serta motion custom adjustable bed comes with a limited warranty of 20 years.

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Serta motion custom adjustable bed

Advanced technology and high in quality Serta motion custom adjustable beds are perfect comfort providers with various interesting features.

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Comfort, firmness, support, bounce, and responsiveness are some of the great features of Avocado Mattress. The company offers free shipping and 100% money back challenge on all their products. So, why wait? Read the best reviews to order one…

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