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Serta Mattress

Serta is one of the leading mattress company of America. A 1931 established mattress company, Serta mattresses are created and widely distributed in America as well as internationally. It has expanded its business to over 100 countries throughout the world. So no matter wherever you are, Serta will be there for your service.

Avocado Mattress

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Serta mattresses are available in three different types:

  • Innerspring
  • Memory foam
  • Memory foam Hybrid

And these various types of mattresses are distributed accordingly to various collections of Serta.

The Serta Collections Categories are

Perfect Sleeper

The Perfect Sleeper collection has in it:

  • Perfect Sleeper Essentials
  • Perfect Sleeper SmartSurface
  • Perfect Sleeper SmartSurface Ellite

Icomfort Sleep System

The Icomfort Serta Collection consists of:

  • Serta Icomfort
  • Serta Icomfort Directions
  • Serta Icomfort EFX

Serta iSeries

In the Iseries by Serta Mattresses the following types are present:

Puffy Mattress

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Nolah Mattress

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  • iSeries Hybrid Sleep System
  • iSeries Profiles
  • Trump Home iSeries
  • Bellagio at Home iSeries
credits: http://www.sleepinglikealog.com/
credits: http://www.sleepinglikealog.com/

Serta Brand Collection

  • Bellagio at Home
  • Hotel Mattresses
  • Sertapedic
  • Perfect Elements

From the collections itself, you can say that you have got a basket full of options. So, whatever and whichever type of mattress you want, it is very much present at Serta mattresses company. Serta has got a very big distribution line, so availability is not an issue with Serta mattresses. Serta does not want its customers to be disappointed. Like there is variety in types and sizes at Serta there is variety in price also. There are affordable mattress range, then there is a little expensive mattresses and then there are mattresses that are luxuriously expensive.

Coming to Serta mattresses, the customer’s satisfaction rate is just above average. The Serta mattresses has many positive aspects in it, but there is no scarcity of negative ones as well. Durability is the problem with almost every mattresses these days, no matter how big or old or famous the mattress company is, the durability problem is present in the mattresses. There are very few companies available currently whose mattresses gets a good rating for the durability aspect, Saatva mattress is one among such mattress companies that produce mattresses that exceeds the customer’s durability expectation. Serta like most of the mattresses has got a lesser lifespan. But the comfort it provides in the initial stages is said to be unmatchable. But the comfort season does not stay for long Within a very short period of usage Serta mattresses starts having dents in them and began to age and it is like the comfort season is gone for ever.

When the mattress is in good condition the mattress acts as a restful place for the body where the body’s pressure points get proper support and the needed comfort. The Serta mattress’s motion isolating property is good. The mattress very effectively inhibits the disturbance created by movements and does not allow it to travel throughout the mattress. But the problem of noise is present in some of the models of Serta mattresses. Like the comfort the support providing efficiency of the mattress is great, but only till the mattress is in good condition. The good things about Serta mattress is its initial comfort, support and motion isolation and its main negatives are its durability, noise and sagging.

So, Serta mattresses can be rated as average.

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