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Saatva, the name is derived from the word meaning “truth” is an American based Mattress company that is the only handcrafted mattress in the country with the pioneering Saatva Mattresses . Saatva Company promises you a good sleep with healthy muscle support. It is sold and delivered through online stores. It will be delivered to the customers through online order with 30 days home trial so that the customers can confirm the comfort provided by the Saatva Company and buy if one is fully satisfied with the mattress. Saatva serves 100% efficient service since they focus more on customer service and their satisfactory smiles. Saatva offers the best quality mattress with sale offers and much lower prices.


Saatva mattress is a traditionally created coil product and uses the organic material that is handcrafted with American mattress workers who are experts in this field. They utilize the ecofriendly ideas where they use natural green products that are available on earth.
The outer cover of saatva mattress is made up of organic cotton and the inner layer is made of steel that can be recycled. It also has an additional layer called the memory foam layer which is a bio based form layer. These spectacular designed layers help one to lie comfortably and have a satisfactory sleep of both mind and body.


Saatva mattresses use only ecofriendly products for its creation. The products can be recycled which will help in boosting the ecofriendly behavior. The online service also helps in saving money.

Saatva mattress do not use formaldehyde based materials or any other irritable materials for its creation.


The outer layer which is organic contains non-irritating thistle barrier. The product avoids friction and it improves one’s stability while using saatva for sleep. Saatva Company creates a long term service for all their valuable customers all over the country making it more popular among the American people.


Scams occur the world over. It is common among the mattress companies as the customers find it difficult to buy as the model number, names related to the product etc. are easily masked or fooled by other products. There are even shops that sell their products in Saatva’s name that create a very huge loss for the company. The customers are misinformed by the Saatva scams occurring day to day. When one purchases a scam product of saatva and uses it, that person will probably say no to the product and the service. Hence his impression about saatva would be on a very low mark and the bad word of mouth will prevent others from purchasing Saatva. These products that are sold in the name of saatva are very costly with less quality.


Saatva scam alert provides a list of information for avoiding scam related products present in the industry. It provides information to the customers to buy the original saatva product. They instruct you to check the components of the mattresses which instruct one to check the number of coils, latex, outer structure etc. Remember saatva provides 30 days home trial. Check for those warranty for the saatva like products.

Saatva scam alert advice’s the customers to ensure about the money back guarantee scheme provided only by the saatva. A special instruction to note is that no additional chargers on delivery is required. Kindly report such incidences when asked for additional charges.

Saatva scam alert provides information to the customers on how to check the quality of the springs that are used, the number of coils, the width of the coils and the distance between the coils. They strictly warn the customers to check if the inner layer is made from the recycled steel. Saatva scam alert advice’s their customers to ensure about the memory foam and stability of it. Check for the outer layer- ensure if it is thick smooth grippe. All this will provide customers with good sleep. It would be best if one would buy from the official website. The website will provide a-z information about the product, ordering statements, payment details and methods for contact for service.

Saatva scam alert advice’s customers to have a glance at the videos that is available in the official website so that one can escape from the scam industry.

Exploitation of consumers is very common in the current market scene and industrial field. One must be aware of the product and it is very crucial to have a good knowledge from the website, books and the others users’ reviews so as to choose the best without involving in the scam.

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