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Saatva Mattresses is one of the few companies which do not believe in the concept of coupons or coupon codes. Coupons for Saatva mattresses do not exist. Why raise the price to 20% higher and give a 15% off. I have seen that in many industries from clothing to furniture and sometimes even electronics. Saatva mattress discount and Saatva Mattress coupons and Promo Codes DO NOT exist. The company has a clear discount and coupon policy on their websites which states the same. With over 100 Search results on Saatva Mattress Discount coupons and Saatva Mattress Coupon codes and Saatva mattress Promo Codes on google, I was tempted to see if they work. I was sorry that none of them actually work. And even after not giving any discount offers or giving no Saatva  Mattress Sale offers, the Saatva mattress company is still flourishing, this is clearly visible in the Saatva reviews. Saatva Mattresses are really good and the quality is indisputable. The only discount that Saatva offers is a military discount of $50.This is for people who have served or serve in the US military. Saatva does not offer discounts for either Black Friday or Memorial day sale. Their prices are fixed.

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Saatva Mattress Prices – Is Saatva Mattress Good?

The Saatva Mattress Prices of its different categories are given below. The price of the mattress depends on the size of the mattress. Saatva Mattresses King, Queen, Twin, Full and Cal king. The table below gives a list of the various sizes of Saatva Mattresses.

The best part is that the Saatva Mattress prices are nearly half of most of the other competitors I checked through. They were the same product and literally had no difference from my point of view online. Yes, it’s hard. But surely not impossible to make the difference in quality. With 100’s of reviews all over the place, you can actually find a load of reviews for products which have a portion where they could leave comments. A lot of the research on products are held online and specifically on the social media. Amazingly, there was a customer satisfaction rate of 98% when it comes to Saatva while the nearest competitor had a small bit more than Saatva. What really opened my eye was indeed the price difference.

Saatva Mattresses do not have any dealers or distributors.  There are no Saatva Mattress stores. Saatva does not have an outlet and is a full online store. This also is the only online store to source mattresses to customers in the USA. Being a full online store has its benefits and drawbacks. The biggest benefit that Saatva Mattress is getting is the fact that they don’t need a large outlet. The cost of the outlet Is often shared with people who purchase the product. These products have a discount price far lesser than what most competitors sell already.

The question finally would be, Do you still need a Saatva Mattress discount code to Purchase? And even If you were desperately looking for a Saatva Mattress coupon code, do you think you would ever find one. From my knowledge, I doubt if there is any when it is clearly mentioned by Saatva mattress website.

You can check out some of the prices on the Saatva mattress and compare it with some of the key competitors in the Mattresses industry to check out if you could get a discount on them. Chances are you will but still end up in the margin where the competition stands a few percentage higher than the Saatva counterpart.

Recent comparison study among various companies indicates that the Products sold online are often priced a bit lower than those on the showrooms. Saatva mattresses are one of the few examples in the category to prove us right. With other Vendors having a small percentage of their product online, Saatva has their entire showroom online now and only catering to the online communities.

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Saatva Mattress Discount Coupon

Saatva Mattress Discount Coupon is not the question of Liberty. It is now a Right to everyone. There are No Saatva coupons and you don’t have to ask for a Saatva discount. The discount is clearly set on the price. Welcome to Saatva and Merry Christmas.


Bed Stores and Saatva Mattress Sale

All mattress companies and showrooms have similar comfort guarantee strategies that the customer might have to pay dearly. Any sale, discounted price etc can be misleading. Since not all mattresses can be the same, paying them the same flat price is not justice. Before falling for these sales one must be aware of all the features and comfort each mattress can offer before deciding whether it is the actual price or the tampered price.

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How is Saatva Luxury Mattress made affordable?

Saatva mattresses are less expensive than any other luxury mattresses, why? The main reason is that there are no third or fourth parties between the manufacturers and the customers. Any dealings are happening directly between them. There is no paying for the rent, advertisement charges, commission for the staff, maintenance, or insurance expenses etc. The customer will have to pay just for the making charges and the shipping expenses. This makes the price of the mattress down by almost half of what is available in the market for the same quality. These are some of the reasons which make Saatva Luxury Mattress affordable.

Another fraud happens when the purchased mattress needs to be returned. Since most of the customers are buying it from the retail shops they are unaware of the return policies of the manufacturers. Most of them have charges for pickup, penalty, and restocking fees. Whereas, Saatva is exclusively sold in online store and there all the terms and conditions, warranty, return policies are clearly mentioned. This helps the buyer to know exactly what to expect under certain circumstances.

All the specifications and features of the mattresses are clearly shown on the website. The customers just need to measure their rooms and doors to know whether the dimensions are compatible or not, that too without having to step out of the home. The dimensions shown are the exact measurements and will not change. The comfort level, size, thickness of the mattresses, the thickness of the foundation and the metal frames all can be selected easily. The metal frame will be assembled by the staffs who deliver it.

Apart from delivering the new mattress, there is an option to pick up the old mattress for a small amount from the customer. This will help them have a new mattress and the old one is easily gotten rid of. The 30 day home trial is an advantage for those who are doubtful whether or not it will be comfortable. If it is not up to satisfaction the mattress can be returned and the amount spent, minus the delivery charges, which will be reimbursed to the customer.

The above facts show us why Saatva does not believe in discount codes or coupons.

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Firm or soft mattress from Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress are undoubtedly one of the best mattresses we have heard about. Their relatively average pricing is accompanied by the ease of ordering it (some people find the offer of being able to return the mattress with no questions asked within 30 days the better feature. Their return policy is definitely one of the best, although they claim the return policy hasn’t been used much). These are quite comfortable and they literally take the comfort to different levels.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being extremely soft with minimal support and 10 being extremely hard (for some reason, they call it table top) the Saatva mattress occupy three different positions along the way.

Saatva Mattress The Plush Soft Level

This level is ranked at in and around 3. These are for people who like to be hugged by their beds when sleeping. Just kidding, it happens to be a very soft mattress which contours plushly to bodies. The individual pocket coils used are covered with softer and more conforming foam. The core of the mattress is firm enough not to let you sink into the bed but forms to the shape of your body.

Saatva Mattress The Luxury Firm Level

Saatva Firm mattress level is marked from just before 5 and ends before 7 on the scale. This is the one which luxury hotels use to prevent brawls at night from their guests as it can be used perfectly well by people who prefer a soft sleep and also by people who like their sleeping base to be firm rather than concaving. It is called “cushion firm and contouring support”. It is also perfect for couples with different sleeping preferences.

It has other advantages as well. It gives a good spinal alignment and comfortable sleep at the same time. It is neither too hard nor too soft (too bad Goldilocks never knew Saatva).

Saatva Firm Mattress  – The Firm Level

This is ranked precisely at 8. in these, the individual coil layers are bound with firmer and conforming foams so that you float on the bed rather than sink into it. It is firm yet soft. There may be an initial tenderness when you lie down on the bed, but the bed will at once begin to support the body. Thankfully, it is not so hard that you feel like you are on a therapeutic wooden board.

Now, go ahead and choose your softness. A frank note from the manufacturers of Saatva mattress says that if you are looking for a comfort level of 1 to 2 or 9 to 10, you had better look elsewhere.

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