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How does a great mattress feel like? If you want to get the real feel, try the Nectar Sleep mattress. One of the best memory foam mattresses availble in the market, the construction, quality, warranty and price places this mattress right on top in the mattress industry

“Sleep is the Golden Chain that binds health and bodies together” according to Thomas Dekker. Saatva reviews on its very promising luxury firm – ultra premium firm mattress is worth knowing. Sleeping well is an essential part of our life and an inevitable process. A comfortable mattress is like a sleeping pill. When a body gets a comfortable base to lie on it become more relaxed. But the definition of comfort is different for every individual. If some feel comfortable on firm mattresses, then some find soft mattresses more comfortable. To provide customers with their desired level of comfort, Saatva created three most sought after comfort levels.

  • Plush soft
  • Luxury firm
  • Firm

Saatva’s Plush soft comfort level

If you enjoy the soft hug of the mattress while you are asleep, then this is the comfort level of your choice. The plush soft level of Saatva mattresses is prepared out of softer bio-based foam.

In the plush soft comfort level, each coil is enclosed with soft foam, to offer the mattress the plush feeling.

The level is not excessively soft, so the customer will not experience a sinking feeling.

Extremely soft plushy mattress can be highly uncomfortable for the body to lie on. The user’s body may experience a lack support on overly soft mattresses. Saatva plush soft offers a properly balanced softness.

Soft plush mattresses are best suited to side sleepers.

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Saatva luxury firm mattresses

This is the flagship level of Saatva’s comfort levels. You will find a balanced equation of firmness and softness in this mattress. This level can also be called as the ‘luxurious comfort level’ as this is the comfort level that the luxury hotels prefer for their mattresses as it gives the user a soft friendly comfort embrace with a firm support.

  • This comfort level is suitable for any side sleepers. It is just perfect for all side sleepers.
  • The firmness used in this mattress is not as soft as the plush mattress and not as firm as the foam used in the firm mattress.
  • The level is neither too hard nor too soft, it stands somewhere in between.
  • Ultra premium classification has rated this level as ‘#1 comfort choice’.
  • For partners with different comfort needs this level will be like a settlement.

The Saatva’s Firm comfort level

Some people like firm sleeping surface. The firmness needs to be of the right level, otherwise it can prove to be troublesome. When it becomes softer the level cannot be called as firm and when it becomes too firm it actually becomes hard. Saatva offers firm levels gracefully without loosing its firmness and without being too hard offers its users a gentle firm support.

  • This level mattress consists of coils wrapped in firm foam.
  • Gives perfect support to the back and stomach sleepers.
  • The firm mattress may alleviate the problem of back ache in users.

The structure of the mattress of any comfort level is same only. The main features of Saatva mattress:

  • Coil-on-coil advanced innerspring designed (coils made with recycled steel)
  • Use of ‘Spinal Zone’ sleep technology.
  • Bio-based memory foam (CertiPUR certified)
  • Top cover made with 100% organic cotton.
  • Free of chemicals
  • Safe to use for you and your family
  • Excellent quality at low price
  • 15 year warranty
  • 45 days trial offer

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