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The Purple mattress is a unique mattress with a purple colored Smart comfort grid as the top layer that buckles to relieve the pressure and offers maximum comfort. You can buy the mattress directly from the manufacturer or from another third party online stores such as Mattress Firm, Amazon, and WalMart etc.

Purple Queen Mattress

The price of the Purple mattress ranges between $699-1899 and varies with the 2 models of mattresses. You have the choice of paying at once or in monthly installments from the manufacturer as well as from stores like Mattress Firm.

There are 2 comfort levels of the Purple mattresses and different bedding accessories. With some seasonal and occasional sale, the Purple Mattress could come as a complete package for comfort that offers quality sleep.

Purple mattress User Reviews & Ratings

  • The Sleep Sherpa rates the Purple mattress at 9/10 with high regards for the lack of off-gassing and trial period. The con is being the heavy weight of the mattress.
  • Mattress Clarity rates the Purple mattress at 4.5 out of 5. The highlights are value for money, the coolness of the mattress or the lack of hot sleeping and return policy.
  • The Amazon customers give an overall rating of 4.1/5 for the Purple mattress.
  • The general reviews reveal that the Purple mattress is a durable mattress with no heat retention and having excellent pressure relieving tactics.

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Best Mattress Models from Purple mattress

There are 2 models of the Purple mattress- the Original Purple Mattress and the New Purple mattress. The Original Purple mattress is a memory foam mattress while the new Purple mattress is a hybrid one.

The Purple mattress- Original

The original Purple mattress is a 3 layered memory foam mattress.

  • The top layer of the mattress is the 2 inches thick unique Smart Comfort grid made of hyper-elastic polymer. This layer relaxes under the weight and supports the body as needed. It has the cushion like feel to the shoulders and hips to relieve pressure.
  • The second layer is 3.5 inches thick soft but higher density polyurethane foam for the bounciness and response to the body. This layer complements the Smart Comfort Grid that does not collapse but supports and gives a little bounce to the sleeper. This layer adds to the soft feel of the mattress.
  • The third and final layer is the medium-firm high-density polyurethane foam for the support. This layer is 4 inches in thickness. This is the layer that defines the structural support of the Purple mattress.

The mattress cover is responsive knit fabric with designs and embossed brand name. The fabric is breathable and allows air flow to the mattress layers. The bottom part of the cover is a non-slip material.

New Purple Mattress Hybrid

  • The top layer is the default hyper-elastic polymer Smart Comfort grid layer. The top layer is flexible with the weight and pressure. It collapses under the weight accordingly to release pressure from hips and shoulders of the sleeper. It also gives a plush soft feel for the mattress.
  • The second layer inside is a thin layer of ½ inch thick specialized comfort foam that makes a transition layer between the top soft layer and the spring coils below. This transition layer is also important for the edge support to maintain the mattress shape.
  • The third layer is the responsive support coils. This is significant as the pressure relief point for this mattress. From the softer top layer, the pressure comes down to the spring coils that remove this off the track. This coil system improves the durability of the mattress as well.

There is another 1 inch layer of comfort foam under the coils.

The mattress cover has a top surface made of stretchable and breathable fabric with designs over it. The sides and bottom panels are non-slip and mesh based. It is supportive and allows air flow as well.

You can select the thickness of the Smart Comfort Grid layer for the different comfort levels. The available thicknesses are 2”, 3” and 4”.

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Purple mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Both the Original Purple mattress and New Purple mattress are available in twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes. The dimensions of both the model sizes are the same.

  • Twin XL- 38” x 80”
  • Full- 54” x 76”
  • Queen 60” x 80”
  • King 76” x 80”
  • Cal King 72” x 84”

The weight of the Original Purple mattress would be 70, 81, 110, 140 and 140 lbs for the respective sizes.
The New Purple mattress has a weight range depending on the top layer thickness. The weight range would be 77-105, 106-145, 122-168, 149-204 and 148-202 lbs for the twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king sizes respectively.

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Purple mattress Specifications

  • The Purple mattress, in general, has a specialized Smart Comfort Grid that makes it apart from other brands.
  • You can customize the Smart Comfort grid layer in the New Purple mattress. The 2”, 3” and 4” top layers give a different feel to the mattress. Deeper this layer is, softer the mattress feels.
  • The Original Purple mattress is 9.5” in height while the New Purple mattress is 11”, 12” and 13” thick depending on the thickness of the top layer chosen.
  • The mattress cover is non-removable. You should do only spot cleaning when needed.
  • The Purple mattress comes with an ideal warranty period and an ample trial period duration.
  • Both the mattresses will be coming in compressed ad rolled state.

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Purple mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

The Purple mattress regardless of the model has the 100-days trial period. The user can take the liberty of the 3 months’ time to evaluate and decide on whether or not to keep the mattress. If they chose not to, they can return the mattress within this period for free to get a full refund.

The Purple mattress warranty is 10-year limited warranty.

One cannot return the mattresses bought from Amazon. It has to be from the manufacturer or from authorized dealers. The return policy states that the user needs to use the mattress for at least 30 nights before they can place a return request.

For returns, the user needs to send an email to or call the customer service. The same norms are applicable for the Purple pillows. The Purple seat cushions have only 30 days of trial period. The other bedding accessories including the adjustable base and platform base from Purple mattress do not have any trial period or returns.

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Discount Prices On Purple mattress

The price range of Original Purple mattress is $699-1299.

  • Twin XL $699
  • Full $899
  • Queen $999
  • King $1299
  • Cal King $1299

The New Purple mattress costs between $1299-3499 that depends on the size and top layer thickness.

Size Purple 2 Purple 3 Purple 4
Twin XL $1299 $1899 $2499
Full $1499 $2099 $2699
Queen $1599 $2199 $2799
King $1899 $2699 $3499
Cal King $1899 $2699 $3499

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Coupons Codes & Discounts For Purple mattress

There are several Purple mattress coupon codes and promo codes for getting discount on the mattress. These coupons are highly important for the user as the mattress price is definitely higher especially for the larger sizes and new mattress models.

You may get the Purple mattress coupons from the manufacturer itself as well as from popular coupon code websites like,, etc. The value of the coupon would be different from one another.

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It is really hard to define the comfort of the Purple mattress. The unique polymer layer is nothing like what we are been using thus far. This uniqueness does pay with the comfort as well. The only problem would be the price. As much as the Purple mattress is comfortable, it is not a universally affordable mattress. You can have it if you have a good budget for the same.

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