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Puffy Royal , LuX Hybrid Vs Saatva

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Puffy Vs Saatva.  Its the choice between 2 good mattresses and the confusion of choice is evident. I have gone through it. You are going through it. Which one should you buy? Is the price difference of a Puffy mattress worth it? Does the saatva mattress excel in quality ? Which mattress has a better edge support? Which is more comfortable? Which mattress would be good for you if you were young and which one would suit better if you were a senior?

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The saatva mattress is known in the online mattress industry to be one of the best selling hybrid mattress companies. It has had the reputation of manufacturing some of the best mattresses for people suffering from back pain and other problems. It’s also one of the few luxury mattresses which has been recommended by doctors and chiropractors. The puffy on the other hand has been manufacturing some of the best memory foam mattresses and now have launched their own set of Hybrid mattresses in the Lux and Royal category. The mattresses are plush soft and extremely comfortable yet supportive.

Recommended by customers and featured on the ellen show. One of the best mattress for sleep problems

A quick look on what these companies have to offer with their products are as below.

 SaatvaPuffy Lux (Hybrid)Puffy Royal (Hybrid)
Warranty15 YearLifetimeLifetime
Trial120 Nights101 Nights101 Nights
Pressure ReliefYESYESYES
Mattress TypeHybridHybridHybrid
Zoned DesignNoNoYes
Stain Resistant CoverNoYesNo
Edge SupportExcellentGoodGood
Back and Lumbar SupportExcellentAverageAverage
Height11.5, 14.5 inches12 Inches14 Inches
Firmness ScalePlush Soft
Luxury Firm
Price (Queen)$1299$1495$2395

The Puffy Mattress, Available in Hybrid and Pure Foam, Cooler and responsive. The Best selling , Luxury Mattress and very affordable.


Construction and Key features

The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress

  • Good for all sleeping types : The mattress is medium firm and is comfortable for all sleeping types. If you are a stomach sleeper you will find this mattress a bit more comfortable than the Royal hybrid but not as comfortable as the saatva.
  • Good Temperature regulation with Cooling Cloud and climate control layers : Puffy mattresses have taken extensive measures to keep their mattress cool. They have Climate control and cooling layers which maintain a normal temperature throughout. They assure you that the mattress will be cooler in summer and warm in winter.
  • Comfort pressure relief : Hybrid mattresses are known to provide better pressure relief and spread your body weight evenly throughout the mattress. The puffy lux with encased coil does a good job with maintaining even pressure.
  • Good support with Contouring : The mattress has a thick top layer and they are plush . They contour well to your body and this makes your body feel supported.
  • Luxury covers : The covers of the puffy mattress are luxurious. They are soft and feel great on the skin.
  • Enhanced Spinal Alignment : The puffy Lux mattress says a lot about its enhanced spinal support and it surely does a good job for the younger group. For people who are older, expect this mattress to be too soft to be comfortable.
  • Plush contour top layer : The top layers are a bit plush giving it a very soft feeling like dipping into a cloud when you sleep. While many people may like this feel, its not a great feeling if you are older and have back related problems.
  • Good for people between the age of 20 and 40
  • Great mattress for sex.
  • Not recommended for people older than 40 or have back pain or pain related issues like fibromyalgia, Spinal problems etc.

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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Pros &  Cons

The Puffy lux hybrid mattress is perfect for someone who is looking for a soft, plush mattress . The mattress targets mostly the millennials and the younger group. ITs great for sex but not so great for people who are having back problems. It’s supportive, soothing and helps relax. It has a wonderful cooling layer which ensures that you don’t sleep hot. If you are thinking of purchasing the mattress because you have hot flashes, This may be the right mattress if you feel comfortable on it. Try the mattress for a few days and if you are below 130 lbs, chances are you will enjoy the puffy lux mattress.

The Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress

  • Advanced cooling technology : With superior temperature regulation, climate adaptive material and infused cooling beads, the Royal hybrid mattress takes cooling a bit too seriously. Even with all the coils and wonderful breathability, the layers of foam are specifically designed to keep the mattress cool.
  • Reflexive Support Layer: The Puffy Royal has 5 different layers of foam arranged from head to toe in different densities. This allows the mattress to align perfectly to your spine.  It Balances your weight evenly throughout the mattress in any sleeping position. It also allows for better spinal alignment
  • Muscle and Joint support. While most mattresses focus on the back, the Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress focuses on almost all your joints. Shoulder, back and hip are perfectly aligned. Your neck is balanced well with the right pillow.
  • The core pase is sturdy and firm creating a perfect support for all the layers above and the spring too.
  • Soft : This is the perfect mattress for people who are young. It rests your body well and is soft. Its perfect for sex and overall works great. While you grow older, this mattress will be the one you will thank for better healthier back.

The Puffy Mattress, Available in Hybrid and Pure Foam, Cooler and responsive. The Best selling , Luxury Mattress and very affordable.


Pros and Cons

The mattress is a bit too soft for people who are older. The Edge support is good and it really works great in terms of pressure relief. The mattress is perfect for people who sleep hot. Apart from the fact that its soft and not really the best choice for seniors, this mattress seems to work perfectly well.

Saatva Mattress

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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The good thing about a saatva mattress is that it comes in 3 firmness levels. It becomes a lot easier to choose from a mattress which has different firmness levels and your requirements are specific. Saatva is a memory foam Hybrid mattress. It’s got a good cooling technology in the gel foam, excellent support and great pressure relief. Saatva takes pride in its pressure relief and its use for people who are having back problems. The Medium firm mattress by saatva is the most recommended mattress for people with back problems, sciatica and spinal stenosis surgery.

  • Available in 3 firmness levels, Luxury firm, Firm and plush soft : The preferences matter. If you are younger, chances are you will love the plush soft. If you are older, you would prefer the Medium firm and the firm is great for people who are heavy. Whatever your firmness requirement, saatva is capable of fulfilling
  • Available in 2 thicknesses , 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches : If you are on the heavier side, More than 150 lbs, a Thicker mattress can be supportive of your weight. A hybrid mattress with good thickness is known to be more comfortable for the heavier group of people. IT also prevents people from feeling the base.
  • Compatible with adjustable bases. Excellent for people who are older or have medical problems and require an adjustable base .
  • Excellent edge support with dedicated Dual perimeter edge foam layer. This makes the mattress easy to sit on and is perfect for seniors. The coil in the edges too are different from the coils in the inner areas making it great to lay down and also sit near the edges.
  • Saatva offers the best when it comes to pressure relief. ITs spinal xone technology dedicates 2 layers of firm support for your back and is designed after extensive research. Saatva is also dedicated towards research on making your mattress comfortable if you are suffering from back pain
  • The Euro pillow top is packed with more foam and covered with organic cotton, giving it a luxurious feel and look. Its comfortable to touch and a pleasant treat to the eye
  • The saatva mattress cools well. With the gel foam and the hybrid design, it airs out well and the mattress is breathable.

Comparison By Features

The Puffy Mattress, Available in Hybrid and Pure Foam, Cooler and responsive. The Best selling , Luxury Mattress and very affordable.


Firmness: Saatva Mattress offers 3 Firmness levels to choose from . You could be heavy and want a mattress which is firm or light which would require a mattress which is soft. Either way, saatva would deliver. When it comes to the Puffy Royal hybrid, it allows only a soft mattress. And the Puffy lux is medium firm.

Cover & Pillow Top: Both the puffy and latex have wonderful pillow top covers. The saatva offers a plush pillow top with dense filling and an organic cotton cover. The Puffy Covers are not organic but surely comfortable and washable. The zipper covers enable the mattress covers to be removed for easy laundry and the mattress covers are stain resistant.

Layers : The saatva mattress is designed with a memory foam layer with a gel infused support foam and an encased coil below it. The key design difference between the saatva and the puffy Hybrid mattress is the coil over coil design. The saatva;s coil over coil design enables the mattress to be a lot more supportive and pressure relieving. Its also the reason why saatva can hold on to better weight in comparison to the puffy hybrid mattress. The puffy Lux mattress offers great support and excellent cooling. The layers in the mattress is designed for better cooling. The gel foam and the coil design allows better air flow helping you sleep much cooler. The Puffy Royal mattress is extremely soft and with a normal design, you would expect the mattress to be hot. The Cutting edge cooling technology and the breathability of the mattress , credits to the excellent design, allows most people to sleep cool.

Edge Support:Saatva mattress has a dedicated perimeter edge support. This allows the edges of the mattress to be sturdy and a bit more firm than the main area of the mattress. The mattress is comfortable to sit on and also great when you sleep on the edge. The puffy Royal and puffy lux , has a good edge support but when in comparison to the saatva, the edge support is not as good.

Durability: The saatva mattress and the puffy use quality material in the production of their mattresses and from the first look, both the mattresses offer a good warranty, though the puffy offers a Lifetime warranty. The warranty on the products are limited to manufacturing defects and not normal wear and tear. So if your mattress sags due to regular use, it’s not covered. The stain resistant cover on the Puffy is a good add on which helps. You can also change the cover if its only the cover which is the problem. As of the foam and coils, the saatva has a better product than the puffy hybrids. They are much stronger and durable. Overall, it’s hard to say which mattress is more durable, but surely the Saatva mattress is doing better than the Puffy royal and puffy lux hybrid considering the fact that the saatva has been in the market for a much longer period of time.

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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Off-gassing : The saatva mattress does not come in a box. It comes fully expanded. On the contrary the puffy comes in a box. The Mattress should be opened up in the desired room and unpacked. The mattress does take a few hours to expand completely. Expect the puffy to stay without use in a well aired room for at least 24 hours . The saatva on the contrary can be used in 4-6 hours after unpacking. Its always safe to leave the mattress be for at least 3 days before using. Chemicals in the mattress will always interfere with your breathing and some people may be allergic too.

Pressure Relief: The Saatva offers better pressure relief than puffy royal and Puff lux. The medium firm mattress by saatva is known to be one of the best mattress when it comes to pressure relief. While the Puff lux is considerably good, it does not match the pressure relief of saatva. For lighter sleepers, the puffy lux may be one of the best option. For those who are having a very mild back pain and are below 100lbs, the Royal will be best suited. With the saatva, you can purchase the firmness levels depending on your weight. Chances are you will find the saatva mattress better.

Noise : When it comes to Noise, the saatva will create problems after a few years, the coil over coil design is the culprit. The Puffy lux and the puffy royal both excel in this area and you can be sure that the mattress will last its life without making noise

The Puffy Mattress, Available in Hybrid and Pure Foam, Cooler and responsive. The Best selling , Luxury Mattress and very affordable.


Sex : The Puffy Royal is probably the best mattress for sex. This may sound like my personal opinion and it is. I love a soft mattress when it comes to sex and this one does a great job. Its cool and sex is great. There may be times when one of the partner does not really enjoy sex on the mattress because its too soft and the person sinks into it, but at most times, the royal is simply too good. The saatva mattress and the Lux is good when it comes to support. You don’t sink into the mattress and if you like that kind of feel, then good for you. Both saaatva and the Lux mattress offer you better support while involved in sex.

Customer Reviews:  The Reviews for saatva are excellent but for the Royal and Lux hybrid is limited. The mattresses are considerably new and many a times, the mattress seems to be out of stock or unavailable. The saatva customers are almost always happy with their purchase with a  return rate of less than 3%.

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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Delivery : PuffyOffers 2-5 day delivery of the mattress. The mattress comes in a box and can be transported to your desired room easily. There is no assistance from the company for setup. The delivery is at the doorstep. The saatva offers white glove delivery. The mattress comes fully expanded and not in a box. The coil over coil design does not allow the compression of the mattress. The mattress will be set up in your desired room by the delivery people. You need to allot a time slot for the delivery guys to set the mattress up.

Back support: The saatva mattress offers the best support for your back and provides the best pressure relief if you are suffering from back problems. The medium firm saatva mattress is designed to provide the best support for your back. The Puffy lux is the next best option for back support while the Puffy royal though claims to have good back support is soft and could be ineffective to support your back.

Mattress Selection

When selecting a mattress a few key factors come into play. Apart from firmness and the material used, sleep trials are important specially when you purchase a mattress online. It would be impossible to judge a mattress by everything that is written. Even with the wide range of reviews it becomes a bit tricky to chose a mattress online and hope it works for you. Apart from Sleep trial other factors like price, warranty and comfort all mattress.

Sleep Trial: Saatva offers a 120 night trial on all their mattress while the puffy offers a 100 night trial on their mattresses. The trial period is perfectly ok as most people would have made a decision by the 45th day. If you like it or not, you would have made the decision by the 45th day. Most experts will tell you that 21 days is the right time to decide on the mattress. If you have not made up your mind by the 21st day, its wise to return them.

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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Sleep Position Ratings : How comfortable you are in your sleeping positions depend on the firmness of the mattress itself. The Puffy does say that it is comfortable for all sleeping positions but its terrible for people who sleep on their stomach. ITs not supportive and most people will end up with upper neck pain in a few days. But then its extremely comfortable for Side sleepers and back sleepers. With saatva, the medium firm and firm are excellent for stomach sleepers and the soft mattress is not so great for stomach sleepers.

Old Mattress Removal : Puffy will not offer to remove your old mattress and base while the saatva mattress will remove your old mattress and base without any extra charges. Just tick the box which says mattress removal when you order for your saatva mattress and they will be removed by the people who deliver your mattress.

Owner Satisfaction: Owner satisfaction depends on how the customers are satisfied with their purchase. Both saatva and puffy have a lot of happy customers and this is all due to the wise choice they had made when purchasing the mattress. They were comfortable with the type of mattress they purchased and it fit well with their requirements. When it comes to satisfaction, both puffy and Saatva does an excellent job.

The Puffy Mattress, Available in Hybrid and Pure Foam, Cooler and responsive. The Best selling , Luxury Mattress and very affordable.


Who Should Pick Saatva : Saatva mattress is more apt for people who are looking for a medium firm mattress (though there are other options) or have some form of disability. From back pain to surgery, the saatva mattress is very supportive. The mattress is good to sleep on but has the effect of healing and its one of the best reasons to buy the saatva. From regular fatigue to age related pain and aches, the saatva is your companion.

Who Should Pick Puffy hybrid: The puffy on the other hand is a perfect mattress for the millennials and the younger generation. It is soft and supportive. It is great for sex and it is a wonderful experience to sleep on one of these mattresses specially the Royal. IF you have problems sleeping due to heat issues, the Puffy may be a better choice.

People With Back Pain: The saatva mattress works better for people with back pain. It has better pressure relief and is more supportive than the puffy hybrid mattress. Puffy hybrid mattresses are much more softer and comfortable but when it comes to back pain, it falls short of delivering when compared to a saatva mattress. Saatva has far more research and the product is designed to be more supportive and effective for people with back pain and back problems.

Couples : For couples who are looking to be involved in sex, the puffy hybrid mattress may be a better option. The saatva is good , if you get the firmness right, but the puffy lux is perfect for all. The Puffy royal, though very comfortable and extremely good for sex , it depends on how you and your partner feels about an extremely soft mattress for sex. Some people don’t appreciate a mattress which is too soft for sex. Both saatva and puffy have excellent bounce which is a bonus for couples

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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Heavy People : The saatva Rantes better for people who are heavy. The puffy mattress supports up to 350 lbs weight while the saatva HD specifically has a capacity to support upto 500 lbs. For people who are heavy, the saatva is clearly a step ahead. You will feel comfortable with the mattress for sleep and sex. For those who are using a puffy, beware that sex may be a bit of a hiccup specially if both you and your partner are heavy. The mattress is surely supportive but 350lbs vs 500 lbs … saatva wins.

Price : The puffy mattress is a bit more expensive than the saatva hybrid. At $1495 for a lux and $2395 for a Royal mattress, it’s both more expensive than the saatva which costs $1299 for a queen. The price is justifiable with all the technology involved in keeping the puffy mattress cooler and comfortable. The puffy mattress feels   softer and more comfortable than the saatva medium firm and is a mattress which you would love to sleep on. Think of a hotel mattress when you think puffy. ITs soft, plush and cuddly. It’s a larger teddy bear in many ways than a mattress itself. The saatva is much firm, soft on the surface, pressure relieving supportive and strong. For the luxurious comfort and plush feeling, the puffy mattress is worth every bit of the price you pay. But yes, Expensive.

The Puffy Mattress, Available in Hybrid and Pure Foam, Cooler and responsive. The Best selling , Luxury Mattress and very affordable.


Verdict : Saatva wins on price

Warranty and trial : The puffy mattress goes above and beyond when it comes to warranty. Lifetime warranty for a Hybrid mattress is rare. Many companies offer a lifetime warranty on pure latex or Pure memory foam mattresses. They refrain from offering lifetime warranties on hybrid mattresses because it involves a lot more components and the coil has the tendency to lose tension over time. With Puffy, they seem confident with their encased coils and offer a lifetime warranty on their mattress. Saatva mattress offers 15 year warranty. But when you look closely, both the warranty covers only manufacturing defects. No warranty on sagging and normal wear and tear. The trial on both the mattresses  are almost the same. With Saatva offering 120 night trials and the Puffy offering a 101 night trial, there isn’t much of a time difference. An extra few days of trial period wouldn’t hurt with saatva but if you had to decide on your mattress, you would have already made up your mind after a month and a half of use.

The Puffy Mattress, Available in Hybrid and Pure Foam, Cooler and responsive. The Best selling , Luxury Mattress and very affordable.


Verdict : Both companies have similar warranty and trial period.

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