Top 3 Glory Nights Memory Foam Mattresses

The real glory of the night is a peaceful, uninterrupted, quality sleep. What is the major factor here you think? The mattress! The mattress has a lot to do than you would have thought in the night’s sleep. The memory foam mattresses are considered the most comfy of all. Glory Nights Memory foam mattresses are the basic foam of memory foam mattresses. They just have 2 layers of foam and those foam layers uses advanced technology to relieve the pressure points and also provide comfort. It can be compared with other pedic mattresses that ease the pressure for those who suffer back pain and other aches.

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Features Of Glory Nights Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Glory Nights memory foam mattresses are all made of a super soft foam layer at the top and supportive base foam at the bottom.
  • The top layer is body conforming and relieves the pressure points to allow uniform support all over the body.
  • The high density foam used as the support foam is hard and supports the body that sinks into it.
  • The top layer is soft and cradles the body while the support layer supports the body without sinking too much.
  • The thickness of these layers varies with the mattress model.
  • All Glory Nights memory foam mattresses are shipped in its compressed form. It takes about 48 hours for the complete expansion of the mattresses. It is not a ready to use mattress and one needs to be patient with its expansion time.
  • The foam used for the mattress making are all certified by the CertiPUR-US which vouches that the mattresses do not emit any harmful pollutant to the indoor air and is safe for all to use.
  • All the Glory Nights memory foam mattresses have the 10-year warranty by the manufacturer.
  • In addition to all these, the greatest advantage of memory foam mattresses is that it is antimicrobial in nature. The microbes cannot thrive on this material and that helps with the allergies and other problems associated with the mattress. You will also have safe time away from dust mites, mold and mildew as well.

Top 4 Memory Foam Mattresses By Glory Nights

The top rated mattresses of Glory Nights are the series Ascella, Capella and Vega. The Ascella mattress is available in pink and blue colors. They are targeted for kids rooms. Al of these mattresses are also considered pedic mattresses and possess the quality sought in them. Let’s see what they are made of.

  • Glory Nights Ascella Twin 8-inch Viscoelastic Memory Foam Mattress – Pink w/ 10 YEAR WARRANTY
  • Blue w/ 10 YEAR WARRANTY – Glory Nights Ascella Twin 8-inch Viscoelastic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Glory Nights Capella Queen 10-inch Viscoelastic Memory Foam Mattress w/ 10 YEAR WARRANTY
  • w/ 10 YEAR WARRANTY- Glory Nights Vega Full 8-inch Viscoelastic Memory Foam Mattress

Glory Nights Ascella Mattress

The Ascella mattress from Glory Nights is made of 2 layers and 8 inches in thickness. The upper layer is the soft foam that is just 2 inches in thickness. The base foam is 6 inches thick. The mattress is available in 2 forms with slight difference in the covering material. One is covered in pink fabric and the other is in blue colored fabric.

The mattress is targeted to be used in the kids’ room so the available sizes are just the twin and full. The size is standard in dimensions. The mattress is basically firm in feel but yet comfortable. It also works well for the guest bedroom.

Glory Nights Capella Mattress

Glory Nights Capella mattresses are 10 inches in thickness. They are made of 2 layers of a soft foam and a base support layer. The top layer is 3.5 inches in thickness and the base layer is 6.5 inches thick. This mattress is somewhat softer that has a comfort level of medium soft to medium firm.

The Glory Nights Capella memory foam mattress is pedic with its pressure relieving tactics that offers comfortable sleep. The mattress is available in all basic sizes of twin, full, queen and king. All the sizes are standard. The most popular of all is the queen size.

Glory Nights Vega Mattress

Glory Nights Vega mattress is 8 inches thick. This is another pedic mattress that can offer ample support for the back and allows softer top for the comfortable feel at night. The mattress has the top layer made of soft visco elastic foam that is 2 inches in thickness and the firmer base foam that is 6 inches in thickness.

The mattress is firmer in feel and relieves the pressure points and cradles the body well enough. The memory foam used here has a density of 5 lbs which is rather soft. The soft layer is complemented by the firmer base layer, that makes for a comfortable platform for sleep.

The Conclusion

Concluding notes is that the Glory Nights memory foam mattresses are cheap rated mattresses that use some quality material for the comfortable sleep. The mattresses hardly have any odor to detect and quite easy to make it ready. The only problem is its length of time to get it ready.

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