Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress w/ Bamboo Cover

The Better Mattress Company proudly introduces its all new Swiss Ortho Sleep mattresses. Swiss Ortho Sleep is the best Memory Foam Mattress offering ultimate quality & comfort. The designing of these mattresses is using genuine extra long lasting combinations of memory foam. Read on to know all details about the Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Cover.

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The Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress w/ Bamboo Cover is more sensitive Mattress to pressure and temperature. Its high-density memory foam molds better to your body’s shape. It features a unique premium multi layer memory foam mattress. This multi-layer memory foam mattress has an ultra combination of selected layers offering comfort that eliminates pressure points, as well as tossing & turning at night by contouring your body.

It is a temperature sensitive, body forming, super heavy and high-density mattress with the best cooling technology gel for a superb sleep at night. This mattress is build to match all body types and weights. It contains only superior materials in the market. It comes with an exclusive soft knitted, breathable, and removable white bamboo cover. This best selling mattress ensures your body is supports by the slow recovering memory foam in it.

Features of Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ High-Density 3x Layered Gel & Memory Foam Mattress w/ Bamboo Cover

  • This is an exceptionally high-class 13 Inches 3x Multi Layered High-Density Memory Foam Mattress which offers a peaceful sleep at night.
  • Its layers include – 2″ Inches of Cooling Memory Gel, 2″ Inches of Heavy High Density Foam, and 9″ Inches of Comfort Foam for the ultimate sleep.
  • Its superior high-density memory foam plus extra long lasting cooling memory gel provides amazing combination of comfort.
  • The best “cooling gel” in it gives your body a cooling sensation for a better night sleep.
  • This mattress comes in 4 separate Sizes – Twin, Full, Queen and King
  • It comes with an exclusive soft knitted, breathable, and removable white bamboo cover.
  • It arrives to you in an easy and convenient compressed packing.
  • Dimensions – 75x39x13 Twin, 75x52x13 Full, 80x58x13 queen and 80x76x13 King
  • Depending on size, the prices vary from $80.50 to $260.50.
  • It comes with a 10 year warranty.

Customer Reviews Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ High-Density 3x Layered Gel & Memory Foam Mattress w/ Bamboo Cover is most favorable mattress and has got many positive customer reviews. It has received 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Positive Customer Reviews

Almost all users of this product are very happy with their buy. Most of them found it is very comfortable, easy to set up, no chemical smell and perfectly firm mattress. One customer says it arrives in a convenient roll up pack, takes lesser time to inflate to its original size and is easy to fall asleep. He says it did have a chemical smell but is gone away completely within few days. Another customer says this wonderful product is slightly firm, but after using it for just few nights all his back pain was gone. This customer also had aches and pains, but it disappears in few days and now he wakes up refresh. He is able to concentrate more and is in better mood all day long.

Negative Customer Reviews

There are few customers who are not completely happy with this product. These people are happy with the design and price but found the mattress to be very hard. One customer was previously using a soft mattress and after sleeping on this for one night, had back pain problems and says this is a very hard/ firm mattress. Another customer says it looks great and is softer than expected but there is a strong smell from the mattress which escapes after keeping the windows open for a few hours. He adds his mattress only reaches 12 inches height instead of 13″ as described. This user says it is much firmer than his other memory foam mattresses. However, on the basis of many positive customer reviews, this product is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my standard bed sheet work on this mattress?

This lean 13 inches high mattress will require a bed sheet with deep pockets which will work perfectly on this item.

Does this mattress have a smell?

Yes, but not that bad. Actually, all memory foam mattress have a chemical smell when you first take them out of the pack, but it goes away after some time.

Can I sleep on it right away?

No, allow at least 24 to 48 hours before sleeping on the mattress. To save space, it is compress, rolls and ships to you, so let it inflate to its original size. This will also help extend your mattress life. In addition, after arrival unpack the mattress within 72 hours.

Is this mattress good for heavy people?

Not really, you may sink a little too much in this mattress. However, everyone is different so it really depend your preference.


Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ High-Density multi Layer Gel & Memory Foam Mattress comes with white Bamboo Cover which is removable for washing. Considering its quality, ten years warranty, positive customer reviews and prices, this is a must buy mattress.

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