Plutus Brands Memory Foam Mattresses

Today, memory foam has become a most popular material in the mattress production. Besides, advances in production technologies have created more choices across a wide range of series. This article on Plutus Brands memory foam mattresses can help you get back the quality sleep that you’ve been missing. Read on to know more…

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Plutus Brands

Plutus Brands (2010) is a well-known leader in the home accent wholesale, assembling and retail industry. Overall, their motive is to satisfy the customers with the most exquisite quality of products. Thus, each of their products uses finest materials to create a harmonious refinement.

General Features Of Plutus Brands

  • Gel Infused Foam: Gel is a substance, which can add cooling effect in your mattress. Gel memory foam is durable and comfortable. Besides, it also resists motion transfer. So, it won’t disturb your slumber. Especially, when your partner moves around or gets in and out of the bed.
  • Polyurethane foam base: Polyurethane is the most common upholstery material seen in almost all mattresses. In fact, it is a polymer material which different monomer materials, polyols and isocynates. Moreover, it can add the needed support and softness to your body.
  • Open cell technology: Open cell memory foam mattresses include balloon like tiny air passages in and around them. This is beneficial for easy removal of air, when pressure is applied. Besides, this technology is more durable in comparison to other closed cell memory foam.
  • Stretch knit zipper removable cover: This zipper removable cover is very soft and comfortable. Also, it is impenetrable to dust mites and allergens.
  • Box spring or foundation: Foundation provides superior comfort to your mattresses. They can distribute the body weight evenly and promote the needed support for the mattress.

Additional benefits of Gel infused foam

  • Enhances air circulation: Gel memory foam is made of gel beads that are filled into the memory foam. This in turn, creates an open cell structure which can promote air movement easily. Moreover, the heat from your body dissipates, instead, of collecting in the mattress. In conclusion, it helps you maintain a comfortable, cool, temperature all night.
  • Balanced support: Gel memory foam fits to your body without letting you sink in too deeply. Overall, it is capable of giving you the right amount of comfort. So, there’s no need to worry.
  • Most appropriate foam for pressure relief: First of all, Gel memory foam mildly cradles your body. Thus, it is highly beneficial in eliminating painful pressure points.
  • Good for spinal alignment: Gel memory foam cradles your body correctly. This will help your spine to align correctly. Therefore, you will get a refreshed good night’s sleep with gel foam.

Below are mentioned the top 3 memory foam mattresses. Let’s have a look at some Plutus Brands memory foam mattresses.

  • MF0790 6″ Mattress, Full, White
  • MF0785 10″ Mattress, Queen, White
  • MF0787 8″ Mattress, Full, White


MF0790 6″ Mattress, Full, White

MF0785 10″ Mattress, Queen, White

MF0787 8″ Mattress, Full, White

Gel infused foam

6” thick, 1.5”

10” thick, 3”

8” thick, 2”

Polyurethane foam base

4.5” dense

7” dense

6” dense

Open cell technology



Zipper removable





Box spring or foundation





6 x 54 x 75 “

10 x 60 x 80”

8 x 54 x 75”

Item weight

34 pounds

60 pounds

41 pounds

Customer Reviews On Plutus Brands Memory Foam Mattresses

First of all, Plush Brands is a great solution in making your unpleasant mattress into a comfortable one. They are very helpful in contouring the sleeper’s body and also in relieving the pressure points. Besides, it can also minimize the individual movements during the night hours. But there are very customer reviews for this product.

Where To Buy These Plutus Brands Memory Foam Mattresses?

Seems like, there are very few information available about the product’s website. You can buy these Plush Brands from at a reasonable price. Also, they are offering various discount offers like 60% off on memory foam mattresses. Besides, one can login with their email address to receive the latest deals and offers.


In conclusion, memory foam mattresses are large purchases that last for years. If, you wake up uncomfortably hot during the bed time. You would benefit from using these Plutus Brands…

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