Memory Foam Mattresses by Sofa Sleeper Mattress Store

Sofa beds are one of the inevitable additions to any home. It is a necessity where there are frequent guests or sleepovers. These sofa beds have its double use, one during day and other at night. They can be folded which makes them the easiest option for an extra bed.

Sofa beds are also a boon to the small apartments where there is space scarcity for the extra beds. The Sofa Sleeper Mattress store offers these memory foam mattresses that are useful with the sofa beds.

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Sofa Sleeper Mattresses

Sofa Sleeper mattresses are made with orthopedic memory foam. This memory foam is useful in dealing with back pain or to avoid such problems. The Sofa Sleeper mattress store mattresses are compatible with all sofa beds. They are basically 4.5 inches in thickness that makes an ideal depth for such beds. The mattresses also use the safe mattress covers which are removable and washable.

Why Memory Foam Mattresses By Sofa Sleeper Mattress Store are ideal?

  • The first reason why this is an ideal mattress for the sofa bed is that it is a memory foam mattress. The memory foam can reduce the pressure points and relieve the back pain.
  • The memory foam used for the mattress making is safe, as it has CertiPUR-US certification. It means that the memory foam does not cause any kind of allergies. It is safe to by one and all, even as mattress for children.
  • The memory foam mattresses by Sofa Sleeper Mattress store are of the ideal thickness of 4.5 inches. This is not too thick or too thin. It is just the right thickness for most of the sofa beds.
  • The mattresses here are all foldable. Sofa beds are mainly useful at night. During day time, it must be able to fold back to make the sofa. The memory foam mattresses by Sofa Sleeper mattress store are compliant with this and fit into almost all sofa beds.
  • The memory foam mattresses here have a medium firm comfort to it. It is also the recommended comfort level for back pain and backed by many chiropractors.

Leading Memory Foam Mattresses By Sofa Sleeper Mattress Store

  • Sleeper Sofa Mattress 4.5 inch memory foam twin size 35 x 72 inch
  • Sleeper Sofa Mattress 4.5 inch memory foam full size 53 x 72 inch
  • Sofa Sleeper Mattress Store Sleeper Sofa memory foam twin size 35 x 72 add mattress protector add standard mattress protector

All of these mattresses have the same structure and make. They differ only in their size and the additional options offered along with.

Features Of Sofa Sleep mattress

  • The memory foam mattresses are all made using visco elastic memory foam. This foam has cushiony effect for a comfortable sleep surface. The quality of this foam is good enough that there would be hardly any neck or spine pain.
  • The mattresses are made with 2 layers of foam. The upper layer is 2 inches thick and the base layer is 2.5 inches in thickness.
  • The top layer is the 4 lb density memory foam. The base layer is the higher density recovery base foam. This support foam has 2 lb density. The support foam is heavy duty and many times denser than industry standard. It has a capacity to carry more than 250 pounds of weight on it.
  • The mattress is fully capable of avoiding motion transfer between the sleepers.
  • The mattress sizes available for this type of memory foam mattress are twin, full and queen.
  • All of these are of the standard sizes.
  • Above all the mattress cover is breathable material with moisture absorbing abilities. It feels luxurious and soft to touch. This is removable and washable.

The Sofa Sleeper mattresses are compatible to use on bunk beds as well.

Where To Buy The Sofa Sleeper Mattress

The Sofa Sleeper matreses are available only online. It is available in popular online stores like Amazon. In addition, it is also available in other online stores. It is essential for you to measure your sofa and check if the mattress would fit for it before you place the order.

Sofa Sleeper Matress Customer Reviews

The overall review of this memory foam mattresses shows that they are good in quality, comfort, and the value of the product. The mattress hardly has any uncomfortable smell.

One customer feels that though the mattress is good enough for children, it is useful for adults only for a short period of time. Since the main purpose of these mattresses is to use on sofa beds it is not a big deal.

Reneell finds the mattress extremely comfortable. It was delivered real fast and it also had no odor at all. He paid his 2 inch memory foam over the mattress for extra comfort and is quite satisfied.


Sofa Sleeper mattresses are all made in USA using quality ingredients. It comes at an affordable price. The mattresses do not require tossing or turning because of the tight knit cellular structure. This fits well with the sofa beds. The mattresses comes compressed which must be opened to expand. It is a safe bet for a low cost, good quality mattress for the sofa beds.

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