Features Of Sleep Inc Memory Foam Mattresses

Sleep Inc mattresses are of many kinds and one of them is the memory foam mattress range. The memory foam mattresses have the same features and differ only in their size. The basic features and all that are added in them are the one and same.

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Sleep Inc mattresses are memory foam mattresses but not the same conventional type. Memory foam mattresses by the Sleep Inc are comfortable and multilayered to add to the comfort. Instead of the simple 2 layers, the Sleep Inc memory foam mattresses use multiple layers of the same type of foam.

Features Of Sleep Inc Memory Foam Mattresses

Sleep Inc memory foam mattresses use pressure relieving memory foam that eliminates any chances of pain or discomfort. The upper layers are softer to make a dream like surface for sleep.

The support layer is high density foam that provides support not to allow sinking into the mattress. The sleeping body needs to have a softer surface and at the same time enough support from below. Both these factors are met here in the Sleep Inc mattresses.

The foam used here has the CertiPUR-US certification. This certification ensures that the foam is safe for all. It does not emit any harmful chemicals, heavy metals or any other kind of harmful substances.

The Sleep Inc mattresses are made completely in USA. Each mattress has a 10-year prorated warranty against manufacturing defects.

These memory foam mattresses are all compressed and rolled for easier transportation.

Mattress Layers Of Sleep Inc Memory Foam Mattresses

The mattress layers arrangement is unique for Sleep Inc. These memory foam mattresses are 10 inches in thickness. The mattress uses 3 types of foam, responsive memory foam, comfort foam and the support foam. It is the responsive foam and the comfort foam layers that alternate with each other. Let us what are these foam layers.

Foam layers

Responsive memory foam: The responsive memory foam is responsive to the body temperature and weight. The foam would readily dip to accommodate the body and make a cradle. This allows comfortable sleep. The responsiveness also extends to the rapid recovery. The memory foam can retain its shape sooner to allow smoother surface. This responsive layer is also responsible for reducing the motion transfer to make the mattress comfortable for couples.

Comfort foam layer is added as a little sandwich layer between the responsive foam layers. These layers help in optimizing the mattress and to add stability. These comfort layers also make a smoother transition from the softer to the harder layers of foam. These comfort layers also allows deeper slumber without worrying about the comfort.

Base layer is always the high density foam that is meant for support. This layer is only for support and sustains it for longer. It makes a balanced platform from soft to the harder layer.

The mattress layers

The top layer of the Sleep Inc memory foam mattress is the pressure relief foam layer followed by a layer of comfort layer. Then again, there is the pressure relief layer and one more layer of comfort layer and then the base layer.

The thickness of the pressure relief foam layer is 1 inch and that for the comfort foam layer is 1.5 inches. The base foam layer is 5 inches in thickness.

Top 4 Memory Foam Mattresses By Sleep Inc

  • Sleep Inc Luxury Plus Memory Foam Mattress, 10″/King
  • Sleep Inc Luxury Plus Memory Foam Mattress, 10″/Full
  • 10″/Twin – Sleep Inc Luxury Plus Memory Foam Mattress
  • Sleep Inc Luxury Plus Memory Foam Mattress, 10″/Queen

All of these mattresses have the same features except for their sizes. The memory foam mattresses by Sleep Inc are available in the sizes twin, full, queen, and king sizes. And interestingly all of these sizes have been popular among the customers.

Shipment, Unpacking And Using Sleep Inc mattresses

The Sleep Inc memory foam mattresses are shipped in vacuum compressed state. The compressed and rolled mattresses occupy very less space while transportation and also helps reduce the carbon print.

The rolled up mattresses must be opened and unrolled at the earliest. Keeping the mattress in this state for longer can favor in the accumulation of the chemicals, if there is any. The mattress is most likely to smell unpleasant if it takes longer in the rolled up state.

So for using the mattress, take the mattress out of the rectangle box, unwrap it, unroll, and take the plastic wrap out. The mattress would take some time to expand to be in a useful state. It may take a few hours to have the mattress ready for use. One must be patient while the mattress sis getting ready. It is also advised to have the mattress expand in an airy room to eliminate any smell lingering around.

The Conclusion

The memory foam mattresses by Sleep Inc have a plush feel to it. The mattresses are much softer than being a medium firm. Yet, the mattresses are comfortable. The durability of these mattresses are also safer and have a better life for them. The mattresses do not cost much and are a sure bet as a guest bed if you are not a huge fan of spending too much on the guest beds.

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