Bear Memory Foam Mattress – Detailed Review

Memory foam mattresses have almost been successful in finding a place at most of the homes and their demand is high on the rise. Due to this fact, there are hundreds of mattress brands and manufacturers with a never-ending list of memory foam products.

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Bear mattress started its operations in the year 2014. They are not different from the rest but sure, they do have something unique to offer. The company promote performance sleep through their mattress range along with amazing technologies. They have nothing to offer other than mattresses of high quality and great value. They have a loyal customer base and they know how to keep their customers indulged.

A Single Product To Offer & That Is – BEAR MATTRESS

Unlike other mattress makers who confuse you with a long line of products, bear mattress is very different. No confusions and wacky stuffs all they have is a single mattress that fits for all.

The Bear Mattress is made of memory foam especially made for people who love to sleep and follow active lifestyles. It follows the same bed-in-a box model trend and is available only online. No matter what type of body you have or what type of sleeping posture you follow, bear mattress is one fit for all.

Construction Of The Bear Mattress

It follows a simple and minimal design with all comforts and luxury. The top of the mattress has a clinically proven Celliant cover. It is s specialized cover unique to bear mattress and supports faster recovery from body aches and pains. The top layer is made of super cool graphite gel-memory foam of 1-inch thickness. It is super cool as it is seven times cooler than normal memory foam mattress types. “Say bye to heating issues forever”. Beneath this super cool layer is the 2.5-inch Quick response foam layer. It helps to support spinal alignment and provide relief from pressure points. The last layer of 6.5 inches is the supportive layer made of high-density foam. This acts as the base that perfectly supports all body types and weights.

Highlights Of Bear Mattress

  • Bear mattresses are made of “CertiPUR-US® approved foams” and are completely free from toxins. They are free from ozone depleters, metals, PBDE’s, phthalates and formaldehyde. In comparison to other memory foam mattress brands, bear mattress has negligible effect on the indoor air quality.
  • Celliant technology – all bear mattresses are made of unique cover with Celliant technology. The cover is loaded with a proprietary blend of 13 different minerals. The minerals are loaded into the core with a polyester sheath and are ground to a single micron size.
    What happens next? You sleep and your body emits heat -> now this heat is trapped by thermo active minerals beneath you -> trapped heat is converted to infrared light and emitted into your body. This emitted light penetrates into the body improving blood circulation and oxygen supply. A simple technology working beneath you while you sleep, how cool is that?
  • Renowned universities and medical centers have tested and approved that bear mattresses Celliant technology is worthwhile.
  • Minimal or negligible motion transfer making this mattress great for couples.

Bear Mattress Advantages

  • Bear mattress is great for athletes who require quick healing and faster recovery overnight. Celliant technology helps them with these issues.
  • It is super cool and comfortable for all body sizes. It simply means that it is a perfect choice for couples who have pole-apart preferences.
  • Whether you are heavy or thin, it really does not matter if you have a bear mattress.
  • Provides relief from pressure point and the quick response foam is super bouncy.
  • No more sinking deep down inside the mattress
  • Bear mattress gives the perfect balance, as it is neither firm nor too soft.
  • Low cost and directly shipped from the factory therefore no retail tags and added costs.
  • Made in USA with a 100-night risk free trial
  • 10 year warranty period

Bear Mattress Reviews

So what do customers say about this product? In one word, they call it “awesome”. In detail, here is what they have to say.

Celliant technology is just brilliant and unheard off. It seriously helps to cool the mattress and ward off the body heat. This is probably the first mattress that has seriously included some science in its construction. I would say, Hats off to the designer and the mastermind! People really love the infrared thing and stuff as it helps to keep away the heat. They also love sleeping on the mattress as it helps them to wake up fresh and energetic. Eight out of 10 customers feel comfortable and relaxing after sleeping on bear mattress. Even though majority of the customers liked this mattress there were a few who felt dissatisfied. That is mainly because they were looking for something that had a plush feel. Bear mattresses are neither plush nor firm so expect something in the middle.

Where Can I Buy Bear Mattresses?

Unfortunately, you can find them at any retail outlets other than the online stores. Either visit the Amazon portal or just log on to their official website to bring home a brand new bear mattress. If you are buying from their official site then you can avail discounts and coupon codes upon your purchase.


The only mattress that speaks loud about Celliant technology is the bear mattress. It has “take me home” written all over it if you are looking for a comfortable mattress. Bear Mattress deserves to be on the top list due to this feature. It is also best in terms of quality, comfort and above all, it is a health friendly option. Considering the price, warranty policy and sleeper satisfaction levels this mattress receives kudos from my side. It is one of the mattresses worth recommending to others.

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