Sleep is one of the sacred and luxurious necessities of life. You will get good sleep if the circumstances, say, the mattress and pillows are comfortable enough. There have been so many varieties with the mattresses but none too many for the pillows. Here is a cool option for the pillows that you can get with all your interests and requirements- Pluto Pillow. Yes, the Pluto pillow is custom made to each user and unique is style and preference.

Buy Pluto Pillow for the best price

Pluto Pillow is a layered pillow that has pillows inside the single one. The pillows are made to order for each customer. It also has enough trial period and refund that are applicable. These customized pillows are not expensive but slightly overpriced than the normal pillows. You will be getting the pillow as per your requirement and once again, you may interchange the layers within to your comfort, if need be. All things considered, you will be getting a good deal with the Pluto Pillow at the price it is available.

Pluto pillow User Reviews & Ratings

  • Mathew- “Now I have a thicker pillow. I am learning to adjust. I have been sleeping better since. Happy with the purchase!”
  • Philip- “Pluto pillow offers the perfect height and firmness that I wanted. It is a perfect match for my preferences. My pillow is neither soft nor firm and I like that very much. The material is nice and cool. I no longer wake up sweating in the middle of the night.”
  • Jason- “This is an epic pillow. The custom fit is very impressive. It has an amazing cooling down feature. I recommend this pillow to all those who sleep sweaty.”
  • Lindsey- “I have always had trouble staying asleep. Ever since the Pluto Pillow, I am sleeping through the nights. It gives me the right support and comfort. It keeps my head cool and stays cool as well. Thank you!
  • Simon- “I have had my deepest sleep ever since my personalized pillow. I would recommend Pluto Pillow for anyone who wants a new pillow.”

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Pluto pillow Sizes & dimensions

There are about 25 variations with the Pluto Pillows. The one that I got at the end of MY questionnaire measures to 24” x 16”. Yes, you need to fill up a few points and answer a few questions about your personal details, sleep preferences, mattress details, and sleep positions. After completing the questions you can see your pillow size and other details about the trial period and warranty. You can then checkout to the payment section. Your pillow will reach you within 7 working days.

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Pluto pillow Specifications

  • The pillow I got or will be getting has a memory foam core that is supposedly perfect for me. It gives a good bounce and support for my side sleeping preference.
  • There is also a plush cover for the pillows that are filled with coated fibers that are fine to touch.
  • There is also the gusset that is 2 inches wide along the sides. This provides the consistent cushioning effect and adds to the support as well.
  • The foam is gel infused to keep the pillow cool as I tend to sleep hot and sweaty.
  • Overall, the Pluto Pillow can stay fluffy and there is no need to fluff it up every now and then.
  • The firmness or the comfort of the pillow changes with the person and their requirement. What I will be getting a plush pillow that is soft in feel and touch. There are pillows that have a comfort level of medium to medium-firm.
  • The pillows are made according to the preference, sleep position, and the material reference.
  • The pillow sizes are almost the same and there are no size options for King size.

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Pluto pillow Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Pluto pillow- the custom-made pillow comes with a 100-days trial period. You can use the pillow for that much longer and decide on its fate. In case you did not like the comfort or the overall feel of the pillow, you may return it for a full refund if it is within 100 days.


Each of the Pluto Pillow comes with a 3-year limited warranty that covers the basic manufacturing defects. The defects on the cover or the foam are easily covered under the warranty. To stake a claim for warranty, you need to send an email to with a description of the defect, picture, and the proof or purchase.

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Coupons Codes & Discounts For Pluto pillow

Pluto Pillow costs $89 for each piece. You may get a discount of $15 off on this price with the help of the code SLEEPY15 at the checkout. You can see this code at the Pluto Pillow official website while ordering.

There are other Pluto Pillow coupon codes and Pluto Pillow promo codes that can get you other discounts as well. You may get these coupon codes from Rhinoshopping, etc. More Details »


The readymade pillows are premade that have their fixed comfort level. It may not be long before we start disliking its comfort level and wanting to have something different. At the Pluto Pillows, they are working on THIS very aspect of making that different comfort level for each individual on demand. The 100-nights trial is long enough for the pillows. All you need to do is to use it for at least 2 weeks to get to know it.

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