Winkbeds Mattress

WinkBeds is a made in USA mattress. It has a 101 night trial period and a warranty for 10 years. The shipping is free within the United States and the mattresses are expected within 7-14 business days

The best of all features is that the Plushbeds mattresses come  with the 100 night trial where you can try the PlushBeds memory foam mattresses without hesitation and see if that is really what you want. If you decide to part with it, you can do so, without losing any money.

Memory foam mattresses have the reputation of having harmful emissions to the environment. If it had been the same from the time it was created, people would be practically wearing masks even to their beds. The mattresses are the most lethal of all the items that emits any chemicals. There has been innovative ways to reduce these chemicals. PlushBeds mattresses have been one step ahead with 2 certifications that prove that these memory foam mattresses are safer than any other types. The Plushbeds memory foam mattresses have the CertiPUR-US certification and the GreenGuard certification, both proving that the foam used here are safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

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  • Features of Plushbeds memory foam mattresses
  • Additional features
  • The memory foam mattresses by Plushbeds
  • Plushbeds 12 inch Cool Bliss gel memory foam mattress full
  • 12 inch Heavenly Plush memory foam mattress Twin XL
  • Plushbeds 12 Inch posture plush memory foam mattress queen
  • Plushbeds RV mattresses
  • Sofa bed mattress
  • The Conclusion

Features Of Plushbeds Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Apart from being the safe memory foam and all foams used, the Plushbeds mattresses uses organic materials for the fabric covering. Being organic makes it safe right from the growing stage of the plants and no amount of chemicals are used for their growth.
  • The mattresses are nothing short of luxurious. Whether it is the sleeper sofa mattress or the high end memory foam regular mattress, all have the comfort that people seek in each type.
  • The mattresses are made of good quality materials with very low emissions. The memory foam mattresses by Plushbeds contains no PBDE flame retardants, phthalates, heavy metals, lead, formaldehyde, chloroform, CFCs or many other of the chemicals that are too risky for the human health.
  • The memory foam mattresses here are comfortable enough to maintain the healthy spinal alignment and also to reduce back pain. It would not be wrong to say that when you purchase a memory foam mattress from Plushbeds, you are investing in your good health.
  • The Plushbeds memory foam mattresses are available for the regular beds as well as for the sleeper sofa and the RV short varieties.

Additional Features of Plushbeds Memory Foam Mattresses

The minute details of the memory foam used for the Plushbeds mattresses show that the foam used have open cell technology with numerous air holes. These air holes allow air circulation and reduce the heat accumulation. Since the heat generation from the body is different from person to person, this open cell technology allows the mattress to regulate the surface temperature and keep it uniformly cooler. The open cell technique also reduces the moisture and sweating on the mattress.

Another high point is that the mattress does not succumb to too much of sinking. The foam uses the pressure relief points and reduces sinking too much. The mattresses have just enough sink at the top and the high density support foam at the base balances it.

In addition to the natural cooling ways of the foam used here, there is also the gel infused memory foam to have faster cooling of the mattress.

The best of all features is that the Plushbeds mattresses are coming with the 100 night trial where you can try the mattresses without hesitation and see if that is really what they wanted. If they decide to part with it, they can do so, without losing any money.

The Plushbeds Memory Foam Mattresses

Plushbeds 12 Inch Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Mattress Full

The Plushbeds 12 inch Cool Bliss gel memory foam mattress is a multi layered mattress with a comfort level of medium soft. The mattress could as well be the ultimate comfortable mattress for those who love the soft mattress with good support.

Plushbeds 12 Inch Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Mattress Layers

The mattress uses gel memory foam, latex layer, open cell foam layer and support foam to make the luxurious mattress. The top layer is the 3 inches thick gel memory foam layer. This layer eliminates the heat at the fastest and also keeps the mattress breathable. It reduces the pressure points and offer ideal comfort.

The second layer is the 2 inches of natural organic latex that can mold to the body. The latex is softer than the memory foam and having it under the memory foam layer makes the mattress softer. Being organic, the latex is safe from toxins and other allergens.

The third layer of the Cool Bliss mattress is 2 inches of air flow layer. This layer has in-built air channels that allow the air to pass through. The passing air removes the heat and maintains air flow.

The base layer of the mattress is the 5 inches thick support foam made of high density polyurethane. This layer is hard enough to prevent any sagging and can distribute the weight coming from the top, evenly.

The mattress also has the stretchable material for its cover. It stretches all over and also helps keep it cool.

Foundations for Plushbeds 12 Inch Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam mattresses

The best option for the foundation is an orthopedic foundation. Wood and adjustable beds also work best for this type of memory foam mattress. The platform beds and even the slated beds with not much gaps in between can also be used.

Plushbeds 12 Inch Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Mattress Sizes

The 12 inch cool bliss gel memory foam mattress from Plushbeds is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king and Split king sizes. All these mattresses have 25 years warranty by the manufacturer.

Plushbeds 12″ Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam mattress – Customer Reviews

Willis got this PlushBeds 12 inch Cool Bliss mattress after having back pain with his old coil mattress. He not only has any pain but also feels quite comfortable. He was skeptical about the softness of this mattress but was happy once his body got adjusted with the new feel.

Plush, cool, comfortable, and heavenly are the terms that Steven uses to describe the cool bliss memory foam mattress from Plushbeds. According to him the mattress contours to the body and supports it well on this cool surface all throughout the night.

Rachel says that this mattress has spoiled her with its plush and soft feel. The cool gel really works and the night time sweating has been under control.

Plushbeds 12 inch Heavenly Plush memory foam mattress Twin XL – Latex Foam mattresses

The Heavenly Plush memory foam mattress from Plushbeds is made with memory foam, latex foam and support foam layers. The mattress has the covering material which is also a natural fiber taken from Eucalyptus tree. The mattress effectively reduces the temperature and could also reduce the motion transfer.

PlushBeds 12 inch Heavenly Plush memory foam mattress Twin XL Mattress Layers

The top layer of the mattress is memory foam made of 4 pounds density foam. The layer is 3 inches in thickness. This is pressure relieving and prevents tossing or turning. The design of this foam is also allowing the air flow to happen through it. It dissipates the heat to keep the cool. The foam is hypoallergenic and causes no smell or allergy.

The middle layer is the Arpico natural latex. The layer is safe by all means with no additions. The natural latex is repelling the dust mites and mold. This 2 inch latex layer acts as a transition from the soft to the harder layers. It is still soft in feel and can mold to the body of the sleeper making it comfortable and peaceful. The softness of the latex does not allow the sleeper sink into the mattress.

The third layer is the air flow foam. This is made of foam with a density of 2.5 pounds which is towards the harder side. The air flow channels keep the heat away and maintain air circulation. It plays a huge role in making the mattress cool and comfortable for the night’s sleep.

The support layer is the high density support polyurethane foam with a density of 2.5 pounds. This industry standard foam does not allow the mattress to sink or sag. It can rebound the upper layers and maintains the healthy posture of the sleeper. This support foam also features the open cell technology that dissipates the heat.

Coming to the mattress cover, it is made of natural fiber taken from Eucalyptus tree. The material is named tencel that has high absorbency and reduces the moisture on the surface. It keeps the mattress cool and dry. It is soft to touch and being renewable material does not harm the environment in any way. The mattress cover is also anti-bacterial and resists many allergens as well. It is safer for all with any skin sensitivity.

12 inch Heavenly Plush memory foam mattress Twin XL Mattress Sizes

The mattress is available in all possible size starting from twin to split king and the California king sizes. The mattresses are made in standard dimensions. The split king comes in 2 pieces to make the complete mattress. In fact it is convenient for those with narrow passages inside their homes.

The ideal choice for a foundation would be the orthopedic foundation that is available from PlushBeds. It also works well with an adjustable bed, platform foundation or on a slated bed.

PlushBeds mattress 12 inch Heavenly Plush memory foam mattress Twin XL Customer Reviews

Sandra feels that this Heavenly memory foam mattress from Plushbeds is soft and reasonably so. It fits well for anyone wanting to sleep on a soft surface without having to sink in. For her, the mattress has taken the pressure off from her shoulders and hip for the side sleeper in her.

Julie feels that this is a soft, plush, and heavenly mattress. She suffers from fibromyalgia and it helps reduce the pain tremendously. Julie feels like sleeping on clouds and at the same getting enough support and pressure relief. She states that the mattress soothes the body well enough.

Plushbeds 12 Inch Posture Plush Memory Foam Mattress Queen

The posture plush memory foam mattress from Plushbeds is a firm mattress that works well for posture correction. It aligns the spine in healthy manner. The mattress is firm but also has a cushiony feel to relieve the pressure and make it comfortable.

This mattress is ideal for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. The mattress surface is plush but is firmer in support. The mattress is multi-layered with both memory foam and latex in use.

Plushbeds 12 Inch Posture Plush Memory Foam Mattress Layers

Starting from the top is the memory foam layer that is made of softer material. The foam used is low density with a density of 4 pounds. The thickness of this layer is 3 inches that is enough to relieve the pressure points and mold to the body when needed. Unlike the traditional type of memory foam it does not sink deeper. The memory foam is also able to nullify the motion transfer and making it comfortable for partners.

This memory foam layer is hypoallergenic and also possesses the air flow technique in it. The air flow facility removes the heat as it is formed and makes the mattress cooler to touch and dry to feel.

The second layer is the natural latex ARPICO latex. The latex is softer and also acts as a transition layer between the softer and firmer foam layers. The latex is in pure form with no additions of any kind. Latex layer is 2 inches in thickness for the bounce and buoyancy. This layer is also resistant to mold and mildew.

The third layer is the higher density air flow layer of foam. The air channels provided on the bottom of the foam allow continuous air circulation and that helps with the heat dissipation, freshness of mattress and also in making the mattress non-stuffy and comfortable. This 2 inch layer is the starting point of support.

The support foam is higher density foam with a thickness of 5 inches. This mattress core is made using open cell technique with numerous pores for the aeration within the mattress. The support foam supports, reduce the sinkage and promotes the proper posture of the sleeping body.

The covering material of the mattress is a permanent structure. It is made in soft and comfortable material. The mattress cover can repel the dust mites, microbes and most allergens to keep it safe.

PlushBeds 12 Inch Posture Plush Memory Foam Mattress Sizes

The posture plush memory foam mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king and split king sizes. While purchasing from the official site, you will also be given a choice to choose the foundation along with the mattress. The suitable foundations available are the orthopedic foundation and adjustable bed. The mattress can be used with a platform bed or a slated bed.

Plushbeds 12 Inch Posture Plush Memory Foam Mattress  – Customer Reviews

Frank is a back sleeper and wanted a firm or medium firm mattress. His skepticism about getting memory foam for the same was gone out of the window the moment he started using this mattress. He is happy with the progress and the mattress makes him feel perfect both with support and comfort.

Gina has nothing more to say about this mattress than wonderful! The mattress is comfortable for her and also provides ample support. She is also happy with the way the layers are arranged. She likes the feel of memory foam at the top and that the latex is directly beneath it to give the soft feel.

Plushbeds RV Mattresses

The mattress for a recreational vehicle has to be much more comfortable than it uses quality materials in the making. The RV mattress might be the most used item in your RV. It HAS to be comfortable. Since comfort is the ultimate motive, the Plushbeds has used the memory foam to create such RV mattresses. Plushbeds use memory foam or Gel memory foam for the mattress making. These RV mattresses are plainly speaking, 8 inches of plush softness and supportive core. There is nothing added to the memory foam or in between these layers.

Both the types of RV memory foam mattresses can relieve the pressure points and absorb the body movements on the surface. The foam used also has the open cell technology which sits well to avoid the heating up of the mattress. The heat is readily dissipated and it happens faster with the gel memory foam than in the memory foam mattress.

All of these Plushbeds RV mattresses are covered with a luxurious bamboo cover. The mattress cover is provided with a zipper for easy removal or putting on. The mattress cover is machine washable. These RV mattresses are safe for all as the foam used are hypoallergenic. It is odor free that makes it desirable for the RV usage.

The leading RV mattresses from Plushbeds are

  • Plushbeds 8 inch gel memory foam RV mattress queen short
  • Plushbeds 8 inch memory foam RV mattress queen short

Both these mattresses stick to the standard size for the RV short mattresses. These RV mattresses are also available in other sizes like twin, full, queen, king, and RV special.

Plushbeds Sofa Bed Mattress

Many associate the sofa bed mattress to the feel or metal bars underneath. With the Plushbeds sofa bed memory foam mattresses, you can finally say good bye to those bars and feel the real comfort on the sofa beds.

The Plushbeds memory foam sofa bed mattresses are all 4.5 inches thick. The mattresses use the memory foam or gel memory foam at the top and the high density Plushfoam as the base support foam.

These sofa bed mattresses are body conforming and reduces the pressure points. It can support all heavier parts f the body. It is much more comfortable than ordinary sofa bed mattresses and that is also the reason why many leading hotels use these mattresses.

These mattresses cause no odor and safe for all with allergies or chemical sensitivities. The memory foam mattresses by Plushbeds have the double safety certification for the low emission of harmful chemicals.

These sofa bed mattresses are conveniently folded back when not in use and easily open when needed. They also do not cause any crease on the mattress when opened for use.

These sofa bed mattresses have the 100 nights trial to see if it is comfortable or not. You also get to order the right mattress size. Simply measure your sofa and send the measurements to have the right sized mattress.

The popular sofa bed mattresses by Plushbeds are

  • Plushbeds memory foam sofa bed mattress single
  • Gel memory foam sofa bed mattress queen wide
  • Plushbeds gel memory foam sofa bed mattress single

Sofa Bed Mattress sizes

The sofa bed mattresses are available in the sizes single, twin, twin wide, full, full wide, queen and queen wide. The dimensions of these mattresses are, 24 x 72, 35 x 72, 38 x 72, 52 x 72, 54 x 72, 58 x 72, and 60 x 72 inches respectively.

Sofa Bed Mattresses – Customer Reviews

Roger vouches that these sofa bed mattresses are comfortable and you don’t feel the bars below. The mattresses are soft and she also feels good.

Jennifer finds these mattresses to be as comfortable as a regular mattress. It is soft and she loves to lay on it. It is so comfortable that she finds herself falling asleep while watching TV on it.

The Conclusion

In modern day, sleeping luxury applies not just to the quality of the mattress but also to the fact that there are no harmful chemicals or emissions. In that regard, the Plushbeds memory foam mattresses really stand up to the mark. Not only do they have low emissions, the mattresses are also covered in safe and secured fabric that can repel the microbes and other allergens.

So in total, the Plushbeds memory foam mattresses are safe and comfortable. The trial period makes the mattresses safer, as the unsatisfied customers could return the mattresses for full refund. There are no reasons why you should not try these mattresses, but there are so many reasons why you should. What are you waiting for?

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