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Buying a mattress is so simple… all you have to do is visit a nearby store. Or sit right in front of the computer screen reading reviews and gazing the images. Simple isn’t it? Not really all those images can be photo shopped to look great. The reviews might be true but who knows whether the mattress will work the same way for you.

If you are really thinking of betraying your old mattress because it has started sagging or whatsoever may be the reason then “why don’t you give a try this time for a memory foam mattress?”

I love memory foam mattresses a lot. But many people out there stay confused thinking about the heat retention and off gassing issues related to this stuff. If you start reading reviews, you might find a hundred different opinions which really confuse you out. Buying a memory foam mattress is never an easy task. Unless you have a good knowledge and experience of what you are going to do. If you are going to hit any store nearby or shop online, then you got understand certain aspects about memory foam mattress.

In this article you will get to know everything related to memory foam mattresses and how to go about choosing the perfect one for your body.

Short Brief About The History Of Memory Foam

First point memory foam is also known as temper foam (now get it why Tempur-Pedic has its name).
Okay the second point memory foam was developed by a group of chemists at the NASA center. This material was created to improve seat cushioning and provide crash protection to its pilots and passengers.

Later NASA found that this material dint last long and was not durable so they sold their technology to a firm based in Sweden. This Sweden based firm then started experimenting and developed a new version of memory foam which was highly durable. It also possessed all the properties like contouring to the body responses and pressure relieving like its previous version. The people of Sweden were the first batch who used memory foam mattresses and this range of mattresses passed with high marks. Since memory foam got popular it started invading other markets like US, UK, Canada and other countries around the world. Memory foam has now become one of the highly preferred choices among mattress buyers around the world.

What Do Customers Say About Memory Foam Mattresses?

To be frank memory foam mattress receives huge ratings when compared to other mattress types and stuffs. Most of the studies conducted on test groups have revealed that people liked to sleep on memory foam mattress rather than on any other mattress types.

Heat retention and off gassing are some of the flaws that pop out during most of the reviews but people seem to be okay with such minimal flaws. To prevent heat retention and off gassing there are memory foam hybrids that have conquered the markets. We will be discussing about new types of memory foam in the latter sections. Off gassing is not a big deal, I must say as you have the same problem with any new mattress or even a piece of furniture. It will fade away within few weeks after you start using it. Moreover memory foam mattresses are available in different price scales. So you can probably go for the high end or low end versions based on your pocket. The best reviews ever put up by customers are that it really helps to get relief from pain especially the back and neck.

The Luxi mattress is one of the best mattress on the US market that offers different set of layers that comes with best contour support and adjustability. This allows different styles of sleepers to customize as per their sleep preferences. Try a Luxi mattress today!!!

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Also if you have a partner who tosses and turns directly disturbing your sleep then you should highly consider buying a memory foam mattress. It improves sleep and makes you feel better as it has improved motion isolation features. Overall customers love memory foam mattress for it offers ultimate luxury and comfort than innerspring or any other kind of mattress.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam comprises of polyurethane and viscoelastic foam and it does not rely on any other items like springs or coils to provide a bounce effect. It is entirely dependent on its own and is easy to handle. It has wide spread applications and not only to make mattresses and pillows. Now there are different varieties of memory foam mattresses that are being discovered and there are a number of patents being claimed for improvised versions.

Different Types Of Memory Foam

The normal memory foam developed by NASA had made use of petroleum based materials mainly viscoelastic foam and polyurethane. Later a few additions and changes were made to make it durable and long lasting. These types of foams are temperature sensitive which makes them soft when hot and firm when cool. But nowadays this kind of memory foam is mixed up with other stuffs to make mattresses with added qualities and features.

You might have heard about the gel memory foam version . It is quite widely used in many luxury memory foam mattresses. It is nothing but similar to normal memory foam but gel based substances or gel beads are fused into the foam. These gel beads embedded inside the mattress helps to disperse the heat away and provide a cool environment for sleeping. The next advantage it offers is that it adapts to body movements faster and better than its predecessor. You can find gel based memory foam mattresses with almost any mattress maker.

Things dint stop there with memory foam but a new version was created which is called as plant based memory form. It is said that this type of foam comes with natural plant based materials mixed with normal memory foam. The resultant material will stay cool and environmental friendly. Plant based memory foam mattresses claim to be chilling type mattresses that does not create heat issues and responds quickly to body movements.

Organic Memory Foam

I have a Beausommet from Essentia mattress and it markets a new variety of memory foam called as organic memory foam. I mentioned it here because they say it is a patented product and you can buy that nowhere other than essentia stores. Again organic memory foam is completely made up of natural substances like hevea oil and certain essential oils making it one of its kinds. I love sleeping on this mattress and it simply means better sleep and luxury for me!

So I hope you got an idea about the types of memory foam mattresses that have emerged step by step. Always remember what type of memory foam you want to buy from the above types.

Things You Need To Check Before Buying A Memory Foam Mattress

The firmness level of the mattress counts a lot when going for a memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress Firmness Levels are an important aspect that you need to pay attention to in detail. There are qualms that there is nothing called as firmness levels and every mattress are alike but that is an entirely wrong perception. Firmness levels of mattresses can be measured. For memory foam mattress brands we can do it pretty easily by checking the IFD rating. If you want to look up at the density of the mattress you can ask for the ILD details.

Soft Memory Foam Mattresses

Soft Memory Foam Mattresses belong to the plush type mattress range where you get a feeling of softness to the core. These kinds are best suited for side sleepers as it gives better support to their hips and shoulders. Since these are the only body parts that sink deep into the mattress it is always better to go for a soft memory foam in such cases. Some examples of soft memory foam mattresses are liberty bed from amerisleep, seals optimum desire and icomfort soft memory foam mattress.

Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattresses

Medium Memory Foam Mattresses is the second category and is mainly made for combination sleepers and specifically for back sleepers. Again majority of the people out there go for medium firm mattresses as it is neither too firm nor too soft providing ultimate sleeping experience. Medium firm memory foam mattresses are good at supporting the back and keeps the spine aligned while at sleep.

If you are suffering from back pain and other body aches then you can try medium firm versions compared to other firmness levels. Here are a few examples of medium firm memory mattresses. They are Sealy optimum inspiration, amerisleep revere bed and iComfort prodigy.

Firm Memory Foam Mattresses

Firm Memory Foam Mattresses is great for stomach sleepers and to an extent for back sleepers. These types help to provide relief from pressure points and help to relax the muscles. In general these types of mattress are more kind of firm and they are better oriented towards helping the body rather than offering luxury. If you back terrible back aches and you love sleeping on your tummy then you can try the following; Sealy optimum destiny gold, amerisleep Americana and iComfort directions acumen firm mattress.

What Is The Difference Between Firmness Level And Density Of A Memory Foam Mattress?

The density of the foam layers actually decides the firmness level of your mattress. That means low density foam layers are used in soft or plush kind of mattresses whereas higher density foams are used in firm mattresses. For medium firmness level medium density foam layers are employed.

The supportive base of every mattress should be dense only then it can offer ample support to the comfort layer. Due to this fact most of the memory foam mattresses employ dense foam layers at the bottom layers and go for low dense or medium dense foam layers at the comfort layers.

Low dense foam layers wear and tear soon when compared to high dense foam layers. When you initially check a low dense(less than 3lbs per foot) firm, you will feel that, they have better cushioning effect than the high dense (over 5lbs) foam layers. That is true in a sense but when it comes to sagging and wear and tear low dense foam are not durable as compared to high dense foam layers. Therefore if you are looking for a memory foam mattress then try choosing a mattress that has dense foam layers at the bottom and medium dense foam layers the top so that it lasts long.

Ask your sales person about the density of the foam layers and if the mattress has low dense layers then do not opt for those types. They are not durable and you will probably end up losing your money. Consider buying a mattress than has a density level not less than 3 lbs and not over than 5 lbs for enjoying a comfortable sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress Thickness For Body Types

You also need to give a thought about the thickness level of the mattress you are going to buy. If you are a heavily built person then certainly look for thick mattresses over 12 inches. Thin mattresses are not an ideal choice of heavy sleepers. They don’t offer comfort and make you feel like you aren’t sleeping on a mattress but on the floor. If you are heavy then opt for thicker layers of memory foam. But if you are slim then look for a less thick mattress.

Advantages Of Using Memory Foam Mattress

After being highly praised by the people of Sweden, memory foam mattress took a giant leap into the hearts of other people residing around the world. Here are the advantages that you are going to reap using the same.

  • Whether you’re sleeping partner rotates or turns or tosses it is not going to affect your sleep. Memory foam mattresses are known for their motion isolation properties and they keep movements confined without disturbing the other.
  • Distributes weight evenly without concentrating on one part. Memory Foam Mattress not only distributes the weight but adapts and conforms to the shape of the body. It perfectly positions itself underneath your body providing you comfort and ultimate sleeping experience. It is nothing like anything that you get from an ordinary mattress.
  • Memory foam mattresses that come with high density and medium density foams last longer and are pretty durable. This is one of the major reasons why customers love investing their money in this kind.
  • Great for people suffering from various medical conditions like arthritis, back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.
  • Ultimate comfort and luxury in a simplified version is another major advantage of memory foam mattresses.
  • No need to flip the mattress unlike other traditional mattresses that needs flipping the sides.

Major Drawbacks  For Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Odor problems – Take any mattress type. Am sure you are going to have some odor problem for a few weeks until it settles down inside your room. Memory foam mattresses are no exception and even have issues like off gassing which fades away with time. There are certain reviews were people complain about this issue when it comes to memory foam mattress. The only way to prevent this problem is to let the mattress air out completely for few days prior to using it.
  • Heating – If you are a hot sleeper then this might be a real issue. But there is little to worry as currently heat issues are being controlled with the help of gel based and plant based foams. I hope you would read about that part in this article before. Heating was a major problem. But now it is a problem that can be overlooked as far as memory foam mattresses are concerned.

Memory foam mattresses are pretty tough to handle as they tend to be on the heavier side. But that’s not an issue as you are not going to pull the mattress around your house. It is going to stay put on a foundation or a slat for longer periods.

Memory Foam Mattress Brands

Talking about brands there are many popular ones like Serta, sleep innovations, sleep comfort, tempur-pedic, essentia, Sealy and many others who sell top class products. People really get confused with what to buy when it comes to a memory foam mattress. The main reason being there are hundreds of memory foam mattress types available online and at stores. Take a single brand you will get confused with names and specs.

Just decide on your budget. Single out on a brand that you find most economical and worthwhile as a choice. You can read for reviews about various brands at this site (www.matracos.com). Bookmark this site for it is single stop to know everything about a mattress.

Bottom line

If you have finally decided to go for a memory foam mattress, then go for a hybrid variety that suits your body and comfort levels. Filter your necessities and list it down on a paper then list the brands and prices they offer. You will surely be able to single out on a mattress that is perfect for you. Moreover it is also better to be a knowledgeable shopper rather than to shake heads according to the salespersons tone. Research, analysis, comparison are a few tools that you should depend on to make an informed decision. After all you are investing your money for a long term basis so it should be worthwhile. I hope you would have got valuable information about memory foam mattresses and how to buy one. Bring home a memory foam mattress and experience a new era of sleeping with ultimate comfort.

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