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Organic cotton queen mattress innerspring & box spring – Abundant Earth

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Organic cotton queen mattress

Abundant Earth innerspring and box spring queen mattresses which are made with organic cotton is an epitome of organic mattresses. The Abundant Earth natural organic innerspring mattress brings to your bedroom an earthly touch and maintains the purity of the environment. From the making process till the delivery of the Abundant Earth natural organic mattress, a lot of precautions are taken and lot of care is given to make sure that the mattress don’t lose its purity and is completely clean till it reach its destination, to its owner.

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Abundant Earth Natural Organic Mattress in detail:

The Abundant earth Natural organic mattress is hand-made in the United States of America using the ancient tufting technique of European mattresses and manufactured inside a spic & span factory wherein the highest level of cleanliness is maintained.

Chemicals are banned inside the factory. The company makes it a point to keep the mattresses away and free of any type of chemicals, and that is why it does not uses chemical flame retardants or fabric softeners. Many of the mattresses that uses organic materials also uses chemical flame retardant to pass the fire test. But, Abundant Earth goes out of its way and doesn’t use any kind of fire retardant in it’s completely cotton mattresses. So, if you want to buy the organic cotton only mattress, you will need a prescription from the doctor stating that ‘mattress without chemical retardants is needed’ as according to the United states law every sleeping surface should be treated with flame retardant. So, a licensed medical doctor’s prescription is needed by the company to sell the product as well as the customer to buy it according to the law’s requirement. There is another option you can go for, the organic cotton and natural wool mattress by Abundant earth in which pure organic wool is used as a natural flame retardant. Wool has the characteristic of tapping heat when it is cold and to stay cooler when it is sweating hot.

Fresh organic cotton is used to make the mattress. The organic cotton used in the mattress is kept away from the dust mites and other such kinds of insects. Likewise when the mattress is set for delivery it is wrapped in strong plastic covering, in order not to let dust or any mites inside. And don’t worry the plastic leaves no footprint of it’s on the mattress.

credits: http://www.gowfb.ca/
credits: http://www.gowfb.ca/

Abundant natural organic cotton mattresses are strong built using best quality steel in the innerspring design that last long and give the needed support to the body. Tall knotted coils increase the flexibility of the mattress and help the mattress to easily contour to the body’s shape. About 642 coil springs are used in an Abundant Earth Organic cotton queen innerspring mattress. The innerspring unit is given organic cotton batting. The cotton is neither sprayed with insects repellent nor treated with chemical flame retardants. The innerspring structure allows the mattress to breath and improving the ventilation inside the mattress.

The edges of the mattress are strong and highly supportive as the mattress contains specially designed side support springs and clipped border wire.

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Organic cotton queen innerspring mattress and natural organic cotton box spring mattresses are the perfect combination for a perfect sleeping experience. The natural organic cotton box spring by Abundant earth is constructed using high quality wood with supreme quality metal springs inside. There are two layers of covering on the organic box spring. The first layer is of organic cotton fabric ticking and the second layer is of cotton batting which is extremely soft. The organic box spring gives soft yet strongly supportive base to the organic cotton queen innerspring mattress.

The organic queen innerspring mattress is available in two different firmness:

  • Standard Firm
  • Orthopaedic Firm

The organic queen mattress pillow top and box spring includes a quilted pad of natural wool wrapped in organic cotton and latex. This pillow top pad offers super plush feeling at the same time the mattress below offers firmness and support. The pillow top pad helps in lessening the firm feeling without actually reducing the firmness of the mattress. The natural firmness of your bed remains intact and as the pad is not embedded with the mattress, you can remove it whenever you want.

credits; http://www.sealy.com/
credits; http://www.sealy.com/

The cover of the organic natural mattress is done with 100% organic cotton. This makes the mattress soft to touch and at the same time safe for your family.

As the mattress is a complete no-chemical product, there will not be the problem of off-gassing. So, the air inside your bedroom will not be inflicted with chemicals and you will be able to enjoy fresh air.

The organic mattress is of extreme high quality and durability but is equally expensive. If you want a pillow top mattress pad it will cost you extra.

The mattresses without prescription can be returned provided you have not used the product. For returning you will need the RMA (Return Authorization Number) without which the return won’t be accepted. If you return the product in accordance to instructions mentioned in the policy, then you will get a full refund (shipping and handling fee will be deducted from the refund). The next thing is you need to return the product within 30 days of purchasing. The mattress which has been purchased on medical prescription is not returnable.

Abundant Earth delivers its products only inside USA. International delivery has not yet been started by the company.

You can place an order via phone, mail/fax or you can order online.

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