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Nolah mattresses are universal that suits all types of sleepers and comfort levels. These qualities come at almost one third the price you would have spent on other mattresses. For Nolah Mattress, it is just them and you. No middlemen you need to pay for. The mattress has other qualities as well.

Nolah Mattress

The tagline of Nolah Mattresses is “Epic sleep and adventurous days start on the Nolah Mattress”. Nolah promises you adventurous days bubbling with energy and a sound sleep that can be regarded as epic by all means. The comfort of Nolah mattress is said to be on par with the best mattresses. Unlike other mattress manufacturers, Nolah does not use too many fancy layers in the mattress and sticks to the basics.

Nolah Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

  • Petra has bought Nolah mattress to test it for the 120 nights. After using, there was not a day gone regretting buying this mattress.
  • Dave bought the king mattress for a much lower price and an additional discount with the coupon. It was just like his old mattress, which was expensive, but this one was far better and came with all that was expected in a mattress. He is also happy with the facility to track the order through UPS.
  • Kathy Brooks loved the one-minute unpacking of the mattress. it doesn’t take much to get the mattress ready to use. Bring it to the bedroom, open the box, unwrap the mattress and you are done.
  • Patricia is among the new customers of Nolah mattress and she is happy with the mattress with just 8 weeks of use. They have adopted the manatee since their son loved them.
  • Stuart found the Nolah mattress cooler than his memory foam mattress. It is more of a temperature neutral mattress than the cooler. It is cooler than other mattresses while sleeping.
  • Robert has been a spring mattress lover for long and after using Nolah he doesn’t hesitate to switch to being a no-spring mattress fan.

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Best Mattress Models from Nolah Mattress

Nolah is something unique, made from Nolah Air Foam. The company sells only one mattress. But, the best part is instead of spending more on other beds, they have decided to perfect the existing ones. Thus, they are putting all their time and effort into creating the best possible mattress that is highly beneficial to everyone. However, this is one of the best features that attract everyone towards this mattress…

Further, you can check for their available sizes like – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King. Don’t worry thinking, how much the mattress will cost? After all, you are spending for your utmost comfort and support needed.

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Nolah Mattress Sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Nolah Mattresses are available in six convenient sizes. They are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.More Details »

Nolah Mattress Specifications

The anatomy of the Nolah mattress reveals that it has 3 layers. All of these 3 layers are foams of different variety and comfort. The mattress is an after-result of extensive research, design, and determination to create the comfortable surface for good sleep. As said earlier, it compliments well with any sleep position, body shape, or weight.

Nolah Air Foam

Unlike the plain old memory foam, Nolah has come up with this Nolah air foam that has millions of air pockets running through the layer. The memory foam is heat sensitive and also responds to the body heat for contouring, this heat is most likely to trap in the foam making the surface hot for comfort. This Nolah air foam technology with its air pockets allows the hot air to pass through the pores and also dissipate it. The constant air circulation is as good as a cool breeze to blow the heat away from the body. This is the reason why the topmost layers are the Nolah air foam where it serves the purpose of comfort layer.

Latex-like Avena foam

If memory foam is for contouring, latex denotes softness on the mattress. But many people are allergic to latex and hence having this in the mattress can be a drawback. Nolah mattress uses this alternative form of foam, Avena foam in the mattresses because it serves the same purpose and higher also. Avena foam is safe from any harmful chemicals and emission and can also provide better air circulation inside the mattress. The goodness of the top layer is enhanced with the Avena foam below. Both the layers can have ample air circulation inside to keep the mattress cooler. It also provides the bounciness to the bed. Avena foam is hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable. It has got better durability than latex and it suffers lesser indentation than latex.

High-density foam foundation

The bottom layer of Nolah mattress is the high-density base layer foam for the support. The top 2 layers being on the softer side requires a harder support below and this foam layer is exactly what it needs.

All 3 of these layers are of a knitted high viscose cover. The covering material is soft and looks luxurious. It can help to wick away the moisture away from the surface and thus dissipate the excess body heat as well. The covering material design resembles the rising sun that notifies a bright morning after a peaceful sleep, every single time. The covering material covers the mattress, on all the sides, with white color on the top and black at the bottom.More Details »

Nolah Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Nolah mattress comes with 120 days of trial period. You purchase the mattress and are free to use it as a trial until that much longer. If you are not happy with the comfort of the mattress within this period, you can turn it for free to get the full amount refunded. There is no risk for you or fear that you suffer any loss. There is none at all. You don’t even have to pay for the return shipping which most other mattresses would cost you for. Everybody knows that a few minutes on the mattress is not enough to know about it. Now you have the luxury to test and check the mattress in the comfort of your home, for 4 months, before you decide the fate of the mattress
Nolah mattress comes with a 15-year warranty against any manufacturing defects or damages on it. The warranty is guaranteed since the mattress is made entirely within the USA from the scratch.
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Discount Prices On Nolah Mattress

Nolah mattress prices are all highly discounted. They cost just one third the price of similar mattresses available in the market. This is because Nolah sells its mattresses only online. They are no middlemen or shops and all the amount thus saved is passed on to the customer.

Nolah does not offer any discounts or coupons directly to the customers since all the discounts are passed on to the customer.

There is, however, a Referral program where you can Refer a friend or family and get discounts. More Details »

Nolah Mattress Coupons Codes & Discounts

Discounts and sales may be available from time to time. Look for any available discounts or sales before you order your new mattress.

There is a Referral program from Nolah Mattresses, where you can Refer a friend or family and get discounts. They will get $75 off on the new mattress when they purchase it.You will get $100 cash for the reference more Details »

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Nolah Mattress is a good choice for a side, back, and stomach sleepers. Good in terms, if you don’t prefer to sleep hot – Nolah could become the real change needed. This award-winning mattress, made with the advanced form mattress technology is 100% temperature neutral and is guaranteed to trap in the excess body heat. Secondly, it’s durable and offers phenomenal motion transfer which is a big issue to almost all the couples. Other than this, you need to know about their Wildlife adoption policy. The Nolah manufacturers have partnered with the Defenders of Wildlife, so you may adopt one wildlife animal on every purchase of Nolah. There are 20 animals to choose from, starting from polar bear to other major species. You can select any animal you wish to protect, no risks… and the company will send an adoption certificate directly to your mail.

Memory foam mattresses can go deeper and latex is known for its bounciness. Nolah uses both of these to bring a soft, bouncy and yet firm mattress that does not suffer as much sink as it is with a memory foam or latex mattress.

Protecting The Wildlife

With every purchase of Nolah mattress, you get the chance to protect an endangered species of animal. With each mattress, the company sponsors one animal from the choices available, for their lifetime. The choice of the animal is entirely up to you. You need to select the size of the mattress and the choice of your animals that you are interested to protect. There are as many as 23 animals to choose from.

The USA is blessed with its wildlife and it is our duty to protect every single one of them. The money contributed (through the mattress purchase) would be used to work on the courts and in the ground that relates to the particular species of animal. The money is handled by Defenders of Wildlife.

The choices of animals are arctic fox, bald eagle, bison, black bear, blue whale, clouded leopard, desert tortoise, dolphin, grizzly bear, jaguar, lynx, manatee, panther, penguin, polar bear, prairie dog, sea otter, sea turtle, shark, snowy owl, walrus, wolf, or any random animal from this lot.


Nolah is a tested mattress that has worked for more than hundreds of users. Why because? It’s soft and supposed to relieve the pressure on the body. Besides, you may not worry regarding the safety issues as the product is good, free from formaldehyde and other cancer-causing substances. My final opinion on this mattress is that it is a very comfortable bed, softer than Casper and other brands I have used so far. All thanks go to the manufacturers of Nolah for making this trusted, nature-inspired design.

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