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Spring season equals allergy season for many. Mattress is also a part of the allergy causing materials during this time. The sweat, dust, and dirt could all contribute making it difficult. The presence of various chemicals in the mattress takes the matter to an entirely different level. Let’s have a look at Nature’s Sleep Mattresses which is of all natural materials.

Nature’s Sleep mattresses are from all natural materials to keep it closer to the environment. Being natural makes these mattresses safe for sensitive people. The materials used are also certified safe to the users as well as for the environment.

The CertiPUR-US certificate indicates that there is no emission of the ozone depleters, lead, mercury, other heavy metals, most common formaldehyde, flame retardants, or the phthalates in any of the mattress from Nature’s Sleep. Needless to say users find them highly attractive as well as comfortable.

Nature’s Sleep mattresses have their names after the gemstones. Each has its specialty and also different purpose of use from each other. All of which has been rated highly by the users. Of those 3 mattress types do stand out as the most voted for best.

Top 3 Nature’s Sleep Mattresses

Nature’s Sleep Mattresses – Diamond Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Diamond Gel memory foam mattress makes a comfortable Nature‘s Sleep mattress with less heat and ample weight support. This mattress is nothing fancy. It has three basic foam layers. Starting from the top there is the Nature’s Sleep’s special visco foam layer that is one inch in thickness. Underneath this layer is the gel infused memory foam layer. The foam is infused with gel spheres that can wick the heat from above and dissipate it to keep the surface at a constant temperature. The comfort of the top two layers is well supported by the high density foam core of the mattress. The middle layer of gel infused foam is 3 inches in thickness and the supportive base layer is 7 inches thick.

All these foam layers are covered by an anti-microbial, non-skid mattress cover that keeps the mattress right on to the bed. This cover is zippered and can be removed for machine wash or dry clean.

The firmness of the mattress is mid range, medium firm which works well for pressure relief on the back, which is equal from top to toe, there is no zonal distinction. This mattress is quite comfortable for those who are recovering from an illness and need as much comfort as they can.

Nature’s Sleep Mattresses-  Sapphire Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The number one ranked for being the mattress for back pain relief, the Sapphire Gel memory foam mattress stands proud. The mattress has several layers each helping to support the back with an extra half an inch added to the base foam, which is 7.5 inches with another half an inch extra in the middle layer. The top layer of this memory foam mattress from Nature’s Sleep is the same as the Diamond gel foam mattress.

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The extra inch is for the extra support for the back without compromising on the softness at the top. The top layers have enough thickness to contour to the body weight and continue to regulate the surface heat all throughout the night.

This is one mattress that can make anyone forget about the physical stress at the end of each day. The medium firmness it offers is just right. Being made in memory foam has its advantages in being a softer or bouncier surface when needed. The top layer is inside the quilted top. The denser support base foam can maintain this firmness as well as the softness equally well.

The Sapphire Gel memory foam mattress has got a thicker fabric to cover the foam layers. The mattress cover is removable and washable.

Nature’s Sleep Mattresses – Emerald Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Emerald Gel mattress is the next popular mattress from Nature’s Sleep. This mattress is voted best for the stomach sleepers. The mattress has an elevation effect on the person to help him up from the slumber. Here the cradling effects of the memory foam are adjusted for the stomach and hips. The cooling measures of the mattress help the sleepers to keep a cooler surface to sleep on.

Here the layers of the memory foam mattress are slightly different from other mattresses. The top layer is 1 inch visco foam followed by 2 inch gel infused memory foam layer. The vitex memory foam, which is not seen in other mattresses, is present here at one inch thickness for the extra push. The support base foam is 8 inches in thickness and is made of extra high density foam. There is also an inner supportive scrim.

The mattress cover is a thicker material with a weight is 550 gm foam, polyester and spandex blend as a quilted cover. The overall feel of the mattress is medium-plush but not entirely so. It is soft nut not exactly soft. It can sink you in but can also cradle the body weight well enough without drowning you into the mattress. This has more of a luxurious feel to it.

Potential To Be Your BFF

All the mattresses from Nature’s Sleep come with a limited warranty of 20 years. Though the warranty is applicable to only manufacturing defects or extra sagging that, according to them, is very unlikely. Either way, the warranty can hint that the makers are confident about their product’s longevity to offer such long term warranty.

I know many of you don’t feel that a mattress cannot last that much long or would need a new one before that. I for one see it that a mattress can be with you for as long as you want, provided; you keep better care of it.

If you can take care of your mattress as you would to your baby, I don’t see any reason why these mattresses should not be your BFFs! These mattresses are made of memory foam which has got nothing to do with wearing out unless something happens. There are different layers to keep up the comfort and support. You just need to rotate the mattress regularly to keep the weight even.

Moreover there is also no harm in keeping them with you as there is hardly any toxic emission from it and it does not cause any quality change in your indoor air. Moreover, the hypoallergenic materials and the anti-microbial covering material will sure keep you safe from allergies. If you are planning to get a new mattress around this time, try these mattresses.

The only problem is that there is no trial period for you to TEST the mattress to know how it is going to work for you. That could be rectified if you are closer to any of the retailers of the mattresses so that you can try them before you purchase it.

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