About Nature’s Sleep Mattress

Nature’s Sleep is a mattress maker that provides its customers to enjoy sleep at affordable prices while keeping in mind about customers preferences. Nature’s Sleep mattresses are simply excellent and they respond to every touch you place on them.

Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

They are designed after continuous innovations to create the perfect solution to sleep problems. They claim that those who sleep on nature sleep mattress toss and turn 75% lesser than on an innerspring mattress.  The owner of this company had three surgeries. He had difficulties finding the right bed for his neck and back. So he took things in his own hand and designed a company that offers various types of mattresses to suit different health conditions.  All the mattresses are made of memory foam with open cells that allows sleeping cool without getting heated up.

Different Sizes of memory foam mattresses available at natures sleep are TWIN, TWIN XL, FULL, QUEEN, WIDE QUEEN, KING AND CALIFORNIA KING.

You can also choose from different height ranges according to your preference. They offer a height range from 8-inch to 13-inch.  For those who love to sleep on firm mattress can choose one from various models available. Similarly those who love to sleep on plush mattress can opt for that.  Well those who don’t like either of them can opt for a medium firm one which is best suited for back health and chronic neck pain.

Nature’s Sleep Features, Pricing & Shipping

Nature’s Sleep Mattress provides a lot of choices and options for its customers.  One can choose the best keeping in mind the comfort and the budget as there are over 16 different types of mattresses available.

The mattresses prices ranges from $599 to $ 4000 depending on the size and comforts offered.  Natures sleep mattresses use organic materials in their products that are of high quality and great for those who suffer from allergy.  They use 100% hypoallergenic foam and are certified by CertiPUR-US. Usually it is said that most of the mattress makers add chemicals in their products like flame retardants and others. But natures sleep products are clean and they do not add any such stuffs to their products.

They even take great care while shipping the product as they provide vacuum packaging which helps to make the package look pretty small and easy to handle. They use eco friendly materials in all the stages. So that they can stay environment friendly unlike other mattress makers who think only about profit.

In natures sleep they appreciate the importance of sleep as a main component to make a person more productive and sound and due to that fact they have designed unique models of mattresses to suit different requirements of different people.

Nature’s Sleep Mattress – Product details and Comfort levels

Nature’s Sleep products are designed to deliver rest, relaxation and rejuvenation according to their mission statement. I guess they are standing to their claims as most of the customers are giving good feedbacks about their products.

Here are the different types of mattress provided by Nature’s Sleep Mattress

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are typically designed to mold according to the body movements when one changes sides and stretches the body.  It contours according to ones wish and bounces back once the pressure is released.  Memory foam mattresses are nowadays commonly used around the world due to the comforts it offers.

Pillow top mattress

A pillow top mattress also known as euro top mattress is actually any mattress that has an additional padding stitched into its top. This padding can be of any material and natures sleep provides memory foam or gel based foam as its padding.

Gel memory foam mattress

It is nothing but gel particles fused into the visco foam to reduce heat trapped inside the foam and to speed up the bouncing process. Gel memory foam is much softer and plush than original memory foam mattress.

Sofa bed sleeper

This is actually a product that belongs to the luxury class. It can be used as a sofa or a bed according to ones wish. This sleeper is a sofa that can be converted in to a mattress. It helps to save a lot of space or accommodate guests in your living room when there is a need.

Customer opinions about Nature’s Sleep Mattress

Most of the people who own a mattress from this brand say that they feel like they are sleeping on the air. It lets them to sink into the world of ecstasy only to forget all the pain and aches that the body has been dealing with.  It is so relaxing for them after returning back from a tedious day and a job.  All the credit goes to the memory foam and the founder of this company whose hard work has paid off in the form of positive feedbacks.

Some customers who feel that plain looking mattresses are bland are fascinated by the stitched designs that natures sleep have incorporated into the mattresses. All the products from natures sleep have a good colour scheme and stitched designs on the edges that make the mattress look stunning and classy.

Why should one buy a Nature’s Sleep Mattress?

You all know that investing on a mattress is a long term affair and one needs to choose carefully.  Nature sleep is a company that represents quality and provides luxury and comfort in affordable prices. They have a good reputation and positive customer feed backs.  So I guess it is better to invest with them for a quality mattress.  After all, one should not comprise with quality and comfort when it comes to sleep.


Moreover they even provide a whooping 20 year limited warranty for all their products. Isn’t it amazing? I guess no other mattress makers provide such a huge time frame. The company insists that their mattresses last longer than any other brand. There are certain conditions on the warranty that you can find in their website. They also ship their products in a unique way by vacuum packing. The process involves sucking out the air completely and fit the mattress into a small box. When it reaches the customers doorstep all they have to do is open the pack and wait until the mattress regains its shape. Their shipping policy is excellent, the whole product takes a lot of manpower and shipping costs to deal with.

Nature’s Sleep website contains all the models along with the price and specs in detail. You can go through each and every one to understand about the products. So that you can purchase the ideal mattress for your room.  The most famous models are emerald gel memory foam mattress, sofa bed sleepers, glacier gel memory foam. I guess every product out there has some unique features that are so tempting.


Sleep is something which one should not compromise. If you really need to replace or buy a new mattress then you can try natures sleep mattress. If you wish to invest money for a long term and want to enjoy all the comforts and luxury then natures’ sleep is the right place for you.

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