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Memory foam mattresses are a great luxury piece and there is no other better option when it comes to sleep. After NASA came up with the idea of memory foam mattresses, it started spreading like a wildfire across the globe. Memory foam mattresses are popular for their contouring and conforming abilities. Customers as well as sleep experts have equally accredited this type of mattress for the comfort features and supportive nature. Here I have picked midnight 10-inch gel memory foam mattress from Mattress America for a detailed review. Read More …

In this article, we will probe through all the details and specs regarding midnight gel memory foam mattress.
Starting with the cover; it has a thick fabric, which is extremely soft, and it is highly durable. It has a zippered design, which makes it easy to unzip and wash. All you have to do is unzip the side of the mattress and pull the cover for a quick wash.

Now let us get into the construction of the mattress

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Midnight 10-inch gel memory foam mattress has a total profile of 10 inches and that is pretty great for people who are on the heavy side as well as thin. This profile height is definitely a great pick for heavy built people who find 8-inch profile unsupportive. The mattress has a soft plush top and a firm core. The top layer is of 3 inches with soft high-density memory foam. Below this layer, you can find contour foam (middle layer) that is 1-inch high.

The supportive layer or the base layer is of 6 inches with firm high-density core. This base layer offers sturdy support to the whole mattress and has a non-skid bottom.

How does this mattress feel like?

This mattress has high-density memory foam layers embedded on top of another. High-density memory foams offer firm feel to the mattress. Midnight 10- inch gel memory foam belongs to the firm category and provides comfortable sleep. It is not rock hard but has a plush core that provides a cushioning effect. Overall, you will feel a cradling support underneath your body that gives you a night full of soothing sleep.

About Mattress America

Mattress America is an expert mattress maker playing in this field since 36 years. They make quality mattresses inside the US for the Americans by Americans themselves. Their aim is to make mattresses that are affordable and comfortable. They have a wide range of products ranging from bed frames, pillows, sheets, mattresses, and toppers. Mattress America has sold over 1.5 million mattresses inside the US and that certainly tells their success story.

Why choose midnight 10-inch gel memory foam mattress?

Made in America

This mattress is American from head to toe and follows all the manufacturing standards. Unlike other mattress companies that vend “made in china mattresses” Mattress America makes sure that its products meet all quality standards. You can blindly trust this product as it is durable and comfortable above all American made.

Great for people with chronic health condition

This mattress is not so hard but offers the right “firm feel”. This mattress helps to align the spine with its natural curvatures as it contains high-density foam layers. It contours and adapts according to the spinal column offering relaxing sleep and nothing more. If you are a person looking for a firm mattress but without being rock hard then this mattress is the right pick. Look no further as it is worth investing in this mattress to get rid of back pain and other body aches.

Evenly priced

This mattress has a reasonable price range and offers luxury along with comfort. It is comparable with other high-end mattresses and fits the bandwagon of comfortable mattresses. It has a price that is comparatively low and yet with highest quality materials.

Love memory foam

If you love memory foam versions then this mattress is surely a great pick. It has “buy me” written all over if you are an ardent fan of visco-elastic types. It has a different feel than the traditional mattresses and offers the right firmness levels required for a great sleep.

Improved ventilation

Midnight 10-inch gel memory foam mattress has gel beads infused into its memory foam layers. These gel beads dissipate the heat and provide a cool sleeping experience. Sleeping on this mattress will not give you heat punches at the middle of the night and you will wake up rejuvenated.

Reduced motion transfer

Memory foam mattresses generally provide reduced motion transfer. However, this property changes with the construction and design of the mattress. The more the plush effect a mattress offers the more will be its motion transfer. Midnight 10-inch gel memory foam mattress contains high-density foams and progressive layering which gives reduced motion transfer. If your partner tosses and turns the high-density foams, will quickly absorb the movements and provide uninterrupted sleep. Midnight 10-inch gel memory foam is a great pick when it comes to reduced motion transfer.

Who should not buy this mattress?

If you hate firm mattresses then do not even try to give a look at this mattress. If you hate memory foam mattress then give it up and look for other types. Side sleepers can stay away from this mattress, as it does not offer the right support. It is kind of firm and a great pick for stomach and back sleepers. For side sleepers it would be better to go for a light plush mattress. If you like, the plush feel and softness then probably you should look for other brands.

Is it available in all sizes and dimensions?

Choose your size, as they are available in all standard sizes and dimensions. (Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and cal king).

Where to buy midnight 10-inch gel memory foam mattress

You can buy this mattress from their official website directly or purchase it from Amazon. This mattress is not available at retail outlets and is only available online.

How long does it take to reach its normal size?

Once you unpack the box make sure to let it air out for a few days. The mattress will reach its 10-inch full size within 6 to 8 hours or even less than that. To prevent odor issues unbox the mattress in some ventilated area.
Mattress delivery

“Mattress America” follows bed-in-a-box style and delivers its mattresses in a tiny box. These compressed boxes are easy to handle and even a kid can easily unbox the mattress to its full size. May be after the expansion two people would be required to shift it from one place to the other. Free shipping inside the US and the product ships within 2 days of order placement. This mattress comes with a 20-year warranty period.

Money back guarantee

Mattress America offers 100% money back guarantee on its mattress. If you dislike the mattress ( for whatever reason) then you can apply for a return and avail a total refund. For further details you can contact at 8901 South 1300 West, West Jordan, UT 84088, Phone: (801) 676-7615 Email: JBJDistribution@Gmail.com

Customer reviews midnight 10-inch gel memory foam mattress

This mattress from”mattress America” has huge demand and people across the nation love this for the comfort it offers. It is highly liked for its conforming abilities and simple design. Customers also love the reasonable price of this mattress as it comes with better features and design of high-end mattress.

Real customer reviews

“I purchased this mattress for my teenage son and trust me he loves this mattress a lot. I have tried different types of mattresses for him as well as for myself. However, could never settle with a comfortable choice. This product is the best and cannot beat the price factor. Mattress America has totally nailed it”.

“ I tried buying the 8 inch version but then I bought the 10 inch gel foam mattress. I am heavy build person so I thought it would be better to go with the 10 inch. And I am really happy that I ordered the 10 inch. It supports my weight evenly and does not give the stuck inside feeling. It has the right firmness level and I guess 12-inch mattress would a better pick for very heavy built people. For me 10 inch is the perfect pick and I am enjoying my sleep every bit.

My mattress sits on a IKEA bed frame and it is a normal one with slats. It works perfectly and there is no need of box springs. In short I love this mattress and I might buy the 12 inch version too very soon.”

“This mattress is pretty good but had some odor issues. I felt I would have a tough time dealing with the smell but it started vanishing within a few days. I let it to air out in my balcony and finally I had a mattress that was not emitting any smell. In terms of sleep, my new companion and I have come in good terms. The mattress sleeps cool and I sleep peacefully. Highly recommend this mattress to all”


Midnight 10-inch gel memory foam unquestionably satisfies the appetite of sleep lovers. It sleeps cool, comes with a reasonable price, offers luxury, and has simple design. This mattress is a great pick for kids, teens, adults, and elderly lots. The main reason is due to its perfect firmness feel which most of the mattresses fail to offer. Overall, this mattress has positive responses and welcomed by customers with top ratings. If you want to buy a budget friendly memory foam mattress then this mattress is the right pick. Try it and what if; you fall in love with this mattress.

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