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Are you one among those disturbed sleepers who wake up in the morning with severe back pain? Well, then its high time you need to know the right mattress that supports your back. If you go to a mattress retailer, and ask for the most selling mattress type, they will recommend for a memory foam mattress. But do you know that this memory foam mattress is not the one for back pains? Please don’t not fall for the retailer’s words. Not every mattress can satisfy every customers. There are many happy customers who would recommend memory foam mattress for better sleep. But as per experts, “memory foam mattress isn’t for everyone”. This is why I thought of writing this article. This information is based on net research and experiences from my friend who used memory foam mattress and did not get relief from back pain.

Today, memory foam mattresses are marketed very well. Memory foam mattresses have rated bad for their hot sleep and initially strong chemical smell and off-gassing issues. Memory foam mattresses contain regular poly foam. Customers who used memory foam mattresses have reviewed the mattress to be stinky compared to latex and innerspring.

Memory Foam Mattress – The good factors

It’s not that memory foam mattresses are bad to use. Memory foam mattresses are nice for those bed-ridden elderly folks who need to be kept comfortable. Memory foam mattress is also great when mixed with other foam layers in the top of a traditional, pillow top and innerspring mattress.

Memory foam mattresses not good for all users

  • When researched, it was found that memory foam mattresses were the most exchanged mattresses. May be that’s the reason why it is so costly.
  • Memory foam mattresses have always fooled people on the first impression. When you lay down on them from their showroom or after delivery to home, you feel really good.
  • Have you laid down on a memory foam mattress for a minute and then rolled over it? It’s like you are sunk into wet sand.
  • Sex on a memory foam mattress? – well not a good choice. Users who tried memory foam mattress for sex were disappointed.

Memory foam mattress for back pain – Good or Bad

Memory foam mattress comes with a dense foam and that is why it becomes hot to sleep on it. When you lay on it, the foam compresses to an even tighter foam that breathes even less. When you lay on it, the mattress is compressed. This means that the foam that relieves the pressure points when you first get on that mattress is getting more firm.

Memory foam mattress can diminish your body movement during sleep.

The good thing about memory foam mattress is that they are good for sleepers who manage to remain tossers and turners on their memory foam mattress.

Things to be considered before buying a memory foam mattress

  • Before you buy one for your home, you need to keep a few things in mind that can help you to solve your back pain issues. Are you moving more or less after your body gets used to sleeping on it? Are there any aches developing in your back, neck, shoulder etc that weren’t there before?
  • Many memory foam mattress users have complained about shoulder and back pain after sleeping on this mattress. It is recommended that you use plush/firm mattress with a memory foam topper above the bed for proper spinal alignment. The topper will provide you with cozy comfort.
  • Memory foam gets more firm beneath pressure points if you don’t move around much. This misalignment can be difficult to notice at first.

If you were sleeping on a memory foam mattress for a while and any part of your body is having cramps or pain, stop using the mattress at least for a while to experiment.

Memory foam mattress with alternate solutions

  • Now that you have just bought a new memory foam mattress and come to know that it doesn’t suit your back and joints, don’t worry, try this simple alternative.
  • Adding a topper to a memory foam mattress has helped many people get rid of the joint and back pain. If a new topper alone doesn’t do enough of it’s job, there are cooling products available.
  • Many doctors, therapists and chiropractors recommend using latex over memory foam as good choice for spinal alignment.
  • Also, a latex mattress is a very good alternative to a memory foam mattress.

Never ever fall for brand names until you decide what kind of mattress you want. For the sake of all uses, I recommend you going to a mattress store and test the mattress before you order for it.

Mattress For Spinal Health

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