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Memory mattresses are made from polyurethane and some other chemicals are added to it to increase the density. Memory foam is both temperature and weight sensitive. Hence the mattress is firm in cool climates and soft in warmer conditions. The mattress is made of 1-7” of memory foam over supportive foam. We will see here some of the memory foam mattress consumer reports and analysis about these mattresses.

Memory foam mattress – consumer reports

Some of the positive consumer reports about the memory foam mattresses

  • The customer satisfaction for memory foam mattress is quite good when compared to many other mattresses
  • The rating for motion isolation in this mattress and also relief from pain is rated as above average. The mattress contours itself to the user’s body shape to relieve body pain. This feature is more suitable for heavy people than thin people
  • The mattress is easily available
  • There are many brands and models to choose from
  • The mattresses does not make much noise
  • The memory foam mattress is affordable
  • This memory foam mattress is hypo allergic
  • The mattress gets back to its original shape once the person gets off the mattress
  • The mattress do not require much maintenance and need not be rotated too often
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Some of the negative consumer reports about the memory foam mattresses

  • New mattresses often have the problem of off gassing and odor. Hence it has to be aired before the first use
  • Another complaint about this mattress is that it retains heat, although the heat retention can vary across brands
  • People have difficulty getting in and out of the high density memory foam mattresses
  • There are complaints that this mattress is not suited for romance
  • The rating for the longevity of this mattress is poor. Memory foam mattress lasts for a maximum of 7 years
  • The excessive molding of foam has resulted in poor blood circulation in about 3% of the users causing numbness in the fingers and arms
  • New beds require more time to break and become comfortable for use

Some of the average customer ratings for the memory foam mattresses

  • The support given by the memory foam mattress is just average
  • The edge support of the mattress is also not too good and hence sitting and sleeping near the edge is not too comfortable
  • There are firm, medium firm and soft variety of mattresses available, but some customers have complained about the excessive firmness of mattresses

The customers are advised to go through the warranty and return policies thoroughly before buying new mattresses. Also look for sales and bargains as very good discounts are available during sales. Go through all the brands and select the best brands with the most customer satisfaction before zeroing in on the mattresses.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

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