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Mattresses On Sale – Best Time To Buy Mattress

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With many brands, hundreds of players in the field, and many different types of mattresses available, buying a mattress is no longer an easy task. The cost of mattresses too varies from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. So customers are always on the lookout for mattress sales. The best time to buy is of course when these mattresses are on sale.

What is the best time to buy Mattresses on Sale?

Choosing a mattress has become a complicated process. But getting it at a discounted price is not that complicated. Mattress sales start a few days before most of the national holidays in the US. The national holidays include, President’s Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July and Memorial day. On all these national holidays, customers can find their preferred mattresses on sale.

Some of the other good months to buy mattresses on sale are in the months of May and January. In May, most of the mattresses are available at discounted prices. January is another month when ‘White sales’ are available. During white sales too, one can buy mattresses at very cheap prices.

Individual retailers also offer discounts on mattresses at different times in a year. So it is better to watch out for these sales before paying unrealistic prices for a mattress.

What to look for while buying a mattress?

Most of the retailers hike their prices in their showrooms. So to get a good price, some bargaining may be necessary, to get the mattresses at a reasonable price. If you do not bargain, you will be paying more for a mattress.

Some of the bigger brands charge a higher price for their brand names. Mattresses with the same comfort and quality are available with lesser known brands. So customers must remember that the highly priced mattresses are not always the best.

Customers must read the warranty and return policies thoroughly while buying any mattress, whether it is on sale or not. It is a known fact that it is very difficult to return or exchange a mattress. Most companies will charge money for returning or exchanging a mattress. A lot of research has to be done before buying a mattress. Customers can also, if possible try to lie down on a mattress to check the comfort level of the mattress before buying.

There are a number of online stores which sell mattresses online. Though these mattresses may not be available on sale, the prices in online stores are very competitive as online stores save a lot on advertising and physical stores. Most of them also offer good return policies. There are reports that a higher percentage of customers who buy online return or exchange their mattresses than those who buy it from physical stores.

So next time you miss out on Mattress sales, you don’t have to despair. Equally good quality mattresses are available online for the same price or lesser than the mattresses on sale. The only drawback is you cannot physically test these mattresses. You can of course go to a store to check on these mattresses before buying them cheap online.

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