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I have been on a mission that allowed me to wake up restored, Luckily the search ended with Intellibed mattress!

Oh, my precious sleep…

You know, I have never been lighthearted with my bed before. The lower back ache is worse than anything else.

Last year, I suffered from horrible back pain, restless legs and TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder). It’s very difficult with a mattress that doesn’t support your alignment… I tried all kinds of beds like hybrid, gel, air, futon, spring, memory foam, latex, and even water mattress. But nothing worked for me. When sleeping on my side, my hip and arm would fall asleep and my back would ache. I was so irritated that I made a commitment to take back my health.

Finally, I decided to reach out to my friends and ask if they had a mattress they admired. Thanks, to Hazzle, who explained me the science behind Intellibed. I had never heard of this bed before and was fascinated. She said, IntelliBed mattress is a hefty layer of waffle-shaped gel (i.e. intell-gel), made from medical grade materials that do not burst down like foam. Sometimes, the best thing comes to our lives from the recommendation of a true friend. Further, I watched many webinars explaining the science behind Intellibed mattress construction and I was sold!

IntelliBed Mattress Reviews

IntelliBed has changed my life. For me, there is no life without IntelliBed.

I was struggling to stand for more than 10 minutes and was unable to sit. When my new intelliBed mattress arrived, I hoped the first night was all it claimed to be. But, all my dreams got shattered…

To be honest, the first night was an adjustment. The second night, I cried a lot because I thought I had made a mistake. My back was so sore that I couldn’t stand or sit. It turns out that for many of us, the first week will be an adjustment, as our bodies are learning to sleep on a new surface. Now, nearly 7- months later, I wake up fully energized without any pain in the morning.

Tonight, Let It Be Intellibed For Best Spinal Alignment

It’s true! If you don’t support your back while you sleep, you may wake with long-term issues like aches and pains. Only, a firm mattress can hold you in proper sleep posture and therefore, it is best to have Intellibed mattress for back pain.

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This is scientifically proven, effective mattress, which can prevent your back pain, enhance the rate of circulation and blood flow, and relieve pressure (upto 80% in comparison to other mattresses. It can provide soft cushioning under the shoulders, hips and firm support to other parts of the body. Intellibed uses the finest support coil innerspring to prevent your midsection from sagging into the mattress, even after years of continuous use.

Get Serious, Get IntelliBed – Made From Anti-Microbial, Non-Toxic Material

Many studies have proven that foam mattress can off-gas more harmful toxins than a freshly painted room. My goodness! Intellibed don’t use these materials.They are non-toxic, hypoallergic, made with anti-microbial materials and are natural fire blockers. It is capable of giving you a deep-healing sleep…


Intelli-gel (thoroughly tested) is also called as Isoflex. It is produced by Stryker and is most often used in hospitals. Even, the raw material of Intelli-gel is so safe, that it has been found acceptable to be used in baby bottle nipples. In short, Intelli-gel is a patented system of buckling columns that redistributes body weight and is practically indestructible.

Taste The Intelli-Gel Mattress Models

Getting home to sleep in my Intellibed is what my body craves, after a busy day’s schedule…

All the Intelli-gel products are manufactured in USA. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Posture Perfect: This is a 12” mattress, made with high coil count laced innersprings. Besides, it includes an extra 2” of cushioning to lower tossing and turning.
  • IntelliBed 20: This is a 10” mattress, with a covering of furniture-grade soy foam, an organic cotton pad panel, an inner spring support system and Intelli-gel cushioning. Available in twin sizes.
  • IntelliBed 30 Deluxe: This is a 12” mattress, containing individually wrapped springs and few extra inches of cushioning for additional comfort.
  • Relief perfect: This is a 12” mattress with an added 3” of latex cushioning for hip and shoulder areas.
  • Mattress topper: A thin line mattress, useful for traveling, camping, Rvs/boats and for spare bedrooms.
  • Decompression System: One of the best medical-grade mattress, that’s asserted to provide “progressive pain relief.”
  • Child mattress: This is a toxin free mattress, specially designed to provide support and comfort to your children.
  • Baby-Crib mattress: One of the perfect option to prevent plagiocephaly and cradle cap! This is claimed to be an ideal solution for babies, without off-gassing or hazardous toxins.

IntelliBed Mattress Durability – Keeps Going And Going And Going…

You know, foam can break down as much as 40% in the first two years! Similarly, most of the manufacturers offer only 10 year warranty. But, they recommend you to replace the mattress after every 8 years. This is because; the materials they are using often break over time. Intellibed claims their mattresses can last 4-10 longer than other beds. Hence, they are offering a 30 year warranty period for their product. Feel the magic of 30 years!

IntelliBed Mattress Price – Great Value For The Paid Money

Should I pay a premium to get this mattress? No, no, not for Intellibed…
Intellibed is a best mattress, which comes with a 60-day risk-free-in -home trial. It is worth the paid money, costing less than the other brands of linen beds (available in the market).

Intellibed is reasonable…yep, that’s it!

IntelliBed Mattress Reviews

Be a part of Intellibed! Intellibed is a high-quality mattress. Most of the customers seemed to be very pleased with their purchases, including me…

Hence, they have rated it with 5/5 stars. It is a real difference maker, in comparison to other brands.
Nolah Mattress
I was initially concerned… But, now I will say that “nothing works better than a Intellibed”

Finding a mattress purely depends on one’s preference. Even doctors and sleep researchers are satisfied with the best characteristics of this mattress. Intellibed supports the back properly and relieves pressure on the body. Really, this is the best mattress for back pain suffers! Lastly, I would say that sleeping on Intellibed is truly like “sleeping on a beautiful cloud…”

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