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Luxi is a family-owned company that makes shape matching mattresses, out of memory foam. It is a revolutionary design within the mattresses that have the same usefulness of a spring mattress but having completely memory foam layers. This advanced technology and design make it more flexible than any other regular mattresses.

Luxi Memory Foam Mattress
Luxi mattress is here to make a difference as the comfort level of the mattress can be altered to your preference.

Luxi Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

A lot of people choose for the wrong mattress with wrong firmness levels. But Luxi is an exception! It is far different from other mattresses available in the market as it’s quite easy to customize and the firmness offered, will definitely make you go crazy for this bed.

Overall, the reviews on Luxi are overwhelmingly positive. The mattress has been rated 5 stars out of 5 from most of the users who have been through this product. They are saying “the mattress is great for couples due to its adjustability and quality of materials added”. Equally, no other mattress offers this type of customization as Luxi. However, this mattress is proven best in terms of support, durability, motion transfer, firmness, sleeping hot and other related features. Here’s one of the interesting reviews stated by Trevor on Luxi. This could really serve you with the best possible details on this mattress before you purchase.

Trevor says “Luxi is great! It’s something like 3 times a charm than any other mattresses we have used so far. My wife loves the softer side of this mattress, while the medium serves best for me. Similarly, the mattress is not hard but is quite supportive of every term. It does not sink like other foam toppers and you can have a cool 7 to 8 hours of solid sleep on Luxi. Other good features include low motion transfer; good for not sleeping hot, no pressure points and you can customize everything with ease. Thus, I highly recommend this mattress for a complete sleep option. Never, go for the price… as it’s a great investment that you will never regret.”

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Best Mattress Models from Luxi Mattress

Luxi made by David Farley and Shannon comes in 2 models; Luxi (adjustable) and LuxiOne (non-adjustable) are available in different six sizes, including Twin XL and California King. Both these models are combination memory foam mattresses that are made up of 4 core layers, shipped to the customers at the medium firm arrangement. Besides, the company offers a comfort guarantee on these mattresses backed by a 100-night risk-free trial and a 1000 night pledge. So, Luxi will refund all your money back if you are not satisfied with the mattress quality or features offered.

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Luxi Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Twin

Luxi mattresses are available in all the standard sizes, regardless of the type. They can be bought in the sizes twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California King. You can have the larger sizes split by default or without split on demand as well.
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Luxi Mattress Specifications

Memory Foam quilted cover. Excellent plush feel with 70% polyester. Excellent air flow and a luxurious feel
Support balancing feature with Cooling and one of the best motion transfer features

Adaptive Transition foam for minimizing movement and perfect sink

A Luxitex foam for a buoyant feel

Durable Base foam for a great stability

Luxi mattress – split it

The Luxi mattress allows you to split the larger mattresses so that you can have each half of the mattress surface to be of different comfort levels. This is the ideal solution for couples, without having to pay double for adjustable beds and mattresses separately.

The split can be applied to the queen, king, and California king mattresses. This way, you can have your side of the bed at your comfort level and even change it when needed, without disturbing your partner and vice-versa.

Comfort level changing

For convenience, the 3 inner layers are enclosed in a Lycra covering material. You can simply flip this whole thing to change from soft to medium comfort level.

  • For a soft feel, the layers will be in the order of SBT foam, transition foam, latex foam and then the base foam
  • For medium comfort, flip the top layers to have the latex layer at the top, transition layer and then the SBT foam layer above the base foam.
  • For a firm mattress, flip the entire mattress upside down with the base foam at the top and latex foam at the base. That’s it!

You may find various Luxi mattress videos online to see how this change, flip, and split are done.

Luxi sleep mattress layers – Memory Foam Mattress

The Luxi mattress is made of 5 different layers. These 5 layers make up to 100 inches of thickness. Of these 5 layers, middle 3 layers are adjustable to suit your comfort level. This adjustment can be done by you at the comfort of your home. For the ease of adjusting, these 3 layers are zipped inside a covering material inside the regular covering material for the mattress. The layers are as follows,

  • The topmost layers are the quilted memory foam cover. This layer comes as part of the covering material. This covering material covers the entire mattress right from the base foam to the topmost individual layer. The memory foam attached to the cover provides the cushiony effect no matter what the comfort level inside is.
  • The support layer that comes by default is the 3.5 inches thick SBT foam layer with the flam columns for individual support. These columns provide aeration space inside that allows cooling effect. It provides durability to the mattress, relieves pressure and provides support for the spinal alignment. It also reduces the motion transfer.
  • The transition layer is the adaptive memory foam. This 1-inch thick layer has the perfect sink but not too much. This layer also helps reduce the motion transfer.
  • The comfort layer is the 1.5” thick Luxitex foam which is a latex layer. This layer provides buoyancy or spring-like feeling across the mattress.
  • The base layer is the 3.5” thick hard foam that is durable and breathable. The foam is made with open cell structure to allow aeration and to avoid the overheating of the memory foam. The position of this foam cannot be changed for the sole purpose is to provide support and not comfort.

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Luxi Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

The trial period for the Luxi mattress is 100 nights. This is not to be confused with the 1000 night pledge. The 1000 night pledge is a support to customize your mattress over the period of time.

The Luxi mattress highlights on the 1000 Night trial and a 10-year warranty for the Luxi 3-in-1 Mattress. That’s the only thing they are backing out of too. Unfortunately, a 1000 Night trial seems to be a lot less practical from a business point of view unless you are selling something indestructible. For a mattress, a 1000 Night Trial and a 10-year warranty are as good as saying “Take it for free”.

Luxi mattress comes with 100 Night trial with no questions asked money back guarantee and a 10-year Limited warranty. The warranty covers most problems with the mattress if it’s genuine. All shipping costs are covered with the cost.More Details »

Discount Prices On Luxi Mattress

The Luxi mattresses are regularly priced in comparison to other leading brands. The price ranges from $899-1599 for twin to Cal King sizes.

The Luxi is cheaper rated for its standard use. It is more of the economical option for the tight budget people. The price of this lower step Luxi mattress is almost half of what the Luxi 3-in-1 would cost. The price is between $499-849.

The sizes are all the same as the regular Luxi mattress, only the price, and thickness of the mattress changes.
For the best Price on Luxi mattress, check out the Luxi website. You can be assured of the best price from the official website.

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Coupons Codes & Discounts For Luxi Mattress

Luxi sleep comfort innovations are pioneers at making a highest quality luxury mattress to all the users. Besides, the company offers many discounts, promo deals for everyone purchasing from their site. So, for anyone who decides to go for this mattress can check out their Luxi coupons available online. You can avail $ 125 off with free pillows and much more. Grab them out and don’t miss such offers.

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You no longer have to return the mattress to get the desired comfort level of the mattress. You have it right with you. With a few juggling, you can experiment with yourself how the eco-mattress works for you. And to do that you have got not just a few days but a whole 1000 days!

Luxi mattress is direct to customer brand that can be bought only online. You can purchase the mattress directly from the makers as the best option. You will get the authentic mattress and can also get discounts. Luxi mattress is not available from Amazon but you can find it in other mattress stores.

Shipping of Luxi mattress is done to Canada but there can be an added shipping charge to it. Shipping is free only within the USA.

Luxi mattress is available in Australia under the name Luxi. You may email at for further inquiries.

Luxi mattress – The uniqueness

What is unique about the Luxi mattress is the presence of the Support Balancing Technology. This SBT uses memory foam but in a unique shape that practically acts as the spring inside the mattress. The foam is the high-performance foam that acts as the individual pocketed coils. The foam layer has numerous individual foam columns that collapse individually as the weight is placed on them. The independent movement of this foam makes it ideal to nullify any motion transfer.

The collapsed foam regains its form when the weight is lifted to get back to its original shape. The advantage of this technology is that

  • it reduces pressure on the body
  • can be used for all types of sleeping positions
  • ideal for couples to have an independent sleeping place on the same surface
  • it contours to the body well enough to cover every curve to give ample support all over

Luxi mattress Amazon: Luxi mattress sometimes comes out with the sale of their products on Amazon. This is entirely on company terms and the prices may be a bit higher (considering the cost to sell on Amazon and commission for products sold by affiliates). You can be assured that the product is genuine if purchased from Amazon as long as the Seller is listed as “Luxi”.

Luxi mattress Reddit: Luxi mattress does not market its product directly on reddit, but there are affiliates and well-wishers who promote this product on Reddit from time to time.

Buy Luxi Mattress at the Luxi mattress website. Click here to go to the Luxi mattress website. Luxi Mattress is a memory foam mattress with 100 Day trial and 1000 day pledge, which means they will help you customize your Luxi mattress to your requirement during that 1000 nights. This is a great offer for people who are comfortable with the mattress but want a few tweaks to their sleeping needs. The mattress also comes with split features which gives you a different setting to that of your partner.


Luxi mattress is a luxury mattress that comes with more flexible options than any other mattress in the market. You cannot go wrong with this mattress. It is also an ideal option when you have a partner sleeping with you. The mattress gives you the feel of unity, at the same time giving you your individual spaces. The longer trial period and return policy allow you to truly experiment with it. Try this out!

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