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Sofa sleepers or futons happen to be the most convenient bedding for guests. With them at home you don’t need to go find sleeping arrangements in the middle of the night. They also fit well for the small apartments. The beauty is that both the sofa sleepers and futons are mostly foldable to save space. The mattresses that are meant for them also are foldable to sit tight when not in use. The Eco Mattress Store offers different types of futon/sofa sleeper mattresses. These memory foam mattresses differ in their thickness. They range from 4.5 inches to 8 inches in thickness.

All of these mattress thicknesses are ideal in its precise way. You need to be more specific about your needs and how your futon or sofa sleeper is before you make the purchase. I am here to help you choose the perfect one for you.

Ideal Thickness For The Futon Or Sofa Sleeper Mattress

4.5 inches thickness

The most popular thickness of the futon mattress is 4.5 inches. Although there are thinner mattresses available they may not be as comfortable as this one. Not that the 4.5 inches thickness is enough, but it is just enough for a temporary bedding. Even with this thickness, a heavier person could feel the slats on the futon. Still, anything below this is not really healthy.

So, for all the normal foldable futon, 4.5 inches thick mattress is just perfect. The memory foam mattresses from Eco Mattress Store here are foldable and crease free to have the mattress ready for sleep after it is unfolded from its position.

6 inch mattress

Since the 4.5 inches can make you feel the slats underneath, ideally speaking 6 inches should do well. Not only does it conceal the foundation below but also allows people who are heavier to have a comfortable space for sleeping. The 6 inches mattress is also able to fold so no issues there also. It is also more than just entry level comfort in a futon mattress. They are comfortable and yet thin enough to be able to store when not in use. They do not make a bulky feel when folded up.

8 inch mattress

The 8 inches thick futon or sofa sleeper mattresses are full-fledged mattress. There is no compromise on the comfort level on these mattresses. The 8 inches are made by a top softer layer and a bottom firmer layer to make a real mattress. These thicker mattresses are used for heavier persons and for regular use for sleeping.
The best part is that some of the futon mattresses of this thickness are able to fold up. They also make a softer surface for a relaxing time on it.

Top 4 Memory Foam Futon Mattresses By Eco Mattress Store

As mentioned earlier, the memory foam futon mattresses by Eco Mattress Store are of different thicknesses. All of these mattresses are dual layered with a softer top and a firmer bottom layer in them. The top 4 those mattresses are

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  • Eco Mattress Store Sleeper Sofa Memory Foam Mattress Queen 60x72x4.5
  • Eco Mattress Store Futon Mattress In Memory Foam 6 In
  • Queen 58x72x4.5 –  Eco Mattress Store Sleeper Sofa Memory Foam Mattress
  • Eco Mattress Store Futon Mattress In Memory Foam 8 In

There are 2 sofa sleepers and 2 futon mattresses. The sofa sleepers are both 4.5 inches thickness and the futon mattresses are either 6 inches or 8 inches.

Eco Mattress Store Sofa Sleeper Mattress 4.5 inches

This 4.5 inches thick sofa sleeper mattress is made using a premium memory foam layer and higher density support foam. The premium memory foam is 3 pounds density and 1.5 inches thick. The support layer is 3 inches with a density of 1.8 pounds for a firmer support.

  • The foam used here is hypoallergenic and safe for all. The foam is comfortable enough for a temporary sleeping surface. The mattress has a zippered cover that is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Rest assured that these mattresses are made of some heavy duty foam that can withstand heavy weight. The weight capacity of these mattresses is over 250 pounds and they can sleep comfortably before they could feel the bars below.
  • The mattress does not crease easily and could make an even surface for sleeping when unfolded. It can also sprung back to its shape real fast. This sofa sleeper mattress does not emit any odor. The premium foam used here can also eliminate the excess heat to make the sleeper comfortable.
  • These sofa sleeper mattresses also have less motion transfer. The 2 mattresses mentioned here are queen sized.

There is only a slight difference in their sizes. One mattress is standard sized while the other is 2 inches short. It all depends on the type of sleeper sofa that you have. One mattress is even available in other sizes like twin, full, and full RV also. Remember to measure your sofa sleeper before deciding on the size of mattress that you would require.

Customer Reviews for Sofa Sleepers / Futons

The general reviews about these sofa sleeper mattresses are that they do not have any odor to it and that they are comfortable not just for children but also for adults. Many customers prefer this as a replacement mattress for their sofa sleeper.

Having said that, this 4.5 inches thick mattress is not enough to use on daily basis. It could wear down sooner. It is an excellent temporary mattress for the guests or on emergency.

Eco Mattress Store Futon Mattress 6 inch full size

The 6 inch futon mattress is full sized mattress. The mattress is made of 2 inches of softer premium memory foam and 4 inches of support foam. The mattress has a zippered cover for protection.

This makes a low price luxurious mattress. It fits well on a futon frame and could also fold up when needed. It can be used for sitting or sleeping as per convenience.

The mattress comes compressed and it takes a few hours to expand completely and ready for use.

Eco Mattress Store futon mattress 8 inch

8 inches thick futon mattress can also be used as a regular mattress. it is made of 3 inches of premium memory foam and 5 inches of support foam. The foam used here are good quality that eliminates hotspots on the mattress.
The 8 inch mattress is available in standard futon size if 54 x 75 inches and it fits well in most of them. It sure makes a luxury mattress that has dual purpose of sitting and sleeping. This futon mattress also has a removable mattress cover to keep it clean and hygiene.

Caring And Maintenance Of Sofa Sleepers And Futon Mattresses

Both sofa sleeper mattresses and futon mattresses could be regularly used in one way or the other. They are either used for sitting or for sleeping occasionally. It is bound to get dirty sooner. Although the mattresses come with a removable and washable mattress cover, that does not make a complete protection by default, all futon/sofa sleeper mattresses do need a protective mattress cover. There could be liquid spillage or other accidents that can damage the mattress easily.

So as a first rule, get a proper mattress protective cover for the futon mattresses.

Most futon and sofa sleeper mattresses are single sided mattresses so there is no flipping. Consider rotating the mattress regularly to keep it in shape. Taking them out in the sunshine would also help in deodorizing them naturally.

Finally, the futon mattresses can also suitable as a regular mattress and placed on the normal bed foundations. The only difference is that they are safe and flexible for placing on the convertible surfaces also.

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