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If you are allergic to chemicals and toxins in your bed, the new Hybrid mattress from avocado green could be the answer. Free from harmful chemicals, off-gassing and other harmful factors of mattresses, the Avocado green is not only safe but also very cost effective.

Latex mattresses are slowly climbing the steps of popularity and success. For now, there are not
many latex mattress reviews available. But the day will not be far when the latex mattress will be topping the charts. Latex mattresses are eco-friendly and pose no harm to human health. Also, it is actually a very good choice for health-conscious sleepers. In latex itself there are different types, then there are categories of latex mattresses wherein the mattresses are a combination of latex and other materials like foam.

The different versions of latex that is used in latex mattresses

Not all latex mattresses are completely organic. It depends on the type of latex that has been used in the mattress. Some manufacturers mix certain chemicals into the latex to make it more effective. So, while looking for a latex mattress do check which type of latex has been used. The following are the different types of latex:

  • Natural latex (Talalay and Dunlop latex)
  • Synthetic latex
  • Blended Latex

Latex is the rubbery sap naturally obtained from trees. The all-natural latex is the best and the expensive one. In the all-natural mattresses, nothing is added into the latex (means nothing of the chemical nature). Dunlop and Talalay are two different processes of obtaining natural latex. The difference between the two latex is; Dunlop latex is firmer and denser when compared to Talalay latex. That is why Talalay latex is used in the surface layers of the latex mattress and the Dunlop latex is placed at the base.

The synthetic latex is a combination of natural latex and plus certain chemicals like butadiene, styrene etc.

The blended latex is a blend of organic latex with synthetic latex. In blended latex particles of clay are also added to make them durable and long-lasting.

Latex mattresses are usually of firm type. So, some people may find the all latex mattress to be a little uncomfortable. So, mattress manufacturers came up with the idea of foam with latex. The following are the types of latex mattresses:

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  • All latex: The all-latex mattresses consist of only latex.
  • Latex over foam mattresses: In these mattresses, the layer of latex is placed above the layer of foam. [This is the most proffered one and has a larger satisfaction rate than foam over latex mattresses.]
  • Foam over Latex: In these mattresses, the layer of foam is placed above the latex.

Among the above three, the latex over foam is the one that can be found easily, the other two need a tough search.

The features of latex mattresses

  • Latex mattresses are great when it comes to relieving pressure. On a latex mattress, the mattress gets the support it really needs.
  • The latex mattresses respond to the weight of the body and easily contour according to its shape.
  • Latex mattress users have happily reported reduced back pain and joint pain.
  • The latex mattresses are very efficient in restricting the transfer of motion.
  • The problem of off-gassing is not usually seen in all-natural latex.
  • The latex mattresses are heavy. Its weight might pose a difficulty while flipping or turning the mattress.
  • The lifespan and durability of natural latex mattress are really good and is more than the foam over latex mattresses and latex over foam mattresses.
  • The availability is a big issue with latex mattresses, especially the completely natural latex and foam over latex mattresses are difficult to be found.
  • The latex mattresses are breathable, i.e. Latex mattresses have pores in them which allow air to freely move inside and outside of the mattress.

The latex mattresses are a healthier sleep option. They allow you to sleep well as well the environment to breathe well!

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Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress
The makers of Puffy say – Puffy isn’t just a mattress, but a cloud on which you can sleep and relax. It uses patent-pending cooling cloud technology for ultimate comfort. This patented design does 8x more air flow than other standard foam mattresses.

eco terra mattress

Eco Terra Luxury Latex Mattress