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A devoted USA product, Kluft mattress is made right here at California. They use foam layers and latex base with patent pending features that promise you peaceful sleep. Keep reading to know more about Kluft mattress.
Your Body and your Sleep

A healthy sleep can keep you fit and alert whereas waking up with a backpain on your stiff bed can leave you groggy. Kluft mattress puts consumer’s comfort before anything. Hence, they have been developing models that inhibit off gassing issues or give you a stiff neck.

There is no doubt that Kluft mattress offers you with a thick and supportive bed that is very much plush. The box spring gives it a deeper impact than any other beds in the market. You can choose from the Talalay latex foam or memory foam mattress at your discretion. The visco elastic memory foam takes the shape of your body as you sleep. Once you are out of the bed, it retracts back to original position.

The temperature sensor system allows the manufacturers to measure the pressure distribution and magnitude from your body’s sleeping surface. Let me brief you. No one sleeps alike and we all have different pressure points on the mattresses. Kluft mattress comes with a series of sensors underneath the surface. When you lie on the mattress, the sensor detects the pressure points. They send messages to the computer which will give an exact data of where the body has made contact with the mattress. Kluft mattress develops mattress as per on the person’s compatibility with their bed.

Construction of Kluft mattress

The manufacturers have done a lot of research and home work in delivering you the right Kluft mattress for you. For instance, the talalay latex is much more a softer and cozier version than dunlop mattresses that are available in the market. The company uses 100% talalay latex as the base which has much more resiliency than dunlop. It springs back to its original position even after years of use. Kluft mattress is nothing like dunlop that is much more stiff and sag within initial years of use.

Each and every mattress of Kluft mattress is hand side stitched, undergoes hand-tufting individually and comes with nest coil support. It provides 25% more support than parallel support seen in the normal mattress. As the number of fillings can help in determining the depth of tufts, it is vital that you have a good look at the variations among mattress to find what suits your taste.

The individually inner coil system of Kluft mattress provides you with the best comfort by contouring to your body with the utmost ease. Personal isolation is one of the default features of individual innercoil mattress. This means even if your partner shifts position at night, you won’t feel a thing. The individually wrapped coils arrive in separate pockets and move independently to provide pressure relief.

Kluft mattress –  Positive points and complaints

There is no such perfect product and so is the case with Kluft mattress. Here are few of the pros and cons of the company which you better be aware of before you buy the product.


  • Body mapping system in few of the Kluft mattress models
  • Individually coiled spring that helps in retaining individual sleeping position during sleep
  • 10 year prorated warranty or 20-25 10 years non-prorated warranty
  • Available in both memory foam and talalay latex types
  • Varying price size to suit your purse strings
  • Available at your nearest retailer anywhere in USA
  • Features the insanely famous QUILTflex layers that eliminate body impressions in your mattress and retains its original loft once you get out of your mattress


  • Few models come with rotating features while some are non-flip Kluft mattress
  • Tend to be heavy making it difficult for a person to transport, rotate or handle it single-handedly
  • Rare reports of sagging that can result in difficult intimate activities
  • Memory foam models can lead to sleeping hot
  • Few reports of off gassing have been noted during initial days especially with memory foam mattress

Kluft Mattress Reviews 

Kluft Mattress reviews of 2016 are available at many sites like the The customer satisfaction for these mattresses is above 75%. Like all mattresses, there have been reports of sagging. They perform well with regard to motion distribution, off gassing. The mattresses seem to perform as per the customer specifications. The customer service rating was poor.

Kluft Mattress Reviews from customers

Mattresses of Kluft have received quite some mixed reviews from people. While few claim that the product works really well and have lasted quite good years, some opine otherwise and say that the mattress really sags after a couple of years, is too high priced and provides discomfort for the body after a while. Kluft Mattress has received almost 75% of owner satisfaction when it comes to firmness, comfort, personal isolation etc.

While 10% of the owners reported severe back pain, few users though loved the product and claimed that memory foam mattress released off gassing during the initial phase of purchase that totally messed up their sleep process. Sagging is a factor that everyone hates and certain models of Kluft Mattress can really make it uncomfortable for them while performing intimate acts.

Happy at last – Optimistatheart

“After hunting for weeks for the perfect bed, I finally found a company that stands behind their product. We had previously purchased a mattress from a company that was advertised a lot on television. Though we thought it would work for our benefit, the product was terrible and the store that sold couldn’t care less. After a referral from my friend, I visited Bloomingdale’s and found many brands on the mattress. After trying out many, I landed up on Raphael. We are both happy and satisfied with the product and quality that was delivered.

Sleeping better than ever – Cyndoug

We love the adjustable frame. It is great to be able to sleep at any adjustment and we are having one of the best sleep than ever which does not happen when you are at your 50s.

No more back pain – Jollister

We selected this bed as we have different sleeping patterns and positions back vs/ side/stomach. I cannot believe my back pain is completely gone and I am feeling much more refreshed in the morning without waking up to severe back pain and grumpy days. At times the mattress does get hot otherwise we are completely happy with the product.

Kluft Mattress Models

Here are Kluft mattress models that are even available at your nearest Bloomingdales store. There are currently three different types – Kluft Royal Sovereign Latex mattress, Kluft Palais Royale mattress and Kluft Royal Sovereign Mattress and very many models available under them. So choose the one that best suits you.

  • Kluft Aireloom Mattress: comes with innerspring, cotton, foam and latex mattresses that come with myriad comfort layer ranging from regular, wool, cotton, memory foam and more.
  • Kluft Raphael Mattress is a tight top mattress that gives an average to medium feel. An eco-friendly product, it comes with orthopedic support not to mention enhanced air flow.
  • Kluft Aria Mattress: featuring under Royal sovereign category, the aria mattress not only delivers a royal feel but also comes with multiple layers of natural cotton and talalay latex for a supple feel.
  • Kluft Concerto Mattress: a traditional bed in all ways, Kluft Concerto mattress comes with some high-end combination of foam layers not to mention wrapped coil springs and many more making it one of the sought after products for a great sleep.
  • Kluft Julianne Mattress: an outer-tufted luxury firm mattress, the Julianne is a favorite among many Hollywood stars. The upholstery includes the blend of Talalay latex with silk and poly blend cotton along with cotton crown for optimum comfort and sleep level.

There are other products too such as Kluft Veronica, Kluft Minuet, Kluft Mercer, Kluft Marigold and many more. The company manufactures the mattress keeping in mind the comfort level and body posture of users.

Kluft Mattress Warranty

Kluft mattress comes with a 10-year warranty in case you need any help with parts or service. The customer service is absolutely acknowledgeable and is there to help you in case of any queries in your mind. The company E S Kluft & Company, LLC has received ‘A+’ rating with BBB.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Kluft Mattress reviews at Bloomingdale’s?

Frankly, the reviews are very much excellent and many people praise the quality, comfort level, body mapping system and other features of the product.

Are there any Kluft Mattress complaints available online?

The company had six complaints filed against it in the last 3 years where five of them have been filed last year. But this number sounds about average when compared to the size of the company.

How are the Kluft Mattress reviews from users? Are people happy with the product?

Products of Kluft Mattress latex and memory foam have received mixed responses from people. While few claims that the product works really great and they are very much enjoying their new bed, rare occurrences claim that memory foam mattress delivers hot at night times making it difficult for them to sleep especially during sunny climates.

Where to buy Kluft Mattress for sale to check it out voluntarily?

Well, the official website is readily available but you can always find the best Kluft mattress at your nearest friendly store such as Macy or Bloomingdale’s who are dealers of Kluft mattress. They can also be found at Raymour & Flanigan in the East Coast, U.S.A. and Sit ‘n Sleep in the West Coast of U.S.A.

Are there any Kluft Mattress discount codes or coupon codes available online?

Yes, there are many websites online that offer discount and coupon codes to help you get a good cut off rate on the mattress you are planning to buy.

Where is the factory of Kluft Mattress?

The factory (manufacturing unit) of Kluft Mattress is at Rancho Cucamonga, California. Recently there are planning to move the factory unit to Pennsylvania.

Are Kluft Mattresses good?

Yes, Kluft mattresses come with the patent pending body mapping system. Other features include individually coiled spring, hand tufted technology, innercoil system etc. that speaks volumes about the brand.

What is the prominent feature of overture Kluft Mattress and how are its overture mattress reviews?

The Overture Kluft mattress is a tight top mattress that comes with a firm feel. Along with luxurious royal sleep that it offers, the natural cotton and talalay latex delivers a comfy feel that gives you peaceful sleep not to mention individual isolation at all times. Since the reviews from users are quite rare, its hard to determine the exact response from people.

Are there any Kluft Mattress problems put up by users?

Users mention issue such as off-gassing during the initial period. Some complaint of sagging after a couple of years as well. But note that it is only rare instances that have been put up by customers and majority of the people claim that the product really works well for them such as curing back pain, providing personal isolation and more.

How does the Prelude Kluft Mattress work for me?

The Royal Sovereign prelude mattress is a tight-top mattress that gives you a lavish feel the moment you hit the sack. The blend of individually wrapped coils and layer of cotton and latex foam that stays in place and reduces motion transfer.

How are the Kluft Mattress reviews for the year 2014?

You can check the website where you can find the reviews for the year 2014 for Kluft mattress.

Does Kluft Mattress promote rotation?

Though some of the models of Aireloom from Kluft mattress promote rotation to inhibit sagging, note that the beds are quite heavy and needs good help to flip them.

Will the Kluft Mattress smell or sag?

Few reviews say that the memory foam releases off-gassing that tends to release smell but its just rare instances and the majority of the users opine no issues with their viscoelastic foam mattress. Sagging is an issue that is seen with the aireloom mattress of Kluft mattress after the initial 3-4 years. However, many owners flip their mattress often to prevent sagging.