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A perfect Mattress which is fully natural and free from harmful VOC, the Avocado green mattress is one of the trusted companies online to purchase your next mattress. We all overlook some factors when it comes to purchasing a mattress and one of them is if it’s natural and organic. Read more on why organic mattress is trending and yes, there is a reason for it.

Free of chemicals and full of substances from nature, Keetsa mattresses are the best example of eco-friendly mattresses. Keetsa mattress reviews show an overwhelming response from the customers. Keetsa’s improvement and enhancement process are continuous. They never stop improving their products to a better level every time.

Keetsa Mattress Review

The features that make Keetsa mattresses one of the best choices

Keetsa mattress is a healthier option for your pocket as well as for you. It is completely devoid of chemicals like PBDE’s (polybrominated diphenyl ethers), VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), heavy metals like lead, mercury, and formaldehyde. These chemicals can harm the environment as well the health of the user.

The foam used in the Keetsa foam mattresses are CertPUR-US certified biofoam. For making the traditional memory foam 100 percent petroleum oil is used. In Keetsa’s biofoam, 12 % of the petroleum oil is replaced by oils of castor beans. CertiPUR certified foam is considered safe and unharmful. The Keetsa latex mattress consists of natural latex and 100 percent natural organic cotton. The cotton is not bleached or colored before using it in the mattress.

The fire barrier used in the mattresses is made of 100 percent certified natural organic cotton and is not infused with polybrominated diphenyl ethers. The fire barrier used in the Keetsa mattress has got the OEKO-TEX certification stating the fire barrier does not hold any sort of harmful or dangerous chemicals

The models of Keetsa mattresses includes

  • The Keetsa plus mattress
  • The Keetsa Pillow plus mattress
  • The Keetsa Cloud mattress
  • Tea Leaf Classic mattress
  • Tea leaf Supreme mattress
  • Tea Leaf Dream mattress
  • The Keetsa latex mattress

Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Mattress Review/ Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream Mattress review/ Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic Mattress Review

Among the above, the Tea Leaf Supreme is the Flagship mattress of Keetsa. It is extremely high in comfort and durability. These Tea Leaf mattresses have individually pocketed coils at the core and multiple layers of foam on top for comfort. Bio-foam is used in the top layers just beneath the covers. The Dream mattresses are the most expensive of the lot and is firm in comfort. All natural green tea is embedded into the foam layer of these mattresses to keep them fresh for a longer time.

Keetsa Pillow Plus Mattress Review

This is a medium firm mattress. There are three layers of foam which cover the coils below. The top two layers are comfort foam.

Avocado Mattress is an absolute cheap option to buy. It comes with superb 100 nights risk-free trial, including no shipping fees or restocking fees of any kind. Also, the product is great! made with the goodness of the natural wool fibers. Check here for everything…

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Keetsa Cloud Mattress Review

Keetsa Cloud mattress is the firmest of all Keetsa mattresses. These mattresses have only foam from top to bottom. The foam layers are a mix of natural and synthetic foam to add to the comfort of the mattress.

Keetsa Mattress Reviews and Features

Keetsa mattresses are not too firm and not too soft. They come somewhere in between, a level which offers a balanced amount of support and comfort, neither too much nor too less.

credits; http://www.echofurnituresf.com/
credits; http://www.echofurnituresf.com/

The Keetsa mattresses breath easily, there is always airflow inside the mattress.This keeps the mattress dry and prevents moisture accumulation.

The Keetsa mattresses give great support to the body and are immensely comfortable. The support offered by Keetsa prevents the body from aches. Whether it is your neck portion or the lumbar area, Keetsa knows how much support should be provided in each area.

Keetsa mattresses contours to the body’s shape and releases the pressure points from pressure allowing the body to rest in comfort and peace.

Isolating motion effectively is another plus point of Keetsa mattresses. It absorbs the movements and restricts it from getting transferred to other sides.

You don’t have to buy a box spring to place your Keetsa mattress. It easily adjusts with a sturdy bed frame or foundation.

The mattresses are well packed before starting off to their destination. They are neatly compressed into cardboard boxes, this results in less carbon footprint.

Keetsa offers the best to its customers in terms of price and quality! You will have the most amazing sleeping experience with Keetsa mattresses!

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Comfort, firmness, support, bounce, and responsiveness are some of the great features of Avocado Mattress. The company offers free shipping and 100% money back challenge on all their products. So, why wait? Read the best reviews to order one…

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