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Jamison Mattresses Review

The Jamison bedding has been in the mattress industry since 1883. Having a century plus experience in manufacturing great quality mattresses and offering supportive and friendly services to its customers, Jamison is still going strong and flourishing more with age! Jamison mattress aims at excellence and perfection and so is able to offer a fine quality product to their customers. Its years of experience and years of customer service have won it a reputed and respected place in the world of mattresses. The Jamison mattress reviews show the happy face of various customers, but then they are not devoid of unhappy customer mattress reviews. But that is a part of the business and not every product is liked by everyone. A product can never be perfect for everyone since each individual’s need and requirements are different, so is every individual’s idea of perfection.

Jamison mattresses have got an interesting array of mattresses collection. Each collection type consists of various more choices. You will not face the scarcity of options here, almost every type is available. Each mattress is same in quality but differs in structure and formation. The mattresses have got a royal look, but not only is the mattress expensive in look, in terms of cost also it is a bit expensive when compared to other mattresses of its type.

Jamison Mattress Models / Collection

The Jamison English Garden Collection

Like an English Garden, the English garden collection is elegant in looks and great in comfort. The special aloe vera fabrics along with Bonnell coils have been used in the making of the mattresses that come under the English Garden collection. This collection by Jamison promises a perfect night sleep!

The following mattresses come under the Jamison’s English Garden collection:

  • Sunflower (Euro top plush, firm and plush plush)
  • Camellia Euro top Plush
  • Foxglove (firm firm, Euro top medium plush, and plush)
  • Iris (medium and euro top medium plush)
  • Azalea euro top plush
  • Hydrangea (medium plush and euro top plush)
  • Lily (medium and Euro top medium plush)
  • Wisteria (medium plush and Euro top plush)

The Jamison Equalizer Mattress collection

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The mattresses that come in the Equalizer collection by Jamison consists of flip-free technology and coils encased in foam. The mattresses are of innerspring types and consist of three different layers of foam, super-soft foam, medium firm foam and convoluted foam. The mattress is good in isolating motion and offering a great night sleep to its users. The Jamison Equalizer mattress collection has been divided into two types

  • Bonnell coil mattresses
  • Royalty (Euro pillow top medium and plush medium)
  • Smart coil mattresses
  • Cambridge (Euro pillow top plush and plush plush)
  • Montclair (euro pillow top plush, firm, and plush)
  • Fantasia (Euro pillow top and plush)
credits: http://gosnooze.com/

credits: http://gosnooze.com/

The Jamison GEL Comfort Collection

The mattresses in the gel comfort collection consist of JGel technology. Memory foam consisting of gel beads have been used in the mattresses. The gel memory foam does not allow the heat to build up inside the mattress and avert the heat retention. The JGel technology offers cool and comfortable sleep with restricted motion disturbance.

The mattresses of the Gel Comfort collection:

  • Caribbean medium
  • Oceania medium
  • Pacifica medium
  • Mediterranean medium

The Jamison Resort Hotel collection

Get the Resort like experience in the comfort of your own bedroom! The Resort Hotel collection consists of luxurious Resort types mattresses. The mattresses in this section are two different varieties hybrid and foam-only mattresses. In the hybrid mattresses, a combination of coil+latex or coil+foam is used whereas, the All-foam mattresses consist of finest quality foam.

The mattresses of Resort Hotel collection

  • LaJolla Euro pillow top hybrid plush
  • Amelia plush
  • Biscayne Euro pillow top plush
  • The Pinnacle plush
  • St Simons medium
  • The Grand plush
  • Newport Euro Pillowtop plush
  • Key Largo plush
  • Bal Harbor Euro pillow top
  • Hilton head medium

The Jamison TLC (Talalay Latex) Collection

Healthy and breathable, the TLC collection mattresses are made of (100%) Talalay latex. These mattresses are great support providers and comfort givers. The all-time air circulation inside the mattress keeps the mattress fresh throughout the night even if the user perspires.

The TLC collection includes:

  • Glidder (with a plush side and a firm side)
  • Plush Lady Lark
  • Plush Prince
  • Emperor (with a plush side and a firm side)
  • Monarch (with a plush side and a firm side)
  • Plush Admiral
  • Captain (with a plush side and a firm side)
  • Swallowtail firm
  • Silverspot plush
  • Leafwing (with a plush side and a firm side)
  • Gold leaf plush
  • Gullwing (with a plush side and a firm side)
credits; http://mpspringer.com/

credits; http://mpspringer.com/

The Jamison Vita Pedic Collection

Modern technology combined with ancient techniques! The Vita-Pedic collection mattresses are good motion restrictors. They are comfortable with feel and offers relief from body pain. They resist accumulation of moisture and offer a sound and serene quality sleep to its users.

The mattresses of the Vita Pedic Collection:

  • The Bonnell coil mattresses: Hermes medium and Zeus pillow top medium.
  • The InChex smart coil mattresses: Aphrodite (firm, plush (medium), pillow top (plush)) and
  • Poseidon (plush and pillow top (plush)).
  • Smart coil mattresses: Hermes (medium) and medium Zeus pillow top.

Jamison Mattresses Warranty & Return policy

The warranty period differs with the collection type.Certain mattresses have a 10-year non-prorated warranty, some mattresses hold a warranty period of 15 years (non-prorated) and some mattresses have a 20 years non-prorated warranty. Though the warranty period is decent, according to the customers the warranty policy conditions are not so decent, i.e customers are not very happy with the warranty policy conditions. The refund and return procedures have not gone well with certain customers. Jamison is not a perfect but a preferable mattress option!

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Jamison Mattress

Jamison mattresses have got an interesting array of mattresses collection. Each collection type consists of many more choices. You will not face the scarcity of options here, almost every type is available.

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