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Mattress pads

A mattress pad is typically placed on top of the mattress. A mattress pad serves two purposes. It protects the mattresses from stains, spills, wear and tear. Mattress pads like the Iso Cool Memory foam mattress pad provides both support and comfort. Memory pads come in many types like the fitted type, anchor type (fixed with elastic bands), guaranteed-to-fit pad (sidewalls can be expanded to fit various sizes), egg crate (for more comfort and is not expensive), down mattress pads (feather type), memory foam and also in various materials like cotton, wool, organic, polyester, silk etc.

About Iso Cool Memory foam mattress pads

Memory foam mattresses pads provide the maximum comfort among the mattress pads because of its extra cushioning and looks like a mattress. It removes any discomfort of the mattresses and can adjust to the shape of the sleepers. It can also provide support to the sleepers. Most memory form mattresses are hypo allergic. The Iso Cool feature of the iso cool memory foam mattress pads uses Outlast certified Gold which are phase change materials that help to keep the body temperature balanced while sleeping. So the mattress always keeps the perfect temperature and you will feel neither too hot nor too cold. Iso Cool memory foam mattress pads use very high concentrations of these outlast materials to keep the temperature of the mattress cool and balanced. So when you wake up in the morning you will feel fresh and rested.

Credits: savvyrest.com
Credits: savvyrest.com

Iso Cool Memory foam mattress pads are usually used over the mattress when the mattress becomes old and sagging. The mattress pads are cheaper than buying a new mattress and these can be placed over the old mattress to provide support. Sometimes, mattress pads like the Iso cool memory foam mattress pads are used just to provide some additional comfort to the existing mattress.

Features of Iso Cool Memory foam mattress pads

Memory Foam mattress pads are the most preferred mattress pads because of the comfort that they provide. Some of the benefits of using a Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress pads are

  • They are very durable
  • They can easily adjust to the sleep position of the users to prevent any discomfort while sleeping
  • They help relieve pain
  • They are hypo allergic
  • Most of the Iso Cool memory foam mattress pads are 3 inch in thickness and made of high quality visco-elastic memory foam
  • Many of the good brands can last up to 5 years
  • They are available in all sizes to fit the different mattresses sizes
  • The Iso Cool memory foam mattresses are designed to fit securely on top of the mattress

Instructions for using Iso Cool Memory foam mattress pads

Iso cool memory foam mattress pads are made from synthetic petroleum based components. The new products may smell and this smell can cause allergic reactions to a small percentage of people. So it is recommended to air all new iso cool memory foam mattress pads for at least 24 hours before use.

Sometimes color change is noticed in synthetic products, when exposed to light or air. This discoloration will not however affect the quality of the product and is not usually covered under warranty.

Memory form products including these Iso cool memory foam mattress pads normally return to their normal size within 2 hours. If it takes longer than 48 hours, then the product could be defective and will have to be replaced. If the pads have any patterns on the surface, the patterns should face up for maximum comfort.

Covers can be used on the Iso Cool memory foam mattress pads to keep the foam clean.

Iso Cool memory foam mattress pads are flammable if they contain urethane foam. Hence they should not be exposed to open flames. The flammability label should not be removed from the mattress pad as it will void the warranty.

Most of these Iso Cool memory foam mattress pads have tightgrip spandex skirts to fix it securely to the mattress. Most of these mattress pads come with a 5 year warranty.

The Iso Cool memory foam mattress pads can only be spot cleaned by hand as the foam will get damaged when exposed to water.

So go for these Iso Cool memory foam mattress pads to add comfort to your existing mattress whether they are old or new.

Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad

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