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Ideal Mattress For The Action Packed Camping, Anywhere. Here Are Some Choices

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Trekking and camping will need you to spend the night in the open. When it is exciting to go to those unexplored regions it is difficult to spend the night in the rough earth. The air mattresses are the most convenient choice for a comfortable sleep. These air mattresses can be collapsed when not in use making it easier to stow away when not needed. Many of the camper mattresses can also be used in your SUVs.

The camping mattresses need to be light weighted for easy carrying, made of durable material to avoid any tearing from the not so smooth environment, and should be able to inflate or deflate faster. Many of those camper air mattresses can also be used indoors as a play mat for kids or as an additional bed for the guests.

Here are a few leading air mattresses chosen as camping mattress which most definitely fit all the requirements needed in it.

Aerobed Air Mattress

Aerobed offers the extra high air mattresses to make you feel like home. The raised bed helps in getting in and out of the bed easier. The mattress is inflated with the help of a rechargeable battery operated pump. It can also use an AC adapter connected to the car. The battery has automatic option to have the mattress made without manual help.

The surface of this Aero mattress is soft and flocked. The fleece material is soft and comfortable. Any usual sized sheet will fit on the mattress. There are oval shaped coils added inside the mattress for support. The material used for the making is heavy duty PVC that can resist puncture.

Aerobed comes with an easy to carry storage bag. The mattress is available in Sage green color and weighs about 14 pounds when inflated. The thickness is 13 inches. The weight limit of this mattress is 600 pounds.

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ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed

The ALPS mountaineering rechargeable air bed is the leading choice for camping tents. It is available in twin as well as queen size, weighing 8 and 9 pounds respectively when inflated. The mattress is made with coil system for the back support and a soft flocked top for the extra comfort.

This mattress could be used both indoors and outdoors. It can inflate or deflated with the help of a rechargeable battery pump. Simply insert and fix the pump in the port and switch it on. The battery can be recharged with a wall unit and also with a car charger. Both are included in the package. Use only fully charged battery every time to inflate the mattress. Leave the battery charged for a good 12 hrs every time.

The material used for the making is extra thinker PVC to resist damage. The seams are welded for extra protection and the sides and bottom are also sealed by fabric that is thicker. Customers find the mattress to lose its air pretty fast but others did not find it the same. Another problem many felt was that there is no charge indicator on the battery to know how much life is left in it before using.

Coleman Air Mattress

Coleman mattresses are one of the leading mattresses for camping. They have the regular sized mattress and also the double high beds. The surface of the mattresses is soft or plush for the comfort. All made of the heavy duty PVC material; the mattress is suitable for all those adventurous trips to the wild and provides you with comfort even in the unlikely places.

The mattress is inflated with the help of a 4D air pump. The pump operates on battery that can be recharged. The mattress could also work on an optional plug-in electric pump as well. The double lock system of the valve ensures that that the air does not get leaked. Once the mattress is filled, turn the valve once to lock to help remove the pump. The second turn completely seals the valve.

The unique feature of Coleman air mattress is the comfort coil system inside. The coils are not exactly coils but some rigid system to provide stability. There no longer are any bulges or depressions and the whole surface is even to make a wider space for use.

Coleman mattresses are available as regular thick and double high. The former is only 5 inches thick while the latter is 16 inches in height to have a feel of real bed. The mattresses come with an easy to use wrap and roll cover for the storage.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed

Intex Classic downy air bed is another lading brand for the camping air mattresses. The mattress is a queen size one coming with two pillows that can also be inflated. Inflating this mattress is no hardship. It uses a hand pump, which is included in the package. The valves for the pump are extra wide inside to allow more air inside and reduce the time for inflation or deflation.

The Intex Classic downy air bed has a waterproof top that makes its handle and clean easier. You could even use it in a swimming pool if you want. The dimensions are 60 x 80 x 8.75 inches in width, length, and height. All standard sized sheets would fit over the mattress. The mattress has a weight capacity of 600 pounds and making it friendly towards heavier people also.

The mattress is royal blue in color and made of vinyl. It weighs only 11 pounds when inflated. The mattress feels plush with the flocking. The same is also done for the included pillows. To deflate the mattress, remove the nut that’s secures the valve and the air will flow out faster within seconds. The deflated mattress can be rolled up for storage and fits inside a 20 gallon bag.

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Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person Air Bed

It is an ideal choice for a couple who are frequently going for camping. The Lightspeed outdoors 2 person air mattress is queen size bed with a firm comfort. It works with the help of a battery operated pump. It can also accommodate an AC operated pump as well to both inflate and deflate the mattress. There is also an oversized storing bag to keep the mattress away when not in use.

This air mattress is made without any trace of PVC. Instead, it is made in thermo plastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU is a lightweight material with less abrasion on the surface. It can also keep the heat regulated on the surface. The mattress weighs only 6 pounds when deflated and is easier to handle than most other mattresses. The light weight material makes it an ideal choice as a camp mattress. The TPU material makes it durable and tougher than the PVC. There are built in handles to move the mattress when it is inflated.

The Lightspeed air mattress is made with a special kind of stabilizers made inside the mattress. When the mattress is inflated with air, these stabilizers support the surface to balance the weight distribution. They also reduce the bouncing and motion transfer.

There are two valves provided for air regulation. Through one cap of the valve the inflation and deflation of the mattress happens. The other opening is to let the air in and out to regulate the firmness of the mattress. When all is done, keep both the valves capped to prevent air leakage.

Neoair Mattress From Therm-A-rest

The NEoAir mattress is a mattress made into a plush feeling. The NeoAir technology helps make this soft feel and makes the mattress 5 inches in thickness. This camper mattress also includes a special internal feature that helps the mattress contour to the body for maximum comfort. It is one of the lightest camper mattress with a weight of just over one pound altogether.

The mattress is available in ink blue color with the size options from regular, large, and extra large. The deflated mattress can be rolled up and stored inside the duffel bag provided with the pack.

There is also this NEoAir trekker mattress from Therm-A-rest that is light weight and uses a special triangle shaped support inside. The mattress can reduce the heat on the surface. Coming in pistachio green color, this trekker mattress is available in regular, large torso and large sizes.

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Wenzel Stow ‘n Go Airbed

The Stow n Go air bed from Wenzel comes in two sizes, twin, and queen. The mattress is battery operated and has sueded top for all the comfort in the wild. The coil system inside the mattress is standard. The thickness of the mattress is 8.5 inches with a weight of about 11 pounds.

The air pump is adjustable to make do with your comfort level. The firmness may be affected by the external weather conditions and may also have to re-inflate after the initial use. The battery in the air pump can be recharged in AC power or work with 4 D batteries. The queen size mattress has a built-in hand pump to inflate it.

The color of the mattress varies with the size. Red colored mattress is twin size and the blue colored one is a queen mattress. Both the mattresses can be inflated faster within a few minutes.

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