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Ah, the never ending saga of mattress and back pain!!!! It is difficult to sleep with a back pain as it is and after the spinal surgery, it is almost unthinkable to have comfortable sleep at night. The spinal fusion patients need as much rest as possible. But they really get the rest they are due for. The answer is NO if the mattress is wrong and YES if the mattress is of the right comforting. Read on to know all about Ideal Mattress For Spinal Fusion Patients or the best mattress for patients post surgery.

I suffer from bad back and I was looking for a new mattress that comforts by back. There I came across this spinal fusion surgery. I had no idea what that was all about? So I dug deeper and found this shocking fact that back pain that prolongs for more than a few months could lead to this situation. I sure didn’t want that to happen.

My little findings – Choosing the Best or Ideal Mattress For Spinal Fusion Patients

A bad back is, well, a bad back. The variations occur according to the severity. In the case of the spinal fusion patients, or those recovering from back surgery, a comforting mattress that provides ample rest and sleep is highly essential. Any mattress that is good for back pain should do the trick to them as well. These types of mattresses will provide the right spinal alignment. They also provide a perfect cradling needed for the body for recovery. A better sleep is inevitable in those cases that naturally lead to sleep that heals all the injuries. That’s the theory.

Does all those back pain relieving mattress supply what they promise to? The answer is, almost all of them. There also are certain types of mattresses like the Tempurpedic mattress that is widely rejected by the spinal fusion patients. Those mattresses are said to be uncomfortable and making the pain worse.

Which mattress is best? Choosing an Ideal Mattress For Spinal Fusion Patients or those recovering post surgery

Now comes the ideal mattress for Spinal Fusion Patients or for those who recover from back surgery. They are the adjustable beds with mattresses, good old memory foam mattress, sleep numbers, and other hybrid mattresses that have medium-firm comfort. Even the futon mattress could work if you are comfortable with the firmness. The ideal choice of best mattress is entirely dependent on the user as the comfort level of each individual differs.

  • Adjustable beds: The whole idea of resting after the spinal fusion surgery is to get the pressure off the spine. The adjustable beds can elevate the upper body slightly or as much needed. Having a pillow under the knees then would keep the spine straight and at ease. This position would be comforting to many especially those who prefer sleeping on their back. This type would come handy to those patients who prefer to sit on a reclining chair than lying down on the bed. Hence, it is termed No.1 when it comes to the ideal mattress for Spinal Fusion Patients.
  • Sleep numbers: The Sleep number mattress can adjust the comfort level of it for the sleeper. The spinal surgery is a real pain and the comfort level might even change from time to time or day by day. Sleep numbers would be the answer if that is the case with you. If you find yourself uncomfortable in the middle of the night adjust the comfort level. The different sleeping position would also need different comfort levels and this sleep number would be beneficial. One piece of advice is to buy the sleep number from a store that has a trial period offer attached to it. In case the patient finding it rather uncomfortable, there is no loss of money.
  • Memory foam mattress is the most sought after type for all kinds of lower back problems. My research (googling!) revealed that majority of the people prefer a memory foam mattress over the other types. It went even to a hard plywood bed and a thin memory foam mattress that was found comfortable. Memory foam can cradle the body ideally in the way it needs. The only point to consider here is the that the mattress should not be too soft or too firm. Though there are people who prefer the hard firm mattress that might need to change after the spinal fusion surgery.
  • Futon mattress with its firmness also gets a few votes from the users. As said earlier it is entirely the patient’s comfort that matters.
  • Memory foam pad can also work for some. Lay a memory foam padding over the existing mattress. If that is comfortable there is no need for a new mattress. The pad should be of even surfaces with no fancy designs.

Do I need a new mattress for recovery?

The spinal fusion is a major surgery and the recovery is a slow process. It takes weeks or even months to get back to the better definition of normalcy. Even after the recovery, one must also be careful not to injure the back once again. What is the solution? A comfortable mattress!

It may take a few weeks to really know the character of the new mattress that is why it is recommended to go for the one with a trial period to know it well. If there is no discomfort during the initial few weeks there shouldn’t be any problems later.

Spinal fusion patients should also note that

Simply using the comfortable mattress, getting enough sleep and exercises are not all. There is also the right way to get up from the mattress. Turning on the side, slowly get up using your hand firm on the mattress. Gently push yourself up. Never be in a hurry to get up from the mattress.

There is also no ideal sleeping position for spinal fusion patients. They can sleep in any position they want like. A bigger bed or mattress than needed would be better to allow room.

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