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The wait for the perfect pillow for you and your family ends at ‘I Love My Pillow’. They offer a variety of pillows to meet every sleeper need to get the best night’s sleep ever. Each of the I Love My Pillow comes with distinct features for different sleeping preferences. They are really nice, made from good quality material available at great prices. Continue reading to know more about I Love My Pillow Reviews, Models, Price, Coupons, etc.

Signature Contour Pillow 2-Pack

Signature Contour Pillow 2-Pack – I Love My Pillow

I Love My Pillow User Reviews & Ratings

You will find several positive I Love My Pillow Reviews online. People are highly satisfied with the range of pillow options available here. The signature contour pillow is the most preferred option, as it gives a medium firm feel and is great for side/ back sleepers. There are few users who reported of using these pillows for over 5 years and still are in great shape. All I Love My Pillow Models provide perfect support and comfort to neck and back. Most users appreciated these pillows capability of helping with their sore neck and back and keeping cool. Majority of the customers agrees that these pillows help improve overall sleep quality and wake up with no pain/ sore.

On Amazon, it has received 3.9 out of 5 stars from 73 Customer Reviews and Sleep Sherpa Rating is 8.7 out of 10.
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Best Mattress Models from I Love My Pillow

Signature Contour Pillow

This pillow features a special shallow indent on one side for extra support for your neck and head. It is perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, or anyone who has had neck pain or back pain in the past. Its unique shape aligns your spine perfectly in any sleep position. Thus, avoiding the toss and turn for all night long. Signature contour pillow contains a crafted memory foam core that is flexible, lightweight and hugs you. It comes with a special Micro Mink pillowcase. It is known fact that 2 is better than 1. Hence, this popular signature contour memory foam pillow is also available in a 2-pack. Buy signature contour pillow 2-pack for you and your spouse today.

Classic Traditional Pillow

This Classic traditional pillow comes in a traditional pillow shape to give you the support and comfort you need. It contains the standard memory foam core, which makes the pillow flexible, and lightweight. This pillow comes in the same shape on both sides and has the same level of support. It is great for stomach sleepers and people who switch positions at night. It gives the needed comfort and support in any sleep position.

Memory Down Pillow

This Memory Down pillow combines the support of the memory foam and the softness and comfort of down feathers. It comes with a pocket of down feathers on top of crafted memory foam core. This allows air flow to and through while also providing the comfort and support to your neck. It is wrapped in a moisture-wicking Tencel cover which also keeps you cool while you sleep. This pillow works great for all sleep positions.

Out Cold Pillow

If you sleep warm, then Out Cold Pillow is for you. This is a new cooling pillow that keeps your head cool all night while giving you the support and comfort your neck needs. It has same features and the memory foam core of Signature Contour Pillow but with an Out Cold machine washable pillowcase. The cooling effect is embedded into the fabric so it will stay cool even after several washes.

Travel Pillow 2 – Pack

This travel pillow set is the mini, compact version of the most popular and best-selling contour memory foam pillow. This pillow is perfect to carry around and take along on adventures. Keep it in the car for road trips, pack it in your carry on, or just walk around with it when you need a nap. It contains flexible memory foam core. It comes with a Micro Mink pillowcase.

This travel pillow also works great as a kid’s bed pillow. It supports their head and neck, while also giving them a comfortable night’s sleep.

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I Love My Pillow Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

These pillows come with a risk-free trial for up to 100 nights. You may take some time getting used to the new pillow, so try them in the comfort of your home for 100 nights. If you still don’t love your pillow after 100 nights, contact them at they will help you find a right pillow in exchange or process hassle free return. Return the product to their pillow fort address in Michigan. All return shipping expenses are the customer’s responsibility.

Please note that this policy applies only for purchases made directly from the manufacturer – If you purchased from another retailer, their return policy may be different and please contact them for information and returns.

I Love My Pillow Warranty

Each of these pillows is backed by three-year manufacturer warranty. In addition, each pillow is crafted with a unique pillow number for you to register it for warranty.

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Discount Prices On I Love My Pillow

The best place to Buy I Love My Pillow online is directly from the manufacturer Here you can take advantage of 30% off your first order, periodical discount and sale offers, easy return, 100-night trial, best warranty, etc.

I Love My Pillow Price

Size Signature Contour Pillow Classic Traditional Pillow Memory Down Pillow Out Cold Pillow Travel Pillow 2 pack
Queen $89.00 $89.00 $109.00 $119.00 $65.00
King $99.00 $99.00

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Coupons Codes & Discounts For I Love My Pillow

Search for I Love My Pillow Coupon codes and you will find plenty of them such as Use code VIP50 to Save 50% Off Site-Wide or Use code DAD to Save 40% Off Your Entire Order Expires Jun 13, 2018, or Use code SLEEP35 to save 35% Off on Everything, etc.

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I Love My Pillow have designed their pillows to accommodate all sleep positions. Their foam is developed to stay in place and hold its shape no matter how much you roll around. Choose the best I Love My Pillow set and get relief from neck/ back pain or sleep in the cool surface. Buy I Love My Pillow on sale for the best price today.

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