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How many times have you woke up with a back pain that prevents you from moving even the slightest? Aback pain is something that once sets, will be there for your whole life. Back pain caused by medical reasons is sure to stay there and the only thing you can do is to suppress it or relieve the pain. No matter how much you do, the pain will come up once a while to let you know its presence. The pain that is caused by the wrong mattress, pillow or the physical things could be relieved forever by correcting the defect. Here we will see the different Home remedies for back pain.

There are many Home remedies for back pain that suppress the ache what you really need to do is to make the back muscles flexible to avoid any injuries. The pain mainly arises as a stiff back. Usually, Yoga and an ideal mattress are the best home remedies for back pain. The pain arises as a result of muscle inactivity, mainly. Some muscles will be weakened and others are too tight to move. Flex them regularly and you will be surprised at the relief you get after a few days.

I suffer from back pain, almost every time. The pain does not linger too much but comes with such intensity that makes me immobile. Since I started doing some exercises, there is a huge relief and the frequencies have started reducing.

The chair relaxation

I like to call this chair relaxation. All you need is a chair or sofa to work with. Simply lie down on the yoga mat, if you have or on the floor as comfortable as possible. Raise your legs and rest them over the seat of the chair, from knee down stay in this position for a good 5-10 minutes and relax. The back should have proper support, while in this pose. You can take some pillows to support the back. This is best after a tiring day at work and will also release pressure on the back muscles. One thing you need to ensure is that the spine is aligned in a straight line.

Other home remedies for back pain are

  • Warm bath in Epsom salt
  • Olive oil massage over the painful muscles
  • Ice bag or hot bag can relieve the intense pain
  • Drink ginger tea and lemon juice twice a day
  • Chamomile tea can soothe the muscles
  • Regular swimming is another way to keep the back pain at bay.
  • Try weight loss to release pressure from spine.
  • Never bend down to pick up heavier objects
  • Complete bed rest for back pain is a myth, lie down only for relief. It is not a long term solution.
  • No high heels please
  • Quit smoking
  • Do not stand for long time; try to sit at least every 10-15 minutes.

Sleeping accessories – Home remedies for back pain

Correct your sleeping accessories or bedding according to your body needs. Too soft mattress would only harm you. If possible, opt for the hard floor to sleep on, at least when you have the pain hitting you. It is not easy to sleep on the hard floor but you will not regret it in the morning.

Use only thinner pillows to support the head. Thicker ones could cause neck and back pain easily. Whether or not you love thicker pillows, if you have back pain, get rid of them.

  • Lie down on your back when you have the pain. The sleeping position has got a lot to do with the spinal pressure. Sleep on the back and have a support kept under the knees.
  • If you are a side sleeper, tuck in a pillow or cushion between your knees and draw the legs towards the chest area. a soft towel placed under the waist will also do.
  • Sleeping on the stomach is a big no for people who suffer back pain.

There are rules for getting out of bed

Yes, there is a proper to get out of the bed in the morning that avoids back pain. Always roll on to your sides and drop the legs first and get up slowly with support of arms. Move towards the edge of the bed and slowly stand on your feet. You have pain or not, avoid getting up all of a sudden.

The bottom line

Remember that, if you have had back pain once, it will bother you again and again. It is up to you that decide how often the pain pays its visits.

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