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Problems are common in everyone’s life but the way you deal with it shows your quality and defines the complete you. There is nothing in this world that cannot be handled. So whether you chose to sit back in grief or ascend from the pain is exclusively in your hands. So gear up lets deal with back pain with full zest.

Every individual in this globe would have back pain as an uninvited visitor at some point of time. This ailment slowly creeps up into your body through different ways. When this ailment leashes out its wrath no man can sleep peacefully nor enjoy their life to the fullest.


So grab your seats tight and give me just 5 minutes!! You will get to know what to avoid and what are the major reasons that is triggering the back pain.

Lets us start analyzing one by one

How many hours do you get to sleep at night?

Yeah count it genuinely and keep a note of it aside on a paper. It is generally said that a human body requires at least 8 hours of sleep a day or at the minimum level 6 hours. Prior to the advent of mobiles, tablets and phablets people used to sleep early but now they have a habit of clinging to such devices with all those beep sounds rumbling in their bed rooms. Common people, this is not the right way to treat your body and in particular the spine. It aint any piece of equipment that can be replaced but surely can be repaired. So a night full of rest and peaceful sleep is the only remedy to mend the strained muscles, and hardworking cells to get things straight. Don’t take that much deserved rest from them after all they work for your wellbeing.

How many hours a week do you indulge in physical activities?

Keep a note of that on the same paper so that at last you can understand where you stand. So coming to the point, exercise is a common strategy that all should adopt for a better life and healthy body. Routine exercises can help to stretch those twisted and bent nerves, allow blood circulation, and enhance muscle power and burn superfluous fats. When all the core muscles at the back are strong enough they can hold up the spine better and help to prevent back aches. As a rule of thumb at least 4 hours a week must be dedicated for exercises like walking, jogging .If you find these boring then grab a shovel or a spade and start digging in your garden.

How much do you weigh?

Check your weight and note it down. So as you as all know the spine supports the whole body to stand straight and move around in synchronization. It does this all day long when you are awake and gets to rest only while you are at sleep. The whole weight is actually carried by the spine and that is the reason why it gets hit with pain. If you have a BMI that qualifies you as overweight or obese then probably your back pain isn’t going to go away unless you shed some pounds. Call a nutritionist or a fitness trainer right away to shed your stubborn pounds.

How old is your mattress?

Again make a note of that and keep aside. I know you love your old mattress a lot and you should also be aware of the fact that a mattress can stay healthy and in shape only for around 6 years on an average. With the passage of time mattress begins to sag here and there which is the root cause of back pains. If your mattress isn’t able to adjust or bend according to the curvature of the spine then it is sure going to pose trouble.

A “not so firm not so soft mattress” is an ideal choice for maintaining a healthy spine. So chuck your old mattress off to replace with a new one. If you find that your budget isn’t enough to afford a new brand mattress then consider buying a mattress topper to cover up your old mattress.

How demanding is your job?

Do you sit in a chair for long hours if so how much time? Do you carry weights or do the same monotonous task for long periods? Again note them down on that paper.

Handling weights/ sitting on a chair for never ending times, all these can create havoc on your spinal cord. It isn’t possible to get rid of these jobs as you survive on the bread they offer. But you can surely take a few breaks to stretch your limbs, stare at some far objects to ease off the strain from your eyes. Walking a few steps or doing something else can help to relax your muscles and improve blood circulation. This is applicable to nursing mothers and homemakers who have to carry weights and do house hold chores 24/7 and 365 days without a break. They really need to take a break in between to get some rest.

Tips For Back Problems

Now calculate all the results that you have noted on the paper and understand what your body needs. Here are a few habits that you need to change to get rid of back pain:

  • Lying on your side with hands supporting your head with an endless inquiry on your tablets or laptops. This is mostly done by all and is the major cause of having neck and back pains. Trust me once you quit doing this you will begin to feel the change.
  • Highly processed foods and junk foods lead to poor nutrition and it results in back pain. Your spine needs good nourishment in the form of minerals and vitamins. So stack yourself with natural stuffs which are plentiful with what our body needs.
  • Replace your shoes periodically when it is torn out and don’t try to save money on that. Worn out shoes or uncalled for shoes can cause back pain and ankle pain.
  • You like to smoke? Well it is so cool that it can actually stop sending oxygen to your cells all around the body. Don’t think that it is just the lungs and heart that gets affected but even your spine can get damaged with low oxygen levels. Still do you like to smoke?
  • Chose to gulp the zero calorie drink “pure water “around 8 glasses a day to keep all ailments at bay.
  • Turn off your mobiles and all electronic gadgets into flight mode so that they don’t beep on your ears.
  • Get into the habit of consuming natural supplements or multivitamins after consulting with your health expert.

Tips For Women

  • Ladies are crazy about hand bags but comprehend the fact, it might be a fashion statement but holding it right there can irk your nerves and kick start back pain and shoulder pain.
  • Again a tip for ladies while selecting a bra, use some common sense instead of going behind a brand or a TV commercial. Buy the perfect one which supports your breast size and has a definite cup which can hold it perfectly. Don’t buy a bra which is too tight or too lose but chose the correct one after trying it out.


Majority of the back pain are caused by carelessness, lack of knowledge towards our health and day to day routines. So if you get these things straight everything will seem to be perfect and in sound health.

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Back Pain – Symptoms and Causes

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