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Foundation for a Memory Foam Mattress – Add comfort without a warranty Void

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Mattress foundations are not really required for most mattresses. On the contrary, a mattress with a wrong foundation could destroy your mattress and also lead to a void in warranty. Chances of you having a lot of sleepless nights aside, there are chances that you would also lose some good amount of money.

Why Foundations for Mattresses?

Memory Foam Mattress Foundations

While Foundations were initially used to raise the height of the bed to a reasonable one, It soon grew out to give extra comfort. Added cushioning for spring mattresses with Box spring foundation, A flat surface for Latex and Foam mattress for better support and plenty of reasons followed. There are a range of foundations available in the market today. There are box spring foundations, Slatted foundations and the Flat tops!. Every foundation has its own benefits and while some mattresses will approve of one particular foundation, there will be others which will void your warranty for using the wrong one. When it comes to memory foam mattresses, we are looking at a slatted foundation (with conditions) or a flat base!

Box spring foundations are good too but only if the foundation itself is not over 10 years old and is uniform. That doesn’t mean that your mattress company of choice is going to approve of it. Most memory foam mattresses or even the spring mattress will ask you to purchase a foundation of their choice if they have one in the store. Choosing a foundation which is not to their expectation will usually void the warranty and that goes without saying that you cannot use a box spring foundation with a memory foam mattress according to the company.

The slatted foundations are usually ok with the memory foam mattress manufacturers as long as the slats are not more than 2 inches apart. Wider the slats, the mattress is going to sink in between the gaps and lessen the lifespan of the mattress. Overall, if you are buying a Memory Foam mattress, its imperative that you purchase a foundation too, unless you have one of the right size and is not too old. Foundations are not too expensive and could cost you just less than $200 for a good piece.

You can get a good mattress foundation from Amazon at great prices and look for slatted or flat surfaces. These are usually made of hard wood, plywood, or cardboard. The life of the foundation will vary depending on the material and we have found that plywood tops are the most economical and the viable option. The hardwood option stays longer but is a bit too expensive for a foundation.

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