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Does your mattress have anything to do with your sleep? As per recent research by Sleep Foundation, 92% of the consumers claim that the right kind of mattress can not only improve the sleep but also keep your performance up in the bed. This article is about extending your mattress life using Mattress Toppers.

Instead of tossing away your old mattress, here is the best way to extend the life of your old mattressMattress Toppers. Mattress toppers and pads are frequently used jargons, but they have their unique feature. Mattress pads are thin and used to keep your mattress clean. Mattress toppers are quite thicker and can alter the way your body is aligned. It will help in preventing any a backache and making the mattress seem softer or firmer at your taste.

A good quality mattress toppers can enhance the comfort of your existing mattress. They add a ‘feel’ to the mattress and extend the life of old beds by assisting good support while giving you a better sleep. And as it goes without saying, you will be saving a few green bucks for the rainy days rather than investing on a new mattress.


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Are Mattress Toppers Worth Your Money?

Even the best mattress toppers won’t work with an uncomfortable mattress. If your bed is too much saggy or has worn out coil springs, then toppers won’t work. They are ideal for mattress/beds which are in a decent condition when it comes to supporting your body, for instance altering a too firm or too thin of a layer as per your taste.

  • The study shows that 85% of consumers find mattress toppers quite useful.
  • Mattress toppers are available in different types such as mattress topper for back pain or mattress toppers that keep you cool and many more.
  • They can improve the comfort layer and ease the pressure points thereby alleviating any body ache.
  • Mattress toppers are the best solution for couples who have different preferences.
  • Firm mattress toppers can improve body support to a good extent.

Types of Mattress Toppers

From organic to man-made products, there are many products in the market such as latex, memory foam, feather, and wool.

Latex mattress toppers

Are quite long lasting and provide great cushion support while resting.

  • Are naturally resistant to mites, mold or pollens in the air that can trigger airborne diseases.
  • Apart from motion transfer, latex also balances the body temperature at night by absorbing excess moisture and support peaceful sleep.
  • They are on the expensive side and are hard to clean.
  • If you have latex allergies, it is better to avoid them.

Memory foam toppers

  • Are considered one of the best in the mattress industry since they provide complete body support not to mention optimum comfort.
  • A durable product, they support personal isolation and are best recommended for those who want memory foam mattress but are in a dilemma about investing in them.
  • Memory foam mattress toppers retain body heat which makes users complain about being hot during night times.
  • Can be difficult to clean.
  • Memory foam toppers also have an odor during the initial few days of use however they do dissipate away.

Feather mattress toppers

  • are quite soft and comfortable
  • do not provide enough support and are not much back friendly
  • can be washed and dry cleaned easily

Wool toppers

  • made out of lamb of alpaca wool and wool blends too
  • provides a luscious, velvety surface to lie down and leave stress behind
  • do not assist in supporting the body but are preferred by many to keep them
  • wool in summer and warm during cold climates
  • Dust and mold resistant

P.S. Before you go

Mattress toppers are available in all standard sizes side by side its features such as zippers, elastic support for fixing it right along the mattress and ensure maximum comfort. There are other ranges of mattress toppers too such as synthetic foam and fillers that are less expensive. However, they are easily susceptible to lose their support and comfort quality than other products in the market.

Once you have made up your mind to buy a mattress topper, take time in getting to know types of products in the market (including the cost) and opt for the one that works best for your body and comfort. In the end, note that better mattress topper will enable in healthy and peaceful sleep.

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