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Is there anything negative about the Wright Mattress? It is almost double the price of other online mattresses and is less bouncy than latex foam mattresses. But it’s incredible craftsmanship justifies the higher price.

Hastens Mattresses Review Hastens Bed Review

Expensive yet one of the most elegant mattresses, Hasten mattresses rank first in the subject of price and quality. The Hastens beds are heavy on your pockets, but one thing is for sure; once you have them you will not regret the investment you have made. Prepared out of naturally available materials Hasten mattresses are eco-friendly and don’t pollute your bedroom’s air. As these mattresses are natural in nature, they don’t off-gas.

The Hasten mattresses will completely change the look of your bedroom; their stylish presence will enhance the look and ambience of the place. Hasten mattresses are handmade. Very efficient and well experienced craftsmen use the magic of their hand in creating a mattress in providing ultimate comfort and ranks high in durability. The main ingredients of the mattress are horsehair and hypoallergenic wool. The cover of the mattresses is prepared using organic cotton and flax which adds to the softness and look of the mattress. The spring system used in the mattress along with comfort providing materials makes Hasten mattresses a perfect sleep destination. Back pain and neck sprains will be distant problems. These Sweden made mattresses rocks in looks and tops in comfort. Hasten beds are good in isolating motion and giving extra support to the pressure points, which allows the user to easily get into a deep slumber.

credits: http://mashable.com/
credits: http://mashable.com/

The popular models of Hastens mattresses are,

  • Hastens Vividus
  • Hastens 2000T
  • Hastens Proferia
  • Hastens Auroria
  • Hastens Luxuria
  • Hastens Classic
  • Hastens Superia
  • Hastens Excel
  • Hastens Marquis
  • Hastens Lenoria
  • Hastens Novoria

Hastens Mattress Price

Hastens Mattresses are expensive. The price list of these mattresses are available at your nearest Hastens store.

Hastens Accessories include Pillows and Duvets, Bed Linen, Top Mattresses, Head Boards, Legs and also all these accessories to sit kids and babies.

Hasten do not use chemicals in their mattresses, neither to increase the lifespan of the bed nor to pass the fire test. Their funda is no compromise with health and safety. When any product is expensive, it is sure that some or the other extra expense has been incurred by the company to enhance the quality of the product. So, not always but 90% of the times an expensive product is worth its price.

You can expect a 25 years warranty with a Hasten mattress. Hasten mattresses will enhance your sleep experience!  We urge you to check on other vendors with similar products like the  saatva mattress too.

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