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We make everything possible in our life personalized, right from the home to even the minute details inside our cupboard. What about the mattress? Ever heard of a personalized mattress? If not, here is one company that offers completely personalized mattresses for your extreme comfort. Read on to know all about Helix Sleep Mattress.

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Helix sleep-The Personalized Mattress

Helix sleep mattress is custom made from start to end. The size, material, dual comfort for couples, and all that are required are taken into consideration while making the mattress for YOU. All you need to do is to feed in your name, type of mattress, number of people sleeping on it, height, age weight, and all kinds of personal details. It is just a matter of minutes to complete this and in another 7-10 days you will have your mattress delivered to you.

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Helix Sleep mattress Review

Helix Sleep mattresses are made based on the fact that no two individuals have the same requirements in their mattresses. Everyone needs different qualities in the mattress even if it is only slightly different. Helix Sleep mattresses are made with individual taste, body, and health requirements.

These are especially useful for couples who have different mattress needs. Keeping this in mind, Helix Sleep makes customized mattresses that are divided into two halves to have both sides different from each other for the couples. This is something that no other mattress manufacturer can boast of.

All the mattresses are made using high-quality high-density foam, latex, and micro coils. The materials for the mattresses are compiled together and made within the USA. Though machines are used for the making, Helix mattresses are as good as Handmade mattresses and take only 7-10 days from the date of placing the order to have the custom-made mattress to be delivered.

At Helix Sleep mattress, you will have your bed made with all the specifications that you need in it. With no middlemen in between, it saves you huge bucks for the same quality mattress when bought from online stores and the savings might be the greatest that you get. The mattresses also come with a trial period and guarantee your peace of mind and comfort.

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Helix mattresses – How do they work?

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Helix Sleep mattress making works on 4 major factors the feel of the mattress, support, temperature regulation, and the elasticity of the material. The mattress made will have the feel of plush, medium-firm, or firm or anywhere in between that you demand. The same could be adjusted for either half of the mattress for couples. The mattresses from the shop will have the comfort level that comes from the 3 options soft/plush, medium-firm, and firm. Here you will have more options that are in between each of these grades and the comfort level is decided by you and not by the manufacturer.

The support degree varies according to the weight of the person. For instance, the temperature regulation works for those who have hot flashes at night or it could be adjusted for those who are on the cooler side. The elasticity is all about how the mattress gets back to its original form and how deep it can go when the weight is on.

These factors together make the mattress a real comfortable platform to sleep that brings in quality sleep. There would be lesser cases of pain in body regions.

Helix Mattresses – Materials Used

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Helix Sleep Mattress comes with 10 inches width and is made using three kinds of materials, latex foam, high-density foam, and micro coils. The blended materials ensure better support and are easy on the back.

The latex foam contains more space for aeration that reduces the temperature on the mattress. It also allows ample bounce on the surface to make the body comfortable. This layer is mostly 2 inches in width and is at the top. The middle layer is the micro-coils that are arranged in rows. These coils are more in number to have better weight distribution. They are present at the pressure points to relieve pressure. As a result, the spring provides enough bouncing. The coils are 1.5 inches in height.

The base layers of Helix Sleep Mattress are made of multiple high-density foams for firmness. The polyfoam layers are two in number, the upper one is a 2-inch comfort layer and the base one is a 4.5-inch thick foam. The density of this foam varies with the firmness requirement.

In all the mattresses, the layers are the same only the density varies from one another. The micro coils are sandwiched between the two foam types. These layers are covered by a polyester cover that is breathable and comfortable.

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The making of Helix Sleep Mattress – Helix Mattress Quiz

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As for how the route to mattress making goes, it starts with you filling in a questionnaire /quiz that has queries about your age, gender, height, weight, body shape, health conditions, sleep style, firmness preferred, type of mattress from choices of blended or dual comfort, etc. It is your response to these queries that decides the kind of mattress that is made.

The machinery used is of high quality to have every layer cut to perfection in your mattress. There is also manual monitoring of every stage to give the human touch as well.

You will get an immediate image of how your mattress is going to look, within a few seconds after you submit your questionnaire. The said Helix Sleep Mattress will be made as early as possible and is compressed and rolled for the ease of shipping. Once you receive the consignment, unwrap, unroll, and let the mattress expand. The rolling does not damage the materials so you don’t have to worry about that.

Helix Sleep Mattress – Sizes Available

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All sizes of mattresses are available for the custom-made Helix Sleep. The available sizes are,

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King size
  • California King

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The size of the mattress can be chosen from the options and all customization will be done according to the needs.

Types Of Helix Sleep Mattress

There are two types of mattresses available here, blended and dual comfort. If you are okay with a compromised comfort that comes somewhere in the middle for two individuals, the mattress would be blended. The needs of both persons are taken into consideration and the manufacturers come with a comfort level that suits both.
In dual comfort mattresses, the mattress comfort is divided into two halves. While one half will have the needs of one person, the other half suits the need of the next person. Here the side of the mattress occupied by the persons must be given to have the comfort level made perfect for each individual. The comfort level, temperature regulation, firmness, elasticity, and all the factors would be different on either half.

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Features of Helix Sleep Mattress

  • 100-days Trial: Helix Sleep mattresses are made on demand and to the specifications. But that does not stop them from offering a 100-day trial for you to test the making. If you end up dissatisfied with the end result, the mattress could be returned and refunded. There is no loss of money at all. Isn’t that great for the customized label!
  • Foundation: Helix mattresses need a good quality foundation under them. The box spring is just fine for them as long as there are no wear or tear on it or any gaps that are wider than 3 inches. In such cases, it would be better to have a new box spring to enjoy the comfort of this new mattress. Box spring is just a suggestion. Helix mattresses are made to use on any kind of bed support or even on the floor.
  • Referral program: While purchasing the mattress one could use a referral code from your friends. The people who purchase mattress from Helix makes a unique referral code for themselves and share the same with their friends. If one of them likes to have a mattress made, they can use this code to get $50 off from their bill. Consequently, the one who referred also gets a gift voucher for the same amount on Amazon.

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Additional Features of Helix Sleep Mattress

Visit the Official Helix Website to buy Helix Mattress at

  • No off gassing: This is the best part of Helix mattress. All other mattresses, no matter what the material used, except for natural ingredients, do have a smell when unwrapped. The Helix mattress comes with no-smell-at-all tagline to protect everyone. One would hardly notice that the mattress is brand new and there is less hassle with airing out the new mattress before you start using it.
  • Non flippable: Helix mattresses are made as one sided mattress that cannot be flipped at anytime of its life. To make things easier, the color of the covering fabric is made separate for the upper and base layers. One should always keep the dark blue fabric down and the while layer up. The mattress could be rotated from top to bottom but not upside down.
  • Warranty 10 years: Helix mattress comes with a warranty period of 10 Years. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects or on the covering materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long would it be before I see the body impressions marked on the mattress?

Helix mattresses are made with high-quality materials that have more durability than most other mattresses. The longevity of the material helps keep the body impressions at bay for longer than usual. You don’t have to worry about the sagging problems with these mattresses.

The top layer is made of latex. Will I have any allergies to it?

No, the latex used has a safety certificate. In addition to this, the fact is that the latex used here is a blend f natural and synthetic and is also covered by a fire retardant material. There would hardly be any emission from inside. Since the latex does not come in direct contact with the body or skin there would be no allergies whatsoever. Hence, if you are already allergic to the material, it is best to have a consultation with the doctor before you purchase the mattress.

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Is it safe to use a Helix mattress on an adjustable bed?

Absolutely! The materials used in the mattress making are flexible enough to be used on an adjustable bed. The slight raising of the bed should not have any damaging effects on the mattress. But the case of a sofa-cum-bed is another matter. There the bending would damage the mattress, but it is safe on an adjustable frame.

Is there a weight limit on the Helix Sleep mattress?

Yes, the mattress can carry the weight of a body, up to 300 pounds on a single-person bed, and a combined weight limit of up to 450 in a bed that is shared by more than one. The mattress would not be as comfortable for people who weigh above this limit.

Can I use regular-size sheets on the Helix mattress?

Yes, the mattresses are made to standard sizes and the regular top sheets and fitted sheets would all fit fine over the mattress. If there is any difference in the dimensions, it would be only less than an inch.

The mattress comes compressed and rolled, how long does it take to reinflate?

As soon as the mattress is unrolled, it starts expanding and within 30 minutes it should be in its real size. So, if you are not using it immediately, do not keep the mattress covered in the plastic wrap for more than 2 weeks.

Does the billing include all the charges for making and shipping?

Yes, the bill amount includes all of these. Only in the states of New York and Illinois that there would be an extra sales tax added to this amount. So, if you are not staying in these states, the bill amount contains just the making and shipping.

Visit the Official Helix Website to buy Helix Mattress at

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How do the referral code and gift code work?

Only one code can be used in a single billing. It is either the referral or the gift code, but not both of them together. In this case, if gift code, if you forgot to add the code while checking out, do not worry. You can always come back later to send an email with the code, to customer care within 48 hours of ordering.

How long would it take to get the mattress delivered?

It takes anywhere between 7-10 days to have the mattress made, shipped, and delivered from the day it is ordered. The said days would not include the weekends and public holidays; the 7-10 days means, the working days. The customer will be notified by email once the product is shipped. The email will have the tracking number of the consignment. The products are shipped from Chicago.

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I live in Canada; can I get the mattress shipped there?

Yes, Helix mattresses are shipped internationally to Canada. But there is an extra shipping charge which is non-refundable for it.

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