Eliana Memory Foam Kids Mattress

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Kids’ mattresses are usually not thicker. They tend to be thinner in comparison and are most likely memory foam for the softer cushiony feel. The Eliana Memory Foam Kids Mattress is also a memory foam mattress that is easily available online. These low profile mattresses are available from Homesquare for the best price. It is also available from WalMart, Kmart, and other online stores.

The Eliana Memory Foam Kids Mattress price is not high and ranges in $500-600. You can buy the mattress at discounted prices and can also opt for financing option if you want. Let’s find out more about this kids mattress that is available in 2 sizes.

Eliana Memory Foam Kids Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

Eliana Memory Foam Kids Mattress is a newer but simple memory foam mattress. The mattress doe not costs much and has financing option if you want it at convenience. The main problem with this mattress is the lack of a trial period and a NO-return policy.

There also are the problems like not having much information about the safety of the mattress as well as about the firmness of the mattress. The comfort seems to be medium-firm which is most suitable for growing children. The mattress is only suitable for the growing children and does not really make the full mattress that is suitable for adults as well.

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Best Mattress Models from Eliana Memory Foam Kids Mattress

  • There is only one model for the Eliana Memory Foam Kids Mattress.
  • The mattress has 3 layers and sizes up to 7 inches in height or thickness.
  • The available sizes are the twin and full. The mattress size is 39” x 75”. The mattresses weigh 26lbs and 36 lbs for the twin and full sizes.
  • The top layer is 1-inch thick gel memory foam. The gel particles are effective in absorbing the heat and regulating the temperature.
  • The second layer is 1.5” thick air flow foam that allows better air circulation through the mattress that reduces heat.
  • The Eliana memory foam kids mattress is single sided. You cannot flip the mattress as needed.
  • You may get the mattress is green, blue or pink finishes for the outer covering.
  • The mattress covers have a zipper closure which you can use to remove or put on the mattress back on after washing. The zipper closure has a secure hidden place so that it is not visible.

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Discount Prices On Eliana Memory Foam Kids Mattress

The Eliana Memory Foam Kids Mattress price for the twin mattress is $499 and that for the full mattress is $619. Currently the mattresses are available at a discount price. The current prices are $311 and $401 for twin and full sizes respectively. Unfortunately, there are no coupon codes or promo codes that you can apply to get further discounts. More Details »


Eliana Memory Foam Kids Mattress is suitable for an additional bed for the kids’ room. It would be convenient and comfortable as the temporary bed for the trundle bed or bunk beds at the grandparents’. The daily use of the mattress is still a question but at the price, this is not much of a gamble and should be alright.

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