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CoutureSleep mattresses are specially designed mattresses that offer you a lot more variety to choose from. There are types of memory foam mattresses in the varying thickness as well. It makes an ideal destination to see all varieties and evaluate to see which one is most suitable for you.

CoutureSleep 8 1/2 Inch Summer Gel Memory Foam Mattress – TwinXL
The CoutureSleep mattresses are a low cost that has a price starting from $256-660, depending on the model. You get the better deals on this mattress on Amazon.

The CoutureSleep mattresses are made using high-quality materials that helps you into a peaceful slumber and wake up with a refreshed body. The mattresses are certified, eco-friendly and come in a smart package (compressed and rolled) to reduce the troubles while shipping.

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CoutureSleep Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

CoutureSleep mattresses have got an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. You can buy the mattress from Amazon as well as from CoutureSleep directly. The mattresses seem fairly priced, not at all expensive. It has free shipping and is available in different comforts.

The use of good quality memory foam and that too the infused foam makes the mattresses feel cooler than the normal memory foam.

The mattresses are definitely allergen free and safe for one and all. You have 7 models of CoutureSleep mattresses to choose from and choose the favorite comfort level as well.

The mattress is body contouring and is found durable. You can find mattresses from 8-12 inches in thickness.More Details »

Best Mattress Models from CoutureSleep Mattress

CoutureSleep mattresses have got 7 models of mattresses. They are,

  • Harmony Mattress
  • Pasture Mattress
  • Summer Mattress
  • Haven Mattress
  • Renew Mattress
  • Tranquil Mattress
  • Meadow Mattress

As you can see the mattresses are all made of memory foam and a few of them have the Gel infusion to keep the mattress cooler. All these models are available in all the sizes. The mattresses have multiple layers and a strong base to support. The 2 most popular models are

  • CoutureSleep 8 ½ Inch Summer Gel memory foam mattress- Cal King: The mattress has a ¼” of Super Soft foam at the top, followed by 7/8” of memory foam quilt top. The inner layers start with 2 inches of Advanced Gel technology memory foam and high density support foam that makes up for the rest of the 5 3/8” of the mattress. The total thickness is 8.5 inches. This model is available in twin, twin XL, full, and queen and king sizes also. The dimensions of this model are 72 x 84 inches. The comfort level is medium firm.
  • CoutureSleep 10 Inch Renew Memory foam mattress- Queen: This is a simple model for a comfortable mattress. There are only 2 layers of foam inside. The top layer is 3 inches of standard visco elastic memory foam with a standard density. The base foam is 7 inches of moderate density support foam. These layers are covered inside an attractive and removable Velcro cover with a border. The dimensions are 60 x 80 inches. The other sizes available are twin, twin XL, full, king and Cal King.

You can find the CoutureSleep Mattress in all the 6 sizes. The mattresses are all made to fit on standard foundations. The mattresses are in varying thicknesses between 8 – 12 inches.

  • Twin – 38 x 75 inches
  • Twin XL – 38 x 80 inches
  • Full – 54 x 75 inches
  • Queen – 60 x 80 inches
  • King – 76 x 80 inches
  • Cal King – 72 x 84 inches

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CoutureSleep Mattress Specifications

CoutureSleep mattresses have multiple layers, at least 3 in all of them. A very few models have 4 layers of foam in the mattress. The usual layers of foam in the CoutureSleep mattresses are

  • Visco memory foam that makes the top layer. This is soft t touch and makes you comfortable while lying down
  • The next layer is Advanced gel technology memory foam that is body contouring and makes a comfortable transition between the soft and harder layers. This is also the layer where the gel infusion happens. The gel infusion allows this mattress layer to dissipate heat faster and keep the mattress fell cooler and not generate too much heat
  • The base layer is always the high-density foam core. The thickness of this layer varies with the mattresses.
  • The mattress cover is embroidered and is embossed. It is allergen resistant and can keep the mites and bug off the bed. The mattress cover is not removable but is removable for some models.

The CoutureSleep mattresses have a 20-year limited warranty. It has faster and free shipping within the USA.
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CoutureSleep Mattress Trial Period & Warranty

CoutureSleep mattress does not offer a trial period. You pay for the mattress and you end up using it, whether you like it or not. That doesn’t mean that you will not like it. The mattresses are comfortable enough that hardly needs any trial period or return later. Still, having a trial period would have been better for the sake of our mind, wasn’t it?

The CoutureSleep Mattress has a 20-years limited warranty. The warranty covers indentation of more than ¾ of an inch. The warranty coverage differs from the first 10 years and the next. You will get a replacement mattress in case of any kind of manufacturing defects.

In order to be eligible for this warranty, you need to register the same within 30 days with the CoutureSleep to make it valid.

You could contact the customer service at 1-866-300-4226 or send an email at sales@couturesleep.comMore Details »

Discount Prices On CoutureSleep Mattress

The CoutureSleep mattress price starts from $300-660 at the manufacturer’s online store. The same mattresses are available at the Amazon at a discounted price. You could also find them in a few other stores as well.

  • Harmony Mattress-$480-940
  • Pasture Mattress- $320-700
  • Summer Mattress- $300-680
  • Haven Mattress – $660-1180
  • Renew Mattress- $380-860
  • Tranquil Mattress – $460-900
  • Meadow Mattress- $560-1140

It is hard to find coupon codes or promo codes to have further discounts on these mattresses. There is no financing either.More Details »


CoutureSleep mattress is a no-hassle mattress that offers comfort and refreshing sleep. The gel technology keeps the mattress cool. Add in the cooling pillows if you want, you get a ‘cool’ package for a good night’s sleep.

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